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IOP Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Finding The Right IOP Drug Rehab

If you’re struggling with an addiction issue, you need to find treatment programs to help you overcome your opioid addiction or cocaine addiction. Thankfully, you have several options for addiction treatment, like the Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) that can help address any substance use disorders. When you’re ready to find an IOP drug rehab in Los Angeles, here are some of the suggestions that you may want to discover to ensure you find the best addiction recovery program:

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Consider location

One of the first things you should think about is where you want to receive treatment for your alcohol or drug addiction. If you’re native to the Los Angeles area, you may want to stay closer to home at an IOP drug rehab in Los Angeles, especially if you’re interested in an outpatient treatment program. However, if you are looking to change the environment around you, you may be more interested in a residential treatment program to address your substance abuse. There are benefits and drawbacks to both types of alcohol or drug abuse programs, and there are success rates for both.

Look to the internet

A top-rated IOP drug rehab in Los Angeles will have a website highlighting all of the benefits of coming to that treatment facility. An excellent recommendation is to take the time to look through the different websites for the substance abuse treatment centers that are in the area. These websites usually feature pictures of your potential treatment team and your surroundings, and this can give you a basis for deciding on the treatment center you want to commit to.

Make phone calls

When looking for a suitable facility, one of the best things you can do is make phone calls and talk to your treatment team. A good rule of thumb is to have a set of questions ready to ask the intake team so you can feel comfortable and confident in your decision to come for addiction treatment. If you decide to commit to a recovery program through Muse Treatment Center, you can reach out to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and begin your road toward recovery.

Ask friends or family members for help

If your addiction is severe, you may not be in a position where you can reach out to an IOP facility. Any top-notch treatment facility will always be happy to speak to friends or family members about their concerns regarding your addiction or collaborate with that facility to develop a treatment plan, including IOP drug rehab in Los Angeles.

What To Expect During IOP Drug Rehab

Your experience during IOP drug rehab in Los Angeles will likely be very different from that of another person because you must have your own, personalized treatment plan for you to tackle your addiction. Many things need to be taken into consideration when developing your recovery program. For instance, if you have a job or go to school, you may be restricted in your plan. The severity of your addiction should also be taken into account because you may need to begin your recovery plan in detox.

Detox gives you a safe chance to experience the withdrawal symptoms that you are sure to feel in the first few hours and days from the last time you take your drug of choice. Withdrawal symptoms are incredibly unpredictable and can be dangerous, which is why you should never attempt to go through detox unless you are under the care of a trained medical professional.

IOP Drug Rehab vs. Residential Treatment

Before you decide to commit to an intensive outpatient program or an inpatient treatment plan, you must understand the unique distinction between the two. One of the reasons why so many people choose outpatient programs such as an intensive outpatient program over an inpatient treatment plan is the flexibility that outpatient programs provide. Whereas in residential treatment, you will be required to live on campus and have around-the-clock access to your treatment team, during an intensive outpatient program, you will be able to travel back and forth from your home to the treatment center for care. This will allow you to still receive the addiction treatment you need without jeopardizing work or school responsibilities. Keep in mind that if you decide to commit to one of the outpatient programs, you will be strongly encouraged to attend 12-step programs, so you continue to build your understanding of addiction and mental health concerns while continuing to grow and develop your system of support.

What Happens During IOP Drug Rehab?

The premise of your time in any treatment program, including IOP drug rehab in Los Angeles, will be to determine the underlying causes of your addiction. In many cases, the root cause of addiction is experiencing some form of trauma. Trauma can come in many different shapes and forms. For example, a person can experience trauma in their early childhood years, but it’s also possible to experience trauma later in life.

Regardless of when you experience this type of trauma, if you don’t receive the correct kind of psychological help, you may look for other ways to compensate for how you’re feeling. This is where addiction may come into play. During your time in treatment, you will have the opportunity to participate in the following forms of treatment that can help you to overcome and address your addiction:

Group therapy

Although every form of therapy you experience during your time in rehab, group therapy is a form of counseling that can help you develop your own support system because you can make connections with other people going through their form of recovery. Although you may not always feel comfortable sharing during group therapy, sometimes just listening can help you to understand that what you may be stressing out about isn’t as big of a problem as you thought it was.

Family therapy

Has your relationship been negatively impacted by your addiction? Many people don’t realize that addiction is a disease that can directly affect every member of your family. However, there is always the possibility that you can begin to redevelop your relationship with your loved ones through family therapy. Family therapy takes place in a neutral environment, so you and your family members feel comfortable during every session. As you and your loved ones begin to work together, however, you may come to find that reestablishing these relationships can help you in more than one way.

Individual therapy

Understandably, there may be certain parts of your life that you simply don’t feel comfortable talking about during your time in any other form of therapy. Individual therapy pairs you with a member of our treatment team, so you have the opportunity to talk about the more challenging events in your life that may have impacted your sobriety.

Does Insurance Cover IOP Drug Rehab?

One of the questions you may have when committing to an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles is whether or not that facility accepts insurance. The first step in this process is to verify insurance. If you decide to partner with our addiction center for IOP drug rehab in Los Angeles, you can take comfort in the fact that we will help you verify insurance to ensure you can get the help you need without stressing out about finances.

It’s important to remember that the insurance coverage for every person may be different depending on your carrier. For instance, if you recently went through a treatment program at another facility, then you may need to wait a time before you can commit to a treatment program somewhere else. There may also be limitations when it comes to the duration of your program. For example, you may only be able to spend a certain amount of days in an intensive outpatient program. You must learn about the terms of your insurance or ask for help to learn about any limitations so you can make the most out of your time in recovery.

Contacting Muse Treatment For IOP Treatment

The Muse Treatment Center team is here to help you take the steps you need to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol once and for all. Our treatment team understands that this can be a stressful and emotional time in your life which is why we go above and beyond to ensure we can provide you with the personal touch and care that you need at this stage in your life. If you would like to learn more about what you can expect from Muse Treatment Center during IOP drug rehab in Los Angeles, please give us a call today (800) 426-1818.

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Josh Chandler
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