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Drug & Alcohol Detox in LA - Learn Why Muse Treatment is the Best

Best Drug Detox in Los Angeles

Muse Treatment offers comprehensive treatment programs that target all phases of the recovery process. As a leading Los Angeles addiction treatment center, we feature medical drug detox as part of our treatment offerings. Drug detox is an important first step on the road to recovery. During detox, clients are gently weaned off the drug(s) they’re addicted to in our safe and supportive medically supervised environment. Muse is widely recognized as the #1 inpatient drug rehab to attend, after completing the detox program. 

Detox targets the physical aspects of addiction. Until drug dependence is overcome, people will find it understandably difficult to focus on their treatment. Yes, detox can involve unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal, but our physicians are able to prescribe medications that reduce the severity of withdrawal so that clients can rest as comfortably as possible as their body adjusts to being drug-free.   

Detox usually lasts about a week. Symptoms tend to peak between 24 and 48 hours from the individual’s last drug use. Common symptoms of withdrawal include headache, nausea, chills, anxiety, and insomnia. These symptoms will gradually diminish during the detox process. Once detox is complete, clients can begin the next part of their recovery plan, attending treatments designed to target the underlying psychological and behavioral aspects of their addiction.

What sets Muse Treatment Center Apart?

Best Drug Rehab Center in Los Angeles

Muse offers a drug rehab treatment that helps clients shed the negativity that addiction has brought to their lives and rediscover themselves, their values, and their goals. Muse features a wide range of treatments and therapies designed to target all aspects of addiction and its impact in patients’ lives. Together, these treatments can help individuals learn how to successfully manage their condition and ward off relapse. 

Our drug rehab features different programs in order to reach people where they are in their recovery process. Early on, people tend to need more intensive support. However, as they learn to manage their triggers and grow in independence, they tend to need less support but continued help as they reintegrate back into their everyday lives. We are the leader in Los Angeles Drug Rehabilitation.

Muse Treatment features a team of highly trained addiction specialists who provide custom therapy for clients. During one-on-one counseling sessions, therapists help clients identify the factors that led them to abuse drugs in the first place. Then, they develop strategies for managing these triggers effectively. Other therapies such as peer group counseling and relapse prevention help clients keep their recovery journey on track. 

It’s important for clients to remember that detox is not enough to manage addiction. The compulsions associated with psychological and behavioral dependence can be just as powerful as the physical dependence on drugs. Muse’s comprehensive treatment offerings set clients up for long-term recovery success.  Discover why Muse is the #1 treatment center for Drug Rehab Los Angeles.

Learn About Our Levels of Care

Inpatient (Residential) Drug Rehab Los Angeles     

Inpatient residential drug rehab offers clients an immersive treatment experience in a safe setting that is conducive to recovery. Muse offers inpatient treatment programs that provide a robust level of support. The successful management of addiction is not a solitary job–especially in the beginning of a recovery journey. People need the support and guidance of rehab staff to help them navigate the path out of drug addiction.

Many clients prefer the inpatient dynamic because of the strong support it provides. They may not have support at home or there simply may be too many temptations and triggers to contend with outside of the rehab center’s safe and supportive environment. By leaving all the triggers behind for a time, clients can fully focus on their therapy. When they do return home, they will have grown tremendously and acquired new skills that will enable them to manage their recovery.

The rehab environment is one that’s built on a sense of community and caring. We value each individual and strive to help them recover what’s best in themselves. Drug addiction often tarnishes many aspects of life, but healing happens; the healing process may be gradual, but our Los Angeles inpatient addiction treatment program promotes physical, psychological, and spiritual healing so that each client finds renewed hope, purpose, and well-being through our care. 

Outpatient Drug Rehab in LA County 

Not all people prefer or need to enroll in an inpatient addiction treatment program. That’s why Muse also offers outpatient alcohol and drug rehab.  In fact, many clients transition from inpatient to outpatient programs as their recovery progresses and they grow in confidence to manage their addiction. 

Outpatient drug rehab treatment programs are ideal for clients who have a supportive home environment or who feel able to maintain their sobriety without round-the-clock support. Many people prefer outpatient addiction therapy because it allows them to maintain some of their normal responsibilities such as caring for family members and pets or attending work or school. 

Muse offers intensive outpatient programs, also known as IOP as well as Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). That means that clients can access a robust level of daily support but still return home after a day of therapy. Therapy sessions often overlap with inpatient treatments for Los Angeles drug rehab. For instance, both our inpatient and outpatient plans feature a strong focus on individual counseling and peer group counseling. 

