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Gay Friendly Alcohol Rehab Beverly Hills

Gay-Friendly Addiction Treatment

Every individual faced with an addiction has their own unique story and circumstances that have led to their substance use. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who decided they wanted to become addicted to drugs or alcohol one day. Addiction is often a result of unresolved emotions and painful memories or traumas that produce unpleasant emotions or side effects. Many will search for ways to alleviate or escape these feelings through alcohol or drugs to cope with this. While every person will face hurdles in their life, individuals within the LGBTQ community face unimaginable discrimination and biases within society. Effective gay-friendly alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills will assist patients in identifying the underlying reasons for addiction and process them in a safe, therapeutic environment that uses various forms of therapy to target healing from your addiction physically, emotionally, and mentally.

As a gay or lesbian person battling an alcohol addiction, preparing to take steps to enter into gay-friendly alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills often comes with a whole new level of concern and reservations that heterosexual individuals would not think about. You want to know that the alcohol rehab center you choose will be a safe, inclusive space, so you feel comfortable and confident to become open and vulnerable to the healing and therapeutic process.

While many addiction treatment centers will state that they offer an LGBTQ-inclusive space, some may miss the mark on providing a gay-friendly alcohol rehab program that truly understands the patient’s needs while giving each patient the dignity and respect they need to heal. Muse Treatment Center provides gay-friendly alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills tailored to support gay and lesbian patients through person-centered treatment options that not only dive deeper into the root causes of your addiction but will also look closely at your personal history with discrimination while celebrating your sexual or gender identity.

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Alcohol Abuse Among Gay Community

Alcohol is one of the most widely used substances among American residents. Within the LGBTQ community, there is a staggering number of individuals who deal with substance use, with nearly 20 to 30% of individuals experiencing a form of substance abuse. This is partly due to the varying additional barriers and challenges that individuals within the LGBTQ community face. A gay-friendly alcohol rehab program will focus on healing from your addiction while gaining insight on how these factors have impacted your addiction:

Many gay or LGBTQ youth will often fall to peer pressure as a way to fit in with peers that may have previously ridiculed them for their sexual or gender identity. Succumbing to the pressure of drinking alcohol or using drugs often makes young individuals feel like they can fit in with others at a time where they can be excluded from their peers or experience high levels of discrimination due to their sexual orientation. When individuals feel judged by others or isolated from those around them, it can often lead to using alcohol to cope with these unpleasant feelings and self-medicate with alcohol, which is why it’s important to know how to forgive an alcoholic. Exclusion from some social places or activities that often leaves individuals feeling like some of the only safe spaces to engage with others is LGBTQ bars or clubs, can increase alcohol consumption.

The Benefits of Gay-Friendly Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a unique disease that affects each person differently and requires specific therapy methods that meet each patient’s individual needs. This is important for all patients but especially important for the LGBTQ community. Many have had to adapt to situations that aren’t always welcoming or accepting of gay or lesbian individuals.

Gay-friendly alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills provides patients with a safe, inclusive space to heal their addiction without fear of judgment or discrimination. The culture set within a gay-friendly alcohol rehab features unwavering support from the counselors and fellow patients who have experienced similar hardships together. There is significant power in connecting with others who share similar experiences or emotions. When you are subjected to discrimination and exclusion within your daily life, it is impactful to create connections with other patients who treat you with dignity and respect while also offering support and personal experiences relatable to yours.

Therapists within a gay-friendly rehab center can provide in-depth therapy centered around healing from your addiction along with the coinciding emotional hurt or traumas associated with your sexuality and discrimination you have faced because of it. As you are completing admission intake paperwork and initial assessments, the process that these are administered will be free of homophobia or heterosexual norms. That means that when you provide any information, there will be no judgment or biases, and you will be in a safe and secure environment for patients to open up and be themselves. Throughout your alcohol rehab program, you will work with counselors who specialize in supporting LGBTQ individuals by focusing on your addiction itself along with a focus on acceptance, minimizing risk-taking behaviors, and support with coming out or working through your individual story of coming out. The goal of your addiction treatment will be to safely remove the impact of alcoholism from your life while also providing you with the support to rediscover your self-love and passion for life again.

Gay and Lesbian Alcohol Rehab Treatment Options

Alcohol rehab often provides patients with several evidence-based treatment methods that target overall healing from your addiction with your body, mind, and spirit. Additionally, patients will learn ways of coping with troubling emotions and situations through relapse prevention methods. While these are critical therapeutic methods to heal from addiction and create a long-lasting change, members of the LGBTQ community must receive multifaceted individualized care to target the specific needs and issues that have arisen for gay or lesbian individuals.

For many LGBTQ persons, there is often a co-occurring mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. A dual diagnosis program provides therapeutic support to heal from addiction and mental health through specific, person-centered therapy approaches. Patients will remove their addictive behaviors while learning natural ways to cope with the unpleasant side effects of the coinciding mental health concern that moves away from self-medicating with alcohol.

Inpatient residential rehab programs provide a space that allows for connection and vulnerability within the patients to facilitate open, honest discussions about addiction and barriers faced with modern-day society. Patients often benefit from removing themselves from the outside world and the potential of facing discrimination to heal from addiction within alcohol rehab. Through individual and group therapy sessions, patients will be able to dig deeper into the root causes of their addiction while recovering from the built-up emotional traumas associated with the homophobia and discrimination they have faced.

Gay Friendly Aftercare Resources

Alcohol rehab is the first stage in developing your new life in recovery. It is essential to have adequate aftercare resources to strengthen your sobriety and relapse prevention skills to make a lasting change. Life will still have hardships even after getting sober; having an effective aftercare plan provides patients with the emotional support and guidance to navigate through the ups and downs of life while remaining sober.

Beverly Hills residents have found gay-friendly options for aftercare within support groups centered around LGBTQ needs and recovery. This may look like 12-step meetings or general support groups. Regardless of the format, a healthy, successful life in recovery requires a solid foundation of support as you transition into your newfound way of life. Staying connected through these groups means that you will build up your resources for who to call in a time of need to remain healthy and sober.

Choosing Muse for Gay Friendly Alcohol Rehab

Muse Treatment Center offers gay-friendly alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills that honors every patient’s unique circumstances and needs that come through our doors. The moment you enter our alcohol recovery program, you will be the one that is leading your treatment journey. Our counselors will work with you to collaboratively create a plan for recovery that will fit into your lifestyle with ease and respect your need for safety and security. Patients and counselors engage in the therapeutic process and create a culture of inclusivity and respect. Your story is important and matters. Each patient deserves the opportunity to be heard and cared for as you make the life-changing decision to get sober and heal from the inside out of the emotional wounds of addiction plus additional discrimination experienced. Contact one of the compassionate counselors at (800) 426-1818 today to begin your journey to healing and self-discovery within our supportive, inclusive alcohol rehab program.

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