MAT Addiction Treatment for Residents of Fort Worth, TX

Addiction, or substance use disorder, is a very complex mental health disorder. For some people, the abuse of drugs and alcohol can have a lasting effect as it alters brain chemistry and function. Even with effective treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, it can be difficult to maintain sobriety for some. When additional help is needed to help to maintain a recovering person’s sobriety, then medically-assisted treatment (MAT) can be a breakthrough treatment achieving positive outcomes where other standard treatments may fall short.

Muse Treatment offers MAT addiction treatment for residents of Fort Worth. In this program, the combination of medication and behavioral therapy, and potentially the holistic treatments that we offer, can create the foundation on which you can build a drug- and alcohol-free life. It is a way to help normalize your brain function and work toward a goal of sobriety over the long term without some of the fears such as relapse leading to an overdose.

Through our medically-assisted treatment program at our rehab in Los Angeles, you can receive accredited treatment that is highly effective in a healing environment that enhances your recovery. Out-of-state rehab is often a preferred way to get help for addiction because it helps to remove you from your habits and situations that have become difficult to change. Of course, our network of rehabs stretches across the country and if you’d prefer to stay near your home, then our rehabs in Texas can serve your needs.


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What is MAT?

Medically-assisted treatment (MAT) is a treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction that incorporates the use of medications to help prevent relapse and restore normal brain function. You are given FDA-approved medication alongside behavioral therapy because while the medications help to prevent cravings and restore normal brain function, they also help to make you more receptive to evidence-based behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavior therapy.

Together, the combination of therapy and the medications create a treatment plan that is very effective at helping a person to sustain their long-term recovery. At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center for Fort Worth residents, the treatment plans that you’ll go through are tailor made to suit your exact recovery needs because one type of behavioral therapy such as dialectical behavioral therapy may work wonders for one person, another person may have better success with trauma-focused therapy.

One of the ways that MAT programs show their effectiveness is in the prevention of relapse leading to an overdose. After a person detoxifies from drugs, their tolerance to that drug lowers. If they relapse, it’s very easy for the person to take too much of the drug because they are used to using a certain amount when their tolerance was far higher. This situation can lead to overdose and possible death. MAT programs for Fort Worth residents help to prevent the loss of life due to relapse and overdose because many of the medications not only help to prevent relapse, but they can block the effects of drugs so that it has no effect when the person relapses.

MAT programs are crucial to help certain people to achieve lasting sobriety. It can help them to feel normal when just quitting a substance leaves them with an imbalance in their brain function. Through our medically-assisted treatment program for residents of Fort Worth, we can help you to sustain your recovery.

What to Expect During MAT?

MAT programs at Muse will run much the same way as a standard program but with the addition of medication to assist the treatment and recovery process. At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, you will be treated as an individual with unique needs. Your treatment plan will be made to fit your specific needs to enhance the effects that treatment has on you.

Since substance addiction is usually also accompanied by physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms can be both overwhelming and sometimes dangerous, you will start your recovery with us in our medical detox program. Medications will be used to treat your symptoms and our medical monitoring makes sure that your recovery during detox is safe.

From here you’ll begin with behavioral therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy along with being given medication as part of your MAT program. Your progress will be closely monitored to ensure that the behavioral therapy is having the desired effect and that the medications are providing adequate relief for cravings and that your wellbeing is improving.

Depending on the type of substance addiction that you are recovering from, you can expect to have different medications such as buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone for opioid addiction recovery. As a person with alcohol addiction, you may be given medications such as acamprosate, naltrexone, and disulfiram.

The medications that you can be given during our MAT program for Fort Worth residents are not a cure for addiction but rather a way to help make you more receptive to treatment. It also helps to prevent relapse and restore normal function but the program must also include behavioral therapy because it is only through the combination of therapy and medication that long-term positive change can be achieved.

Why Choose Muse for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

A medically-assisted treatment program should only be conducted by an accredited rehab that is monitored to ensure the safe use of the prescribed medication required in MAT programs. Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is both monitored by LegitScript and accredited by The Joint Commission.

Our rehab provides more than just MAT programs; we offer a wide range of treatment services for addiction which includes treatment such as dual diagnosis to deal with the common co-occurrence of mental health disorders in addiction cases. Through the interdisciplinary approach that we take together with our comprehensive treatment plan, you can defeat addiction and achieve long-term sobriety, supported by our medically-assisted treatment program.

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