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Client Praises Muse Treatment and Says, “This Place Has Saved My Life and Restored My Relationship With My Children and Family”

Los Angeles, California—A client has praised the substance abuse therapy she received at Muse Treatment, calling it a lifesaving experience in a five-star review on Google.

“This place has saved my life,” wrote the client, Casey, “and restored my relationship with my children and family and my balance in my life. I love the staff here. They took me in with open arms and treated me like family.”

Casey’s experience is shared by many seeking help at Muse Treatment, which offers comprehensive therapy for drug and alcohol addiction at a network of treatment centers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Like Casey, they often arrive feeling lonely and isolated because their addictive behavior has alienated friends and family. They may even feel they have permanently broken those relationships and have no hope of repair. Muse provides the tools for healing the damage, creating a safe space in which they can recover and rebuild lives and relationships.

Programs cover the whole journey toward sobriety, from medically supervised detox to residential and outpatient rehab and continuing through post-treatment follow-up. In addition, clients learn to develop new coping mechanisms for the life struggles that might have contributed to their addiction, to improve their chances of continued sobriety after leaving treatment. 

Muse Treatment offers innovative but proven therapeutic strategies. Its neural recovery program, for example, uses the latest brain research to help clients recover their ability to regulate emotions – an important factor in resisting addictive substances. The therapy uses neurofeedback and advanced cognitive training to help individuals regain their best selves.

Recovery can be achieved in a four-phase journey that begins with the formation of an individualized treatment plan designed with a multidisciplinary, integrated approach. The plan may include short- and long-term goal setting, educational interventions, awareness building, sponsorship and community support. 

The plan is put into action in the treatment phase, using evidence-based strategies that encourage each client to express their truth. During this stage, clients usually undergo a major behavioral shift. They may experience rapid growth as they develop healthy interpersonal relationships, achieve short-term goals and sustain healthy self-regulation and self-direction.

Successful completion of treatment is followed by the third stage, aftercare, where the client can find a support system that fosters continued growth even as both positive and negative experiences occur in life outside the treatment center. The aftercare phase constantly evolves as the client learns to engage again with friends, family and community.

In the final phase, clients work toward achieving their goals – first, by identifying the behaviors required to accomplish them. Clients work on educational and vocational goals in addition to personal goals, with an eye to creating a new, more productive self in every aspect of their lives. 

Through it all, the Muse Treatment staff offers understanding, compassion and support. A team of highly trained, experienced addiction specialists, they understand that getting sober isn’t the most challenging part of recovery – staying sober is, especially after leaving the security of 24/7 supervision. They are there for clients as long as it takes, with around-the-clock relapse prevention, stress reduction skills, and the opportunity to incorporate any aspect of the program no matter how long after release from regular treatment.

For Casey, the staff was one of the most important elements of recovery.

“I love the staff here,” she concluded in her review. “They took me in with open arms and treated me like family.”

For comprehensive treatment of alcohol dependence or other substance use disorders, visit Muse Treatment or call 866-634-6111. 

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