We’re grateful they’re grateful.

If you are looking for a place to really try to change your life, Muse is a great place! The staff were all so in tune with what I was going through. If I ever had a problem, or was feeling like using, I could go to them and they'd talk to me. It didn’t matter what time of the day or night it was. I had never had people who cared about me so much that weren’t family. I still stay in touch with people I went through the house with, we go to meetings and go surfing and other things I never did when I was loaded. It’s a great life, and I really never thought I would be so happy.


I’ve been through 5 other detox programs and was pretty sure none of them would ever work. I decided to give it one more try before just resigning to being a junky the rest of my life. I found Muse and I have to say I am pretty surprised. I have over 8 months clean and it’s more time than I’ve had the last 11 years. All the groups were great, and the neuro-feedback was something I haven’t seen anywhere else. I still see my therapist and I am so happy. I am very grateful to Muse!


I never wanted to go to treatment. I always thought I could quit on my own. I tried myself dozens of times but always went back. I could stay quit for a day or two but never more. I didn’t know what to do. I thought I would die and never thought I could live without my drug. When I finally realized that I needed some help I was terrified. The staff at Muse really knew what I was going through. They had been through it themselves and showed me the way. I have never been sober this long in my life, and if I keep doing what I’m doing, what they taught me, I think I’ll stay sober.


I stayed at Muse Sober Living for two months. When I arrived I was very emotionally and spiritually sick. My drug and alcohol dependence nearly took my life on several occasions. The structure of being surrounded by others in recovery, having chores, going to meetings and never knowing when I would get tested helped me to stay sober long enough to let the program work me. Today I am grateful to say I am clean and sober for just under a year now. My life today, inside and out, is 180 degrees away in the right direction.


I am truly grateful to have been a part of the warm community at Muse For Women. I now have 2 1/2 years of sobriety! I got to Muse in July of 2012 after residential treatment at Beit T’ Shuvah. I had been in treatment for fourteen months. I was scared and nervous to take the next step in my journey. Making the decision to move to Muse before moving out on my own was an effective way for me to transition. I stayed there for five months before moving out on my own. I grew very close to house manager and still stay closely connected to her and the community. She is caring and compassionate about her job and all her girls. Even though I now have a full life and busy schedule, I still come back to Muse to hangout with the advisors; and to get to know the new girls that are early in recovery. Muse was a stepping stone for me to start the kind of life I have always wanted!


On October 10, 2012 I was on a plane from Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, California for help with my drug and alcohol addiction. I spent 32 days in a treatment center working on myself and getting the start to my foundation for a clean and sober way of living. Once my time at the treatment center was over, I knew that I was still not ready being on my own. I then moved into sober living at Muse Sober Living. There I was able to create a stronger foundation and was able to start working. Not only did I help out around Muse, I worked for the house and acquired an accounting job outside of Muse Sober Living. I am now clean and sober and back in Colorado. I will be moving back to California to be working in treatment along side with others from Muse Sober Living. It’s been a little over a year since I first left Colorado in search for a new way of living. This has been one of my best decisions and life experiences. I now would like to be able to share my experience, strength and hope with others. Helping others has always been my passion and I want to continue using my passion for the good. Thank you,


Dear Cristal, now that E.J. is getting ready to leave Muse Treatment and move forward with his new life, I wanted to personally thank you and the team for the great work that you do and for the amazing transformation that my son has gone through. While I know that none of this would have worked if E.J. had not been ready, I also credit you and the Muse Treatment team for working so hard to ensure a thorough, whole body/mind/spirit rehabilitation and recovery for him. Your commitment to staying ahead of the curve in terms of treatment approaches in this very difficult arena is to be commended and admired. I also want to thank you, personally, for working so hard with our insurance company to get E.J.’s treatment covered and for continuing his treatment after the insurance coverage had waned. At a time when we were at our lowest as a family and I was at my lowest as a mother, you and Muse Treatment were angels to us and we will never forget that. I now look forward to the future where E.J. will live a happy and healthy life! The work that you all do is difficult indeed. This country needs more programs like yours. Thank you again.


Muse has been the most incredible resource for me. They have become more like a family than a friend or counselor. They know me, my heart and soul; they are sensitive to my emotional states and they are tough, but have supported me on my journey. My continuing care plan with its specific component parts would not have existed without Muse as my recovery coach.

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Los Angeles Drug Rehab, Alcohol Treatment Center, Muse

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