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Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs Los Angeles

What Is An Outpatient Drug Treatment Program?

Muse Treatment offers Los Angeles residents an opportunity to heal from addiction within a community of supporters, including the expert addiction specialists working within our facility and peer support from other patients who share the same goals. Outpatient drug treatment programs in Los Angeles provide residents with a flexible option to address their addiction while maintaining their prior work, social, and family commitments. 

At Muse Treatment, we focus on three primary components for healing within our outpatient drug treatment that has been proven to be effective in creating a long-lasting change from drug addiction:

  • Therapy 
  • 12 step drug treatment model 
  • Case management 

During your outpatient drug treatment programs in Los Angeles, you will be invited to participate in individual therapy sessions where you will work alongside your counselor to identify the driving force for your addiction. Muse strongly believes that no person wakes up one day and desires to inherit a drug addiction, and it is often based on deep-rooted emotions and traumas that have yet to be addressed. Within your outpatient drug rehab program, you will be able to safely and effectively work through your feelings with the support of your counselor and the latest in evidence-based addiction therapy methods. 

Patients will have the opportunity to join group sessions with other Los Angeles residents to provide them with the tools and knowledge they need for a healthy life in recovery. Often, individuals have not been adequately taught effective methods of emotional regulation or tools for managing potential triggers. We offer our patients various educational groups that focus on life skills such as communication, anger management, relapse prevention tools, and additional life skills that will accentuate a stable life in recovery. Process groups are available for patients to help enhance their abilities and skills through specialized groups, including expressive therapy, self and emotional regulation, art therapy, and interpersonal relationship development. 

Our outpatient drug rehab aims to incorporate a whole-person integrated approach that teaches you the skills you need to overcome any future challenges and remain dedicated to your newfound life in recovery. Our team is committed to ensuring that your unique needs and circumstances are attended to so that you are given a drug rehab program that upholds your dignity and respect through informative, person-centered therapy approaches. 

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Who Is Outpatient Drug Treatment For?

Muse Treatment values that Los Angeles residents lead busy lifestyles and that you may not have the capacity to commit to a long-term inpatient drug rehab program. We want to accommodate your needs and give you the flexibility to determine when you will attend our drug treatment center. Outpatient drug treatment is best suited for those Los Angeles residents that have a strong will and determination to achieve sobriety with the ability to avoid any future distractions or triggers that are within their home environment. Having a solid support system at home is optimal for outpatient patients. It ensures that you have others you can lean and rely on when challenges arise or simply have others that share in your goal to support and encourage you along the way. 

Treatment Programs Offered in Outpatient Drug Rehab

Drug addiction affects each person differently and requires various levels of structure and needs when confronting your drug addiction through a drug rehab program. Depending on the length of time in your drug addiction and the severity at which you used substances, your level of need from a drug treatment program will vary. For those that have been engaged in active drug use for an extended period and are using higher quantities of drugs to reach the desired effect, you will need more intensive support from an outpatient rehab program to assist you in successfully removing the influences and toxins of drugs through a drug detox program. 

Patients will be invited to stay within our addiction treatment center to safely remove the chemical compounds of drugs from their bodies under the medical supervision of nurses and physicians. Once you have successfully removed drugs from your body and have physically healed from your drug addiction, you will be able to transition into an intensive outpatient program to help you address the emotional and mental dependency created from your drug addiction to move towards a healthy life in recovery. 

While others may have already begun their recovery journey or have the necessary support they need within their own circle of support at home, there are less intensive outpatient drug rehab options that are flexible to meet your current lifestyle and meet the needs of your work, home, and family responsibilities. Los Angeles residents who require a flexible treatment option can participate in an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that invites patients to attend the drug treatment center for individual therapy and group therapy sessions. This process allows you the opportunity to heal from the underlying causes of your addiction and develop the skills you need to live a happy, healthy life in sobriety. 

After completing your outpatient rehab program, many will find that they want continued support from the compassionate team at Muse Treatment. While attending our outpatient drug treatment programs in Los Angeles, our passion is to support residents in creating a long-lasting change in recovery and are committed to giving patients the continued care they need to ensure their success in sobriety. Those patients seeking additional support can transition into our aftercare programs, including a sober living transitional house that will help you strengthen the skills you have learned to ensure you are equipped to manage any triggers or stressors that life throws your way to maintain your sobriety. 

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs

Outpatient drug rehab is a beneficial option for many Los Angeles residents that are ready and willing to address their drug addiction within a safe space. Patients have found that outpatient drug rehab has given them a healing experience with many benefits, including:

The flexibility to choose when you participate in therapeutic sessions and attend the treatment center. This allows patients to tend to their families and uphold any prior commitments. An ability to maintain employment. Some patients have experienced difficulties within their job performance and fear that going to inpatient drug rehab will risk their careers.

During outpatient drug treatment programs in Los Angeles, patients have a hands-on learning experience to take what they have learned throughout their therapy and group processes and apply them to their day-to-day lives. Patients have the ongoing support of counselors to work through any triggers that arise and develop their skills and tools for relapse prevention and maintaining sobriety. 

Patients can connect with other individuals within the outpatient drug treatment program to build a trusting support system. Patients often find that the group processes help develop empathy and trust with one another as you begin to realize that you are not alone in your struggles with drug addiction.

An outpatient drug rehab is often an affordable option for Los Angeles residents. A common concern for many considering entering into drug rehab is its cost. Outpatient helps eliminate any financial barriers with affordable options that offer the same effective addiction therapy methods. 

What Happens After Outpatient Drug Treatment?

Living a healthy life in recovery is a lifelong process and commitment. While outpatient drug rehab will help you take the first initial steps to heal from the emotions and behavioral concerns at the root of your addiction, this is the first step towards a sober lifestyle. Patients going through an outpatient drug rehab program will go through significant personal growth and change, and for some, you may need additional support after completing your drug addiction treatment. 

Patients are provided with aftercare support that will focus on continued care from the supportive team at Muse Treatment. We are dedicated to ensuring that our patients successfully reach their overarching goals