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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Treatment

One of the leading reasons why a person struggles with alcoholism is that they are continuously surrounded by alcohol somehow, shape or form. A commercial on television may trigger you, or you may have a liquor store in close proximity to your house. Also, you may live with people who do not believe that addiction is a disease that can result in you giving in to the temptation of drinking. At our inpatient alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills, we provide you with the protected environment you need to work on yourself and your sobriety. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have unlimited access to our staff along with being surrounded by a comfortable and welcoming surrounding.

What to Expect at Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

If you have never been through an inpatient alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills, it’s understandable that you may have specific questions regarding what you will experience during your time at our treatment facility. The bulk of your time at our inpatient alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills will be spent participating in different forms of therapy.

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Here are a few examples of the types of therapy that we offer at Muse:

Individual therapy

Individual therapy gives you the opportunity to speak to one of our counselors in a one-on-one setting to share things that you may not feel comfortable sharing in a group environment.

Group therapy

Group therapy allows you not only to share your thoughts on certain topics but listen to the insight of others in your group. This process is a wonderful way to develop your own system of support.

Behavioral therapy

This form of therapy can help you identify situations that may trigger you to have a negative response which, in turn, can trigger your addiction. We will assist you in changing your reactions to healthier and more positive ones.

Residential Treatment Centers Beverly Hills

The premise of inpatient alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills is to change the people, places, and things around you so you can better focus on your recovery. This is a critical aspect of your recovery, especially toward the beginning of your journey toward sobriety, because it will help you develop a better understanding of your addiction.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

One of the most significant decisions you will need to decide as you begin to put together plans for your recovery program is whether you will work through an outpatient rehab or inpatient alcohol rehab.

However, before you make this decision, you must know the difference between the two options. Clients who decide to take advantage of our inpatient program will live at our facility throughout your program. We will provide you with all of the amenities of home as well as the around-the-clock care and support that you need as you begin your journey toward overcoming your addiction.

On the other hand, outpatient clients will come to Muse Treatment for a certain number of hours per week to participate in therapy. Another primary focus of your recovery program will be putting in place a plan that can help to prevent relapse.

Going to Muse Treatment for Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Beverly Hills

When you’re ready to learn more about our inpatient alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills, a member of the Muse Treatment team is here to help. We are always happy to address any of your questions or concerns, so you feel 100% comfortable coming to our inpatient alcohol rehab in Beverly Hills.

Whether you would like to learn more about our drug detox or drug rehab program or you need to start your recovery in our alcohol detox, you can rest assured that our team will provide you with the information and support you need when you call us at (800) 426-1818.

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Josh Chandler
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