Is a Los Angeles outpatient drug treatment program right for you? When you visit Muse, our addiction specialists can discuss your situation and help you determine what type of treatment plan is the ideal fit for your needs. Whether you enter our rehab as an inpatient or outpatient client, you can expect to benefit from our experience, expertise, and empathetic support. 

IOP & PHP Rehab Near Me

Looking for IOP Drug Rehab and PHP in Los Angeles? Muse offers both intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs designed to treat drug and alcohol addiction. We offer clients a wide range of treatments and therapies to speed their recovery and help them build their lives in the context of sobriety. 

If you’re suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction in the Los Angeles area, you don’t have to leave town or fly across the country to get the professional help you need to get well—and stay well. We are a highly respected Los Angeles-based addiction treatment center that treats the mind, body, and spirit. Overcoming an addiction is different for everyone. That’s why Muse offers customized treatment and support for each client.

When you make the life-changing and life-affirming decision to quit drugs or alcohol and visit Muse, our addiction specialists will evaluate your condition in order to help you choose the ideal treatments and plan for your needs. Many clients will require medical detox. Some may need dual diagnosis treatment that targets both their addiction and any mental health conditions they’re suffering from such as anxiety or depression. 

We feature many types of treatment at our rehab, including evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, peer group counseling, educational sessions, relapse prevention, holistic treatments, and even some alternative therapies designed to enhance the recovery process. Whether you enroll in an IOP or PHP program, you can expect our knowledgeable support and unstinting empathy as you start and continue your healing journey.

What We Treat at Muse Treatment Center

Heroin Detox Treatment Near Los Angeles, California

Heroin leaves the body quickly, which means that withdrawal can come on quite rapidly too. Muse Treatment offers heroin detox in Los Angeles for clients suffering from addiction to this powerful opioid. When someone begins heroin addiction treatment with us, we start the detox process right away. Withdrawal symptoms can set in as quickly as 6-12 hours from the person’s last heroin use. 

Heroin withdrawal usually involves flu-like symptoms such as chills, nausea, and vomiting. The discomfort can be intense, which is why it’s always best to detox at a medical detox center like Muse. We provide round the clock monitoring by clinical staff to ensure your safety and comfort are maintained at all times.  We also offer prescription medications and treatments that can greatly reduce these unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and ensure your safety throughout the process. Although the worst symptoms dissipate by the end of the detox phase, some symptoms like insomnia, cravings, and anxiety may continue to occur for months. Fortunately, there are also medications designed to treat these more long-term symptoms.

After detox, clients can begin to attend treatments to help them manage their psychological dependence on heroin since detox only addresses the physical dependence. As time passes and the body begins to heal, clients will experience both the physical and mental benefits associated with the healing process. By completing their heroin addiction treatment program, clients will also have learned new strategies for managing their addiction triggers.

Heroin Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

One of the most highly addictive street drugs, heroin is a challenging addiction to quit, but at Muse Treatment, we see amazing success stories all the time. Enrolling in treatment at Muse is a step away from heroin addiction and a step closer to recovery. That isn’t to say that managing a heroin addiction is easy, but with professional support from Muse therapists and your commitment to wellness, we can work together to help you leave this dangerous habit behind.

After completing detox, clients suffering from heroin addiction will begin therapy sessions that address the powerful mental and behavioral dependence associated with drug addiction. Often, it’s unhealthy thought patterns and behavioral habits that fuel a drug abuse problem. These patterns do not go away after detox, which only addresses the physical side of addiction. Clients need to explore the mental and behavioral triggers that cause and can still cause them to abuse drugs. 

During heroin rehab treatment, we will help clients identify their triggers and learn to manage them. It takes time and practice, but unlearning bad habits and learning new healthful ones is often the difference between recovery and relapse. Our therapists rely on various types of treatments to help each client achieve their recovery goals.

Meth Detox Treatment in Los Angeles California

Meth is one of the most powerfully addictive drugs. Many of our Los Angeles clients who begin detox are apprehensive about the process. Our top priority is ensuring that clients are safe and as comfortable as possible throughout this important phase of treatment. To that end, we can provide medications designed to target unpleasant withdrawal symptoms as soon as they present. 

The onset of withdrawal varies between individuals, but most symptoms associated with meth detox peak around the second or third day. Some of the most common meth withdrawal symptoms that people experience include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Aches
  • Tremors

Some people may experience hallucinations, paranoia, or severe depression, but we can treat all symptoms in order to reduce their severity or eliminate them altogether. 

