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MDA Drug: All You Need to Know

If you abuse or are addicted to the MDA drug, you should realize what makes this chemical so dangerous. Sally, aka sassafras, aka MDA, is a drug that’s similar to the drug known as ecstasy, aka MDMA. Both drugs are widely regarded as club drugs and pose serious health risks to the people who use them. Although MDA and MDMA share the same chemical foundation, some slight differences manifest in the highs that they produce. Anyone engaged in MDA drug abuse should be aware of the drug’s dangers. If you have become dependent on the drug, it’s crucial to seek help at an accredited drug rehab center.

Muse Treatment is a leading Los Angeles addiction rehab center that offers a full lineup of addiction treatment programs. In addition to illicit drug addictions, we also treat prescription drug addiction and alcohol use disorder. Overcoming a drug addiction can be difficult; it might even seem impossible to some people. A substance use disorder can be incredibly powerful, but treatment can help. At Muse Treatment, we combine medically traditional, alternative, and holistic therapies to help individuals get off and stay off highly addictive drugs like MDA, methamphetamine, and opioids. Even though a substance addiction cannot be cured, it can be managed effectively with abstinence. 

Muse Treatment features addiction treatment programs in Los Angeles like drug detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. We also offer aftercare programming, dual diagnosis treatment, and medication-assisted treatment. Our licensed clinicians can meet clients where they are in their recovery process, providing support tailored to their needs. Our addiction rehab facility for MDA offers a safe, comfortable environment to clients so they can begin their recovery journey with a level of support and care that’s ideal for them. 

Abusing the MDA drug is a dangerous practice, but there is help. Muse Treatment can help you stop abusing this and other drugs for good. With individualized care, you can get the help you need to improve your life and health. 

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Unpacking the MDA Drug

MDA drug is an addictive substance scientifically referred to as 3,4 methylenedioxyamphetamine and is a synthetic substance with psychoactive properties. Like MDMA, it can cause users to experience hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, and increased energy. With more lasting effects than MDMA, MDA is making its way into the club scene at an alarming rate. Like MDMA, MDA is very addictive. It is also highly dangerous when mixed with other chemicals like alcohol or other drug. 

What Is MDA?

MDA is a psychoactive synthetic drug that users take to experience a euphoric high. Many users take MDA specifically to feel its hallucinogenic effects, which are more pronounced than the effects produced by MDMA. Users can expect to experience an altered perception of time when using the drug. They may also experience hallucinations, which can make them a danger to themselves or others; though less euphoric than the high produced by MDMA, the MDA drug high is a longer-lasting high, which also underscores its dangerous properties. 

MDA vs. MDMA: Understanding the Differences

Both MDA and MDMA are chemically similar. The body converts MDMA to MDA as it metabolizes the drug. MDMA, otherwise known as ecstasy, produces stronger feelings of euphoria than MDA, but MDA drug produces more hallucinogenic effects. MDA also induces more powerful feelings of energy. Both drugs are addictive and dangerous. Although some users may find that two drugs to be quite similar in the effects they produce, other users may find them to be quite different.

The Effects of MDA on the Body and Mind

MDA causes users to experience hallucinations, an altered perception of time, and increased feelings of energy. Users may also feel a greater sense of empathy and euphoria, though these effects are more associated with MDMA use. While the MDA drug affects the mind in these ways, it can also have negative health effects. After the high, users may experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. MDA abuse also leaves individuals at increased risk of addiction. MDA abuse can also cause health emergencies like irregular heartbeat and seizures. 

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The Risks of MDA Use

No one knows how a drug may affect them. Using an illicit drug like MDA comes with significant health risks. As mentioned above, MDA can cause serious medical problems like seizures and even cardiac arrest. Mixing drugs can be a deadly combination. Users should know the risks they incur when they use MDA drugs or take the drug with other substances. Overdose is a serious risk that can be prevented by not using this drug. 

Recognizing Signs of MDA Addiction

An MDA drug addiction can mimic other forms of drug addiction. Some of the most common signs of MDA drug addiction include:

  • Stockpiling the drug
  • Thinking about using the drug on a frequent or routine basis
  • Feeling powerful compulsions/cravings to use the drug
  • Experience symptoms of anxiety or depression when not using the drug
  • Using the drug despite negative consequences (legal, financial, health)
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms after not taking the drug for a period of time

If you experience these other symptoms, you should visit your healthcare provider or a licensed rehab center like Muse Treatment for an evaluation. Drug abuse and addiction are treatable. We can help you end your dependence on the MDA drug or other chemicals.

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MDA Addiction Treatment: Approaches and Options

If you have developed an addiction to MDA, you can get help at Muse Treatment. An addiction can deepen, so the sooner you get help, the better. Our addiction treatment center is renowned for its comfortable facility, experienced addiction specialists, and comprehensive treatment plans. We offer many different therapeutic options for clients. These treatments include evidence-based therapies, alternative treatments, and holistic therapies. Together, our treatment modalities help clients achieve their recovery goals. Since our clinicians customize treatment for each client, everyone gets the specific help they need to put drug addiction behind them. 

The Process of Recovering from MDA Addiction

Learning to manage a drug addiction effectively takes time. Although some people achieve their recovery milestones in a few weeks, most people need a few months to develop the necessary strategies to manage their triggers to abuse MDA and transform their lifestyle to one that’s healthful and drug-free. Our treatments address all aspects of MDA addiction. We help clients identify what factors led them to abuse this drug so they can form the strategies needed to transform their thinking and behavior patterns into healthier ones. At Muse Treatment, we provide support at a level each client needs. As clients’ support needs gradually diminish with treatment, they will eventually become stable and ready to manage their addiction on their own. 

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Support and Resources for Those Affected by MDA

Get help overcoming your dependence on the MDA drug at Muse Treatment. Take control of your life and health by contacting Muse Treatment today. We can help you prepare for inpatient or outpatient therapy. We also offer medical detox and aftercare solutions. Muse Treatment features a team of dedicated addiction specialists who are known for their empathetic care and treatment know-how. If you are struggling with an addiction to MDA or other substances, be sure to contact Muse Treatment Center today or call 800-426-1818. We can help you manage your addiction successfully and put your drug abuse days behind you for good.

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