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MAT Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

MAT for Drug Addiction

Addiction is a cunning disease, and an addiction to alcohol or drugs is something that could cause you to question your very existence and seemingly impact every aspect of your life. However, help and hope are always possible when you reach out for addiction treatment through a treatment center with a team of professionals who will be there for you and with you every step of the way. MAT, also known as medication-assisted treatment, can help you better navigate the ups and downs that are often associated with addiction treatment and recovery. Muse Treatment’s MAT drug rehab for Los Angeles residents can be a great source of comfort for a person who may feel uncertain as they begin to take steps toward their sobriety and ultimately commit to a rehab program.

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One of the questions typically asked about this type of rehab program revolves around whether or not insurance covers it. The answer depends on the type of insurance you have, and it’s always prudent to verify insurance to confirm whether or not this rehab program will be covered. If you decide to partner with Muse Treatment Center’s MAT drug rehab in Los Angeles, you will have the opportunity to address your addiction while still incorporating proven therapy methods. Along with MAT drug rehab in Los Angeles, some examples of the treatment programs that you can opt to take advantage of include:

Drug detox

In many cases, it’s strongly recommended that you begin your recovery journey in drug detox. The reason for this is that you may feel a variety of withdrawal symptoms, making it impossible for you to care for yourself for some time. The addiction specialists at your treatment center will closely monitor your withdrawal symptoms and provide you with medication that can help lessen the blow associated with drug detox. If you opt to come to Muse Treatment Center, we can provide you with a detox center for both drugs and alcohol so you can get the immediate care you need before you commit to a drug or alcohol rehab.

Drug detox lasts approximately seven days, and withdrawal symptoms can set in within just hours from when you last take your substance of choice. Withdrawal symptoms usually start mild, which can cause a person to think they can manage the process by themselves. However, this can be a deadly mistake.

Inpatient rehab

One of the many levels of care that you can choose from is inpatient rehab. A reason why so many people decide to commit to this type of program is that it prevents relapse by providing you with the safe and protected environment that you need during this time in your life. You can also have the time you need to learn what medications work best for you. MAT drug rehab in Los Angeles can be incorporated into your inpatient rehab to reduce cravings so you can better focus on therapy and recovery.

Outpatient programs

Outpatient programs are helpful for a person that may be working or going to school or may have recently completed an inpatient rehab program. An outpatient rehab plan can give you the flexibility that you need. When you utilize this treatment option, you don’t have to stress about choosing between specific responsibilities in your life or recovery journey. Teams at top-rated outpatient drug rehabs will do everything that they can to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.

Signs a Loved One Needs MAT Drug Rehab

Do you have concerns that your loved one may be suffering from an addiction to drugs? Are you on the fence about whether or not you, yourself, maybe struggling with substance abuse? If so, here are some signs that you may want to be aware of:

Health problems

It should come as no surprise that drug use can come with an impact on your overall physical health. Over time, these health issues could ultimately lead to your death which is why it’s imperative that a person reaches out sooner rather than later to get the help and the care that they need to address their addiction.

Anti-social behavior

A person lost in the pull of addiction will do everything they can to protect that addiction, including cutting themselves off from people they may have felt close to before. Suppose your loved one has pulled away from that relationship over time, and their behavior seems unpredictable or erratic. In that case, this may be an indicator that there is a bigger problem at play.

Professional issues

At some point, an addiction will catch up to your life in every way possible. If your job has been put in jeopardy due to your substance abuse, it’s time that you take this as a sign that you need a higher level of help and care before you lose your job entirely. It concerns many people whether or not they need to tell their employer about their decision to seek treatment. The reality is that this is something that you don’t have to disclose to your employer if you don’t want to. Your treatment team can walk you through your options so you understand the best approach to take.

What to Expect During MAT Drug Rehab

An understandable question that many people that come to a treatment center to address drug substance use disorders is about what they can expect during MAT drug rehab in Los Angeles. It’s important to understand that although medication-assisted treatment can be beneficial, you will need to better understand the root cause of your drug addiction. In many cases, drug or alcohol addiction is typically triggered by trauma, which is why participating in trauma therapy can be so helpful when working through your substance abuse treatment.

There are other forms of therapy that you will experience during MAT drug rehab in Los Angeles as well. For example, if you have ever participated in an NA meeting, the format of a group therapy session will appear very familiar. During group therapy, these sessions will be guided by a member of your treatment team, and you will have the opportunity to share about the topic at hand. You’re also encouraged to listen to other people’s experiences in your group, as you may be able to learn more about your recovery journey and development.

Another type of therapy that you will experience during your recovery is individual therapy. Individual therapy is beneficial because it provides you with a platform to speak to your treatment team in a private setting. This process can help you discuss specific parts of your life that you may not feel comfortable sharing in a group environment. It’s also a great way to review your current recovery program. Perhaps some changes can be made so you can get more value out of your time in treatment. Maybe there is a medication change that needs to be made. Individual therapy allows you to make these adjustments.

Medication Used in MAT Drug Rehab

The medication that is used during MAT varies depending on your addiction. For instance, different types of drugs may be used for drug addiction compared to alcohol addiction. The dosage will also depend on various factors, such as the severity of your addiction. However, when you work with an experienced treatment team, they will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the impact that MAT can have on blocking the effects of drugs and reducing cravings so you can focus on tackling your addiction.

Benefits of MAT For Drug Addiction

If you have never heard of medication-assisted treatment at a rehab center, you may not be aware of the benefits that come along with this type of program. It’s important to remember that just because you are working through a recovery program doesn’t mean that you will never face cravings or temptations again. While you will learn the psychological tools, you need to work through these cravings, which may not always be enough. Specific medication can help you manage these cravings and help you not focus on them as much, which can be a tremendous help, especially during the early stages of your recovery plan.

MAT Drug Rehab at Muse Treatment

The Muse Treatment Center team provides MAT drug rehab in Los Angeles that is second to none. We understand the benefits of medication-assisted treatment and always go the extra mile to ensure our clients feel comfortable and confident when using this treatment option. If you’re ready to commit to a MAT drug rehab in Los Angeles plan or a treatment option that addresses your alcohol addiction, please get in touch with us today at (800) 426-1818.

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Josh Chandler
Josh Chandler
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