Information on Ativan Addiction

Ativan addiction has become a growing problem in the United States today because this drug is widely available and commonly used for various reasons. Though many individuals use it under the supervision and prescription of a healthcare professional its abuse is still becoming rampant. Ativan addiction doesn’t happen overnight. Just like other forms of addiction, it starts with the introduction of the drug to the user either because of a medical condition or prescription and then develops into abuse, dependence and finally, addiction.

Long term use of Ativan is not advised by experts because of the rapid development of tolerance and dependency on the drug. This prescription drug is very effective in relieving anxiety and insomnia during the onset of treatment but with prolonged use, symptoms often return in full. At this point in time, users need higher doses of the drug to maintain its desired effects which can lead to tolerance and Ativan addiction in the long run.

Symptoms of Ativan addiction vary from one person to another but it’s easy to tell when a person has already crossed the line between Ativan use and addiction. When users are no longer interested in performing the things they used to love before, when they neglect responsibilities in school, work, and family, when relationships are adversely affected and when their behavior significantly changed for the worse.

Ativan Withdrawal Symptoms

People who have become dependent on Ativan experience Ativan withdrawal symptoms as the intake of the drug is abruptly stopped. It is strongly advised that before you withdraw from Ativan seek the advice of your doctor as medical supervision is essential in order to prevent Ativan withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms include headaches, tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, agitation, confusion and panic attacks. Because of the discomforts brought by these withdrawal symptoms, instead of quitting, people with Ativan addiction continue to take the medication.

In order to manage the symptoms caused by Ativan withdrawal, a supervised Ativan detox program would be helpful. This procedure allows the body to release chemical toxins thereby preparing it for formal Ativan addiction treatment. Successful treatment programs for Ativan addiction all start with Ativan detox so it’s best that you undergo this process first before moving further in your treatment and Ativan rehab program.

Ativan Treatment

In order to treat Ativan addiction and prevent Ativan withdrawal, cognitive behavioral therapy is advised and this should be facilitated by medical professionals in order to ensure efficacy. The first step towards healing might be the most difficult for people with an Ativan addiction but this will be rewarding in the end. Those who are looking for Ativan recovery & treatment programs can choose between inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient Ativan rehabs provide a temptation free place to recover from the addiction. Due to the ongoing changes and moreover, challenges to the field of recovery itself, clients will live at the center for a certain period of time, which is difficult to predict. However, every single day a client will program intensively through a holistic variety of modalities including participation in group therapy, therapeutic interactions (stable one-on-one sessions are only appropriate/ethical if a client is dedicated in a stable, extended stay in treatment), psycho-educational lectures, and recreational activities. Outpatient Ativan rehab program on the other hand allows patients to spend time with their families while treatment is going on and they are required to attend daily sessions which include the same treatment modalities employed at inpatient Ativan rehabs.

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