Josh Chandler | September 22, 2022

NA vs. Rehab: Can You Choose One Over The Other?

NA vs. Rehab: What Is the Difference?

As a leading provider of rehab programs throughout the country, one of the common questions that we typically get from individuals interested in addiction revolves around the difference between a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting and the treatment programs we offer. When a person is struggling with prescription drug addiction or another drug or alcohol addiction, one of the best things they can do is reach out for help. While it’s true that NA and AA can provide you with a tremendous amount of support, you must commit to a heroin addiction treatment plan or a meth addiction treatment program so you can lay the foundation for your recovery and get the comprehensive level of care that you need.

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Is NA Enough for Addiction Treatment?

It’s essential to recognize that substance abuse is a disease that impacts every person differently. In some cases, a person may have a drug or alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders that could negatively impact their overall mental health and well-being. Although going to NA and AA meetings is something that can be very helpful, taking your treatment a step further and working through a men’s rehab or a women’s rehab is something that could be life-changing.

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Why Rehab Matters for Drug Addiction

To truly overcome your substance abuse issues, you must understand the root cause of addiction. You will focus on this during your time in drug rehab. Whether you decide to work through an inpatient or an outpatient treatment program at Muse Treatment, you will participate in different forms of addiction therapy to better understand the traumas you have experienced in your life that led to your substance abuse.

Before you can begin your recovery, however, you may need to go through a drug detox process depending on the severity of your addiction. One of the leading reasons why it’s crucial to go through a program at rehab is the fact that a rehab facility will allow you to commit to a drug detox program. This program will give you the care you need as you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. When you initially reach out to your treatment team, you must be upfront and honest about the extent of your substance abuse so that they can prepare for treatment and get you the immediate and urgent help you need.

NA vs Rehab

Going to NA After Rehab

Simply because you work through a men’s or women’s rehab doesn’t mean you should never attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. In fact, you will be strongly encouraged to participate in Narcotics Anonymous meetings throughout your recovery program. If you’re struggling with an alcohol use disorder, an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting may feel more comfortable for you. However, both types of meetings present their own benefits, including meeting other people working through drug abuse or alcohol abuse treatment plans.

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