Ambien addiction is becoming more and more prevalent. Due to the fact this medication has been prescribed for people who have sleeping problems, it is easy to get prescriptions from doctors and attending physicians. Ambien addiction most often starts with regular use of the medication in accordance to a prescription and over time the patient begins to develop a dependence upon it. With this dependence, patients are no longer able to get a good night’s sleep if they haven’t taken the drug. Most users feel like they can’t get to sleep without Ambien even if the sleep they get with the drug is not restful.

Ambien is typically prescribed by medical professionals for the short-term treatment of sleep disorders due to its ability to produce immediate sedation effects, helping individuals sleep through the night. However, prolonged use of Ambien can lead to the brain adapting to the medication, requiring larger doses to achieve the same effects, potentially resulting in Ambien addiction. Due to its high potential for abuse, physicians usually prescribe this drug for only a few days. If you or your partner are struggling with Ambien addiction, seeking help from a Costa Mesa couples rehab may provide the necessary support and treatment to overcome this issue and rebuild a healthier life together.

Ambien addiction can be deadly as people’s suicidal tendencies are enhanced by this drug. Aside from that, the risk of overdose is also likely and in fact higher among people who suffer from depression. Ambien addiction can also cause some people to engage in complex behaviors while not fully awake thereby putting their lives and others’ lives at risk.

Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms

Ambien withdrawal symptoms typically surface when the drug is taken for weeks, months or even years, and then stopped abruptly. The body has become very accustomed to the drug and developed dependence on it that it produces a lot of mechanisms in order to stop the discomforts brought by Ambien withdrawal. Some of the Ambien withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, sweating, nausea, agitation, fatigue, stomach cramps and panic attacks. Because of these adverse effects, the person suffering from Ambien addiction typically go back to taking the medication again and again to control its withdrawal symptoms at our alcohol rehab center Pasadena.

Ambien Detox

In order to manage the symptoms caused by Ambien withdrawal, a supervised Ambien detox program would be helpful. This procedure allows the body to release chemical toxins thereby preparing it for formal Ambien addiction treatment. Successful treatment programs for Ambien addiction all start with Ambien detox so it’s best that you undergo this process first before moving further in your treatment and Ambien rehab program.

Ambien Treatment

The success of every Ambien treatment varies from one person to another and this is also dependent on the level of commitment and support from family. Also, treatment for Ambien addiction is dependent on the severity of the abuse. Typically, inpatient care in an Ambien rehab center is required for severe cases as the supervision and hands on treatment from medical professionals is highly needed. Various Ambien treatment centers near LA today offer a holistic approach in treating the addiction incorporating family members and tapping into the psychological and emotional causes of the condition. Ambien addiction, just like many other forms of addiction can be treated. The willingness and commitment of the individual to lead a drug free life gives him a strong chance of success.

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