Once detox is complete, people may still feel some of the effects of the withdrawal, but symptoms will diminish in time. Some individuals may require ongoing treatment for some ongoing symptoms associated with anxiety or depression. 

Meth Rehab Treatment Center in Los Angeles

Just as our therapists know, our clients are also aware of the very high relapse rates associated with methamphetamine. More than 90% of people addicted to meth will relapse at least once. But don’t let that put you off treatment. People with all sorts of conditions ranging from depression to cancer experience relapse and when they do, they visit their doctor for further treatment. The same goes for addiction. 

The intensity of meth addiction treatment is why people should not try to overcome it on their own. Professional addiction treatment gives the best chance for successfully managing this dangerous addiction. Our therapists rely on highly respected evidence-based therapies like individual counseling to help clients understand their condition and how it affects them physically and mentally. 

Then, we can work together to find strategies to manage your unique triggers to use drugs and fend off relapse. Meth addiction takes a heavy toll on a person’s mind, body, and spirit. It may be a dark chapter in a person’s life, but that doesn’t have to be where your story ends. At Muse, we help clients close the book on addiction and write a brand new story that’s filled with hope and health. 

Prescription Drug Detox Treatment near Los Angeles, California

Prescription drug addiction can be every bit as difficult to manage as an addiction to street drugs. When a person becomes addicted to opioid painkillers, benzodiazepines, sleeping pills, or other highly addictive prescription medications, they must overcome their physical dependence on these drugs with detox. At Muse Treatment, we feature highly attentive and empathetic staff who monitor each client closely as they progress through the process, ensuring their safety and, as much as possible, their comfort.

There are many treatments that can reduce the severity of prescription drug withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms will vary depending on the drug in question. When detoxing from opioid painkillers, people will likely experience flu-type symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and aches. There are many medications that can lessen the severity of these symptoms, allowing clients to relax and rest as they become ‘clean’ from the addictive substance. 

Clinically supervised detox is the safest way to detox. It’s never wise to detox on your own as symptoms can become quite severe and may even occasionally trigger life-threatening emergencies such as seizures. Our physicians can provide treatments that help prevent these types of complications. At Muse, our clients’ comfort is a top priority. 

Prescription Drug Rehab Center Los Angeles County

If you’re addicted to prescription drugs like Vicodin, Adderall Addiction, or Xanax, you can overcome your dependence on these medications with treatment at Muse. An addiction to a prescription drug is just like an addiction to alcohol or a street drug. We call a person “addicted” once they have developed not only a physical dependence on the substance in question, but also a psychological and behavioral dependence. That’s why detox is never the only way to treat addiction. 

During prescription drug rehab center in Los Angeles, we help clients manage the mental and behavioral aspects of their condition. This involves changing unhealthy thought patterns and addressing the habits that govern drug reliance. It’s true that many people who become addicted to prescription medications did so while being treated for pain or other health concerns. The highly addictive nature of many of these prescription drugs does lead to habit forming activities that can speed up addiction. 

We help clients learn how to manage the triggers that led them to abuse prescription drugs and find ways to manage their health concerns, if they’re still present, with non-addictive medications and therapies. We also help them understand the early signs and symptoms of relapse so they can prevent it from occurring and maintain their recovery progress. 

Outpatient Alcohol Detox Los Angeles, California

Many clients know how unpleasant it can feel once alcohol withdrawal sets in. Many people addicted to alcohol will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches mere hours after the last drink. For that reason, many people are apprehensive about entering an alcohol detox program. However, it’s the only way to safely overcome a physical dependence on an addictive substance like alcohol. 

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms often involve:

  • Headache
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

Some people may also experience a phenomenon known as delirium tremens or DTs. These symptoms may include hallucinations, confusion, vomiting, and even seizures. Because there’s no way of knowing beforehand if withdrawal will trigger DTs or cause other severe symptoms, it’s always wise to undergo detox at a safe medical facility like Muse where we monitor each person’s health and provide treatment to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Once individuals have completed detox, usually in about a week, we can begin the next phase of treatment. While it’s normal to experience some lingering withdrawal symptoms, including cravings, these symptoms do diminish over time, allowing clients to more fully focus on their therapy and learn how to manage their addiction. 

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Near Los Angeles, California

Alcohol is a challenging substance to quit because it’s seemingly everywhere. As a legal substance that’s sold in supermarkets, restaurants, and sports events, it’s going to be an ongoing temptation. In order to prevent alcohol relapse, clients must maintain their sobriety and to do that, they need a robust level of support, which they’ll find at Muse.

