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From the moment someone contacts Muse Los Angeles with concerns about themselves or a loved one, we begin the process of education and support through compassion, expertise and commitment.  Our empathetic and knowledgeable admission professionals gather information, give suggestions and advice, and objectively assess the best options for anyone struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues.


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Whether there is acute or sub-acute withdrawal, or the individual suffering from an addiction or mental illness is beyond the need for critical medical attention, our specialists will triage any situation and recommend next steps.  If a combination of outpatient rehab and/or communal living is in order, or a long-term residential rehab program is best, our team can advise, support and assist in the appropriate placement to help begin the road to recovery. To speak with drug detox in Los Angeles admissions counselor, don’t hesitate to call 800-426-1818


Each and every client is assessed medically and psychiatrically upon intake to our program.  The assessments done by each of these medical professionals helps our team gain a thorough understanding of each client’s individual pathology and needs.  Taking the physiological diagnoses of each client allows the treatment team at Muse to comprehensively create the individualized treatment plan.  The road to recovery is complex and challenging enough and we at Muse know that beginning the process with the best and most detailed information is the best first step.


Many clients entering Muse’s treatment program are suffering from acute or sub-acute withdrawal and require a detox program.  Clients coming into treatment who have a primary alcohol or drug dependency and admitted within 48 hours of their last consumption will be placed on “detoxification status”.  They will be seen by a doctor and psychiatrist and as long as they are cleared to undergo social medical detox they will begin the detox healing process.  We approach detoxification using pharmacological and holistic approaches to safely and effectively clear the toxins out of the body and prepare each client for their journey into a life free from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

Outpatient Rehab

At the Muse outpatient rehab program, we believe the core tenets for success and recovery include a multi-layered approach that embodies an alternative, balanced recovery process driven by clients in a supportive, solution-focused process.  Each element of our varied and unique approach contributes in its own way to the complete program of treatment at Muse.  Group psychotherapy is one of the pillars of our program offering a wide range of life and skill building topics to assist our clients in reintegrating into the world with new coping skills and healthy behaviors of self-care.

All clients in our Los Angeles outpatient treatment program have the ability to participate in groups.  Individualized treatment plans created for each client by the expert treatment team will integrate relevant group topics and other modalities to maximize effectiveness in our outpatient program.

Inpatient Rehab

The Los Angeles inpatient residential rehab program at Muse is a safe haven for recovery, growth and transformation.  We combine comfortable and luxurious living accommodations with comprehensive, individualized treatment plans for each client.  Total immersion in the recovery process has shown significantly higher rates of recovery over time.  We address alcohol and drug dependency, mental illness, and co-occurring disorders using a compassionate, highly trained, expert clinicians and medical professionals.  Our inpatient treatment program focuses on three major points; Therapy and Discovery, Relapse Prevention and Education, and Brain Training.

  • Therapy and Discovery – Muse combines individual therapy sessions with expert run themed group therapy sessions. We combine a multitude of therapeutic modalities to be sure we are most effective in dealing with different personality types, diagnoses and client needs.
  • Relapse Prevention and Education – With such astronomically high recidivism rates for those afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction, Muse understands the importance of educating our clients and their families on the dangers and triggers of relapse. Our goal is to see our clients successfully complete their treatment plan, and go out into the world with the tools necessary to stay on the path of recovery for the long haul.

Muse also recognizes how significant a financial investment treatment can be so we work with most major insurance companies to help offset the cost and preserve client and family resources.

Sober Living

Muse offers luxurious and structured Los Angeles sober living for men and sober living for women.  Whether someone is attending an outpatient program, or is simply in need of a safe and secure communal environment, our sober living homes are available.  We offer a wide array of amenities and structures to promote the lifestyle of recovery in a warm, family-like environment.  Our rooms are all shared to promote a sense of community and accountability.  Each sober living suite is furnished with a large closet for each resident.  Our sober living program includes; progress reports, weekly house meetings, random drug testing by urinalysis, twelve-step integration and much more.  We recognize that early sobriety is a critical time during the recovery process to have access to support and community.  Muse’s LA addiction center & sober living programs provide for all treatment needs in a safe and upscale environment allowing for growth, change and recovery.

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