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Heroin Detox Garden Grove

Muse Treatment Can Help Make Detox Safe and Less Uncomfortable

Heroin addiction is known to have a powerful hold on a person and create strong physical dependency. For many heroin users, the thought of quitting heroin comes with thoughts of reservations due to the potential of unpleasant or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Although detox is a necessary part of the recovery process, the good news is that a heroin detox can be safe and smooth with the right levels of care and support during heroin detox Garden Grove residents can access.

At Muse Treatment Centers, our experienced team of medical professionals and addiction therapists are specifically trained and knowledgeable in safe detox practices. Your safety is our highest priority and our team will be by your side every step of the way as you relieve your body and mind from the dependency on heroin. Each patient that enters into our drug detox program is offered a personalized treatment plan that is designed to meet their specific needs and goals for addiction recovery. Our team will get to know your specific circumstances with addictive behaviors and gain an understanding of the severity of your addiction to develop an effective, safe healing plan. Our patients are offered a comprehensive treatment plan that includes several medical treatments, evidence-based therapy methods, and holistic therapies that support them in healing from the impacts of addiction within their body, mind, and spirit. 

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How Does Heroin Detox Work?

heroin detox in garden grove

When you first enter our recovery center for your detox program, you’ll be greeted by our admission team who will complete initial intake paperwork and invite you to participate in various assessments. Patients are encouraged to participate in psychiatric and medical assessments. These assessments provide insight to our medical team on the severity of your heroin dependence and determine the appropriate levels of care and treatment needed for your detox program. During this intake process, our team must learn about any co-occurring disorders that you may be living with. If you’re experiencing side effects or symptoms from a mental health or behavioral health condition, we will create a dual-diagnosis treatment plan that focuses on healing from the dependency on substances while supporting you to gain stability in your mental health functioning. During this consultation period of intake, you’re encouraged to ask any questions you have about your upcoming stay in detox and the full continuum of care for our recovery services. 

After your admission process is complete, you’ll be invited to reside in our recovery center to undergo your drug detox program. You’ll have the added benefits of having onsite medical staff and addiction therapists that are available to you anytime throughout your stay. You’ll be closely monitored each day as you end your use of heroin and begin detoxing. As you experience withdrawal symptoms, you’ll be assessed and offered specific treatments that work to reduce or eliminate the onset of withdrawal symptoms while maintaining your overall health and safety. Garden Grove residents may be offered a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program during the heroin detox. You’ll be provided with FDA-approved medications that target the reduction in withdrawal symptoms and regulate your physical functioning providing overall comfort and safety throughout your detox process. Patients that are experiencing higher levels of dehydration or malnutrition from the impacts of their addictive behavior will be offered nutritional supplements and other holistic therapies that will revitalize their physical and mental health. As you overcome the withdrawal symptoms and begin to regain your physical and emotional health, you’ll complete your detox program and be encouraged to engage in the next stage of our continuum of care in a drug rehab program. 

How Long Does Heroin Detox Take?

The length of time needed for a heroin detox depends on your specific history and the severity of your substance use disorder. Addiction is a personal disease that has individual impacts on each person that is living with a substance use disorder. Your substance use didn’t begin overnight and progressed over some time. This means that your recovery process will reflect the same. The detox period is characterized by the release of the negative impacts of heroin abuse and overcoming any presenting withdrawal symptoms. Patients will often experience the first initial onset of withdrawal symptoms within the first 24 hours and experience the peak of their symptoms within 3 to 5 days. Detox is typically completed within 7 to 10 days. Your time in detox will depend on your specific healing needs. Once you’ve overcome all withdrawal symptoms and start to regain your normal, healthy functioning, you’ll be ready to transition out of detox and begin exploring the underlying causes of your addictive behaviors within a rehab program. 

Why Is Detoxing from Heroin Alone Dangerous?

If you’re wondering if you can detox from heroin at home and if there are implications that you should consider before doing so, it’s important to note that there are specific dangers to be aware of from home detoxing. Although withdrawal symptoms from heroin are often not life-threatening, the severity of these symptoms can be highly uncomfortable and painful, at times. If you’re detoxing from home, you don’t have access to appropriate and effective treatments that reduce the severity of your symptoms and maintain your comfort and safety. As you experience severe withdrawal symptoms at home, it increases the risk factors associated with relapse. Although your intentions are genuine to overcome your substance use disorder, the severe discomfort and unstable mental and physical health impacts can lead someone to turn back to substance use to stabilize again. 

A medical detox facility allows you to have a safe, secure environment to undergo detox. Medical supervision means that you’ll be offered medical and holistic treatments as you experience the onset of withdrawal symptoms. If you’re experiencing any troubling emotions or mental health concerns, you’ll be invited to discuss this with our addiction therapists who will process with you and support you in remaining focused on your goals for long-term recovery. 

5 Benefits of Starting Heroin Addiction Treatment with Detox

Detox is often the first step in a person’s recovery process as it offers several benefits to your recovery journey.

  1. Become acquainted with the recovery center and become comfortable in the new environment that you will continue to reside in should you proceed with inpatient or outpatient rehab after detox.  
  2. Restore your physical health and release the negative impacts of substance use. Addiction treatment requires introspectively looking within to what has been the root causes of your addictive behaviors. When you feel healthy physically, your mind can become clear and focused on your recovery goals. 
  3. Begin a medication-assisted treatment program during detox. A MAT program often continues within your rehab program and if you begin in detox, you’ll have time to become accustomed to the medication and feel mentally and physically prepared to begin your emotional healing process. 
  4. Prepares you for rehab. As you get used to the day-to-day processes in the recovery center, you’ll meet your addiction therapists and other patients that will help you become settled into the recovery process. 
  5. Reduces the risks of relapse. When you have ongoing medical and therapeutic supervision and support, you can process any triggers or temptations enabling you to stay focused and driven to meet your goals for long-lasting recovery. 

Muse Treatment Offers Heroin Detox for Garden Grove Residents

Detox can be a smooth, safe process with the right levels of support and addiction treatment. At Muse Treatment, we are dedicated to each patient’s healing journey and provide you with a personalized treatment plan that offers a comprehensive approach to healing within your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Your safety and comfort are always the top priority and we strive to offer you world-class treatment while you make the life-changing decision to heal from a substance use disorder. If you have any questions about heroin detox or want to know more about the personalized treatment program we can offer you, call us today at 800-426-1818 to begin your road to recovery today. 

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