Our alcohol rehab provide clients with real-world strategies for successfully managing alcohol addiction. Even after detox, cravings and compulsions to drink can be strong. We combat those powerful triggers to use alcohol with therapies based on medically sanctioned treatments as well as holistic therapies. The truth is, our clients often feel increasingly better as they move ever further away from alcohol use. They feel better mentally and physically once they become free from the terrible effects that alcohol has on their health. This can be a powerful motivator to stay on the path of recovery. 

As they begin to feel better, clients immerse themselves in our therapies where we help them unravel the triggers that led them to drink. By learning to manage their triggers, they can prevent relapse and maintain their sobriety. 

Learn About Our Treatment Programs & Options

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles

Addiction frequently goes hand in hand with mental health disorders. It’s not uncommon for clients to experience both addiction and a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or post traumatic stress disorder at the same time. That’s why Muse offers what’s known as dual diagnosis treatment. Studies have shown that simultaneously treating mental health and substance use disorders offers the greatest chance for successfully managing both.  As far as mental health treatment, Muse is considered a leading Dual diagnosis treatment center.

Addiction and mental health are closely bound together. Drug and alcohol addiction changes the chemistry of the brain; those changes can lead to the development of a mental health disorder such as depression. In extreme cases, substance abuse / addiction can cause psychosis. Conversely, sometimes the mental health disorder comes first and sufferers gravitate to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate their symptoms. 

The presence of two conditions poses some recovery challenges, but together with Muse therapists, you can overcome those challenges to effectively manage your dual diagnosis. During your rehab experience with us, you’ll attend therapy sessions that target both your addiction and your mental health. Even though your conditions may be chronic, they can be managed effectively so that you experience symptom relief. 

If you’re suffering from both an addiction and mental health condition, it’s important to be evaluated. Muse features highly trained and certified medical professionals who specialize in mental health and addiction medicine. We can help you successfully manage your dual diagnosis now and in the future.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) eases the detox and recovery process. Offered as short term or long-term addiction management treatment, MAT helps to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and cravings (or other triggers) that may threaten the recovery process. Muse offers MAT as part of our comprehensive addiction treatment options. It’s one more therapeutic resource that clients can rely on as they rebuild their lives.

At Muse, we prescribe various medications to treat clients. Medications vary depending on the addictive substance that’s involved as well as the individual’s symptoms and recovery needs. For instance, people recovering from an opioid addiction may rely on buprenorphine-based medications such as suboxone for help during their recovery process. Some clients may be prescribed benzodiazepines to manage their anxiety symptoms. 

Muse’s physicians specialize in addiction medicine and are well aware of the safest and most effective medications designed to treat substance addiction. MAT may not be ideal or necessary for all patients, but many do rely on it in part during some aspect of their treatment–often during detox. Our goal is to use MAT to help clients achieve recovery as safely and comfortably as possible. 

When you visit Muse and begin your recovery program, you may begin MAT right away. Our physicians and therapists can answer all your questions and make sure that you have the ideal treatment for your needs.

Why Choose Muse Treatment?

Why Choose Muse Treatment for Addiction Recovery in Los Angeles, CA?

If you suspect you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol or know you have a substance abuse problem, don’t put off seeking help. You can call or visit Muse and our addiction specialists can assess your condition. We feature customized treatment plans so that you can get the help you need based on your evaluation. 

At our addiction treatment center, you can enroll in inpatient or outpatient treatment plans and obtain the support you need no matter where you are in your recovery journey. Our rehab features a welcoming and safe atmosphere. We treat each client with respect and empathy. Our therapists know that addiction is a disease–a chronic disease–and are committed to helping each client achieve recovery through successful disease management.

We know that many clients have concerns before entering rehab. They may be worried about the detox experience and suffering from withdrawal. They may find it difficult to separate themselves from family, pets, or their social group. Certainly many people are worried about the cost of treatment. We address these concerns because they are surmountable. Muse is committed to affordable treatment and providing multiple treatment plans designed to fit our clients’ diverse range of needs. 

Beginning treatment for an addiction may seem hard– it is hard–but remaining addicted is even harder. It’s harder on your physical health and mental health. Harder on your family and life goals. Moreover, as recovery progresses, the difficulties associated with treatment such as withdrawal and cravings to use do subside, paving the way for a brighter, healthier future. 

Contact Muse Treatment or visit us to begin your road to lasting recovery. Whether you’re addicted to prescription drugs, alcohol, or street drugs, we can help you end your dependence. Formal treatment at an addiction treatment center like Muse provides you with the strongest chance to manage your addiction successfully. We can’t wait to help you build your new sober life.

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