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Choosing The Best Los Angeles Drug Detox Facility

Making the choice to attend a drug detox center is a major step to a healthier and happier life free from addiction. Here are 6 questions to ask when choosing a drug detox facility in Los Angeles.

On the hunt for the best Los Angeles drug detox facility?

It can be difficult to find a drug detox facility that meets your needs on all levels. When you are researching potential options, it’s key to ask some essential questions to make sure you’re signing up for the best offer.

Read on to learn more about the questions you should ask every drug detox facility you come across so that you can be certain of taking a step towards a healthier and happier life.

1. Does Your Facility Accept My Insurance?

This is one of the first questions to ask out the door when researching Los Angeles drug detox facilities.

When it comes to insurance coverage, facility policies will vary drastically from location to location. You may want to check with your insurance company first before reaching out to facilities to understand what is covered under your plan.

If the facility does not accept your insurance, ask about the total cost breakdown for a month of services at the rehab center. Find out if the facility offers scholarships or payment plans. Ask what the center can do to ensure you receive the treatment you need despite the potential financial disadvantage.

Also, ask about any fine print that may be involved in the cost breakdown. Some centers, for example, will charge additional fees for certain activities and amenities in addition to the standard treatment services.

2. Who Will Be Directly Assisting Me in My Recovery?

Rehabilitation can be approached in many different ways, and it’s important to understand exactly how your treatment will proceed at your Los Angeles drug detox center.

Ask about how often you’ll have one-on-one therapy in relation to group therapy or activities, for example. Most importantly, ask about which staff member or members will be most actively involved in your recovery.

Furthermore, find out if it’s possible to meet these team members and have a conversation or initial consultation before making any decision. You’ll want to feel good about your support team before diving into rehab and understand how the recovery process will proceed.

3. How Are Family Members Involved in My Treatment?

This is a critical question and one that is often overlooked.

Family members may play an important role in your rehabilitation. Perhaps a brother or a parent suggested the idea of a drug detox center to you, for example.

Your family may also want to keep up with your rehabilitation and discover ways to support you as you undergo this journey away from substance addiction.

It’s key to ask a rehab treatment facility what its policy is for incorporating family members in the treatment process. Some facilities enable communication throughout the process, while others may limit interaction.

Ask about how family members may be involved at the beginning and end of your treatment, particularly if you anticipate needing outpatient services once your program is complete.

4. What Testimonials Can I Review From Past Patients?

The best way to get a sense of what your experience may be like at a treatment center is to check out reviews or testimonials from patients who have actually been there.

Ask if there are patient testimonials available for your review. Reliable and credible institutions will have these readily accessible, likely on their website. Read as many as possible and pay attention to what reviewers are highlighting.

Are they talking about the total experience? How do they feel now that they are sober? How staff engaged with them? If you have any questions about what’s described in these testimonials, ask!

5. Do You Offer Out-Patient and/or Detox Services?

Detox services are offered to inpatients who may still be under the severe influence of drugs or alcohol once admitted to the rehab facility.

When you are researching Los Angeles drug detox facilities, ask about detox services that the facility may offer. These should be medically supervised. If the center does not offer these, it may be worth it to undergo detox services elsewhere before you begin inpatient treatment.

Out-patient services are offered to individuals who have completed the program and are ready to launch back into the world. This can be a difficult step, and it’s key to have support throughout. Ask about what outpatient services your facility offers to patients and how long the duration of these services is.

6. What Are the Facility’s Amenities?

Rehab centers will offer different amenities depending upon location and price points.

Some centers do not require you to bring anything with you when you enroll in their treatment plan, while others may permit you to bring personal belongings. You may have a roommate at certain treatment centers, for example, while others require private space. Some rehab patients will opt for luxury services that include beachfront locations and professional on-site chefs.

It’s essential to ask about what amenities the facility will offer you as a patient. Choose your facility based off of what suits your needs.

Choosing A Los Angeles Drug Detox Facility

When it comes to choosing a rehab center, it’s important to do your research wisely. Don’t just settle on any facility. Armed with the right questions, you can get the answers you need to feel confident in your choice.

As you are researching facilities, it’s key to ask first and foremost for specifics about the rehabilitation treatment you’ll be receiving. Get the lowdown on the facility’s amenities and services. Find out what involvement family members are permitted and who will be actively involved in your recovery.

It’s also essential to understand full cost breakdowns and how the facility handles insurance. At the end of the day, you’ll want to know that you are getting the treatment you deserve for the price you are paying.

At Muse Treatment, we believe in the power of rehabilitation and, most importantly, the power of you. You deserve a life lived in health and happiness and free from addiction. When it comes to Los Angeles drug detox facilities, we offer world-class rehabilitation services for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addictions.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the treatment process here at Muse Treatment, and to get a free brochure about the program!

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Josh Chandler
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