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Do Mushrooms Show up on a Drug Test?

Are you wondering, “Do mushrooms show up on a drug test?” When it comes to standard drug tests, magic mushrooms, or shrooms for short, do not generally register on these tests. The psychedelic compound in these drugs usually requires specific types of testing. Standard panel drug tests, for instance, usually don’t test for shrooms. Even so, magic mushrooms are an illegal drug, so ingesting them can get you into legal trouble or trouble with a current or potential employer if you are caught using them. If you have developed a dependence on shrooms, you need help that a qualified rehab center can provide. 

Mushrooms that contain a psychedelic compound known as psilocybin are called magic mushrooms. They deliver hallucinogenic effects. This compound not only alters a person’s thoughts but also their emotion and sense of time. Taking psychedelic mushrooms, whether ingesting them plain or as a shroom chocolate bar, puts a person at risk of injury as well as overdose and other negative health effects. A person can also become addicted to shrooms. 

At Muse Treatment, we can help you overcome your magic mushroom addiction. We offer comprehensive drug addiction treatment that targets all aspects of addiction and the recovery process. Our clinicians are licensed, experienced, and renowned for their empathetic care. Clients can expect our addiction specialists to tailor treatment plans to suit their unique needs. 

Our Los Angeles drug rehab center is welcoming and offers clients a positive setting to enjoy amenities and immerse themselves in recovery therapies. If you have developed a substance abuse problem or full-blown addiction, you can rely on Muse for help. Don’t underestimate the dangers of magic mushrooms. Let us help you put drug abuse in your past. 


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Introduction to Psychedelic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are called psychedelic because they cause people to experience hallucinations and an altered reality. They’re one of the more well-known drugs that cause hallucinations. For some, this can be a pleasurable experience, but not all. Moreover, using magic mushrooms is risky as they can cause serious health issues. Magic mushrooms have a compound known as psilocybin that is responsible for the ‘psychedelic’ experience. However, shrooms can also cause other effects that include headache, vomiting, chills, sweating, irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, increased body temperature, and overdose. If a person overdoses, they could experience symptoms like panic or even coma. There is no safe level of shrooms to take. Even though magic mushrooms have been popularly abused at venues like concert venues and festivals, they are not legal and have no medical use. 

Understanding Drug Testing

Today’s most common drug tests do not test for the psychedelic compound contained in magic mushrooms. Most basic tests look for substances such as opioids, cocaine, and marijuana. Currently, 5-10 panel drug tests do not include magic mushrooms on tests. However, shrooms may be tested depending on the organization ordering tests. But do mushrooms show up on a drug test? There are drug tests available that will test for the presence of shrooms in a person’s urine or blood. If you are concerned about your shroom use, you should contact Muse Treatment for help.

Do Mushrooms Show Up on a Drug Test? Detection Basics

Some drug tests will detect the presence of magic mushrooms if they are designed to do so. If the agency ordering the test wants to test for shrooms, they will need to use tests that can detect the presence of psilocybin. Tests designed to detect hallucinogenic mushrooms may register the presence of shrooms in a person’s system. Since shrooms cannot be detected in the body for long, the tests must be administered relatively quickly (within a couple of days of the individual’s last use). 

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Types of Drug Tests and Mushrooms

Organizations that test for mushrooms use drug tests that detect hallucinogenic compounds. These are special tests that are designed to detect psychedelic compounds like those contained in magic mushrooms. Common drug tests do not generally test for the presence of psilocybin, the active compound found in shrooms. Most people who are required to take drug tests for employment, for example, are tested for 5 to 10 substances, which often include opioids, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and methadone. If you are worried about an upcoming drug test you need to take, you can ask what substances it tests for. 

Duration of Mushrooms in the System

Magic mushrooms do not remain in the system long. They offer a short-term high and cannot be traced by most drug tests once three to four days go by from the last use. Hair tests, however, may detect the presence of magic mushrooms for up to about 90 days. Urine and blood tests will not typically detect the presence of magic mushrooms beyond a week. Keep in mind that there can be variables. A person who uses these drugs frequently or uses them along with other illicit drugs may face higher risks for detection beyond a week. 


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Legal and Employment Concerns of Testing Positive for Mushrooms

If you test positive for an illicit substance like magic mushrooms, you could face legal trouble. For instance, if you were required to take a drug test after an auto collision and were found to have been driving while under the influence of shrooms, you could be liable and face serious legal consequences that might involve steep fines and even imprisonment. Individuals can also lose their employment after testing positive on a drug test for shrooms. To avoid these types of concerns, you should seek help at WhiteSands if you are currently involved in magic mushroom abuse or drug abuse of any kind. 

Treatment and Support for Psychedelic Drug Use

If you have an addiction to shrooms, other hallucinogens, or other substances, you can get treatment at Muse. We offer inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, medical detox, and aftercare to provide our clients with comprehensive care. We individualize treatment to ensure all clients get the support they need to achieve lasting recovery. Our clinicians combine evidence-based, alternative, and holistic therapies to help clients build a strong recovery foundation. With treatment, you can learn how to manage your addiction and its triggers successfully. 

Muse Treatment’s Approach to Substance Use and Recovery

If you are addicted to any type of substance, Muse can help. We offer a full spectrum of treatment services, which allows our addiction specialists to meet clients anywhere they happen to be in their recovery process. Our rehab center is known for its compassionate team and healing environment. We strive to offer the most effective therapeutic approaches today and continue to adopt new and innovative treatment services to better serve our clients. 

Call Muse Treatment Addiction Center at 800-426-1818 to help you achieve lasting recovery. Our recovery programs have a powerful relapse prevention component. Let our clinicians help you put drugs and alcohol behind you for good. A magic mushroom addiction is serious and should be dealt with. Don’t ignore drug dependence. Our clinicians can evaluate your condition and recommend the ideal treatment plan for you. We can help you start your enrollment or learn more about our treatment plans and therapeutic options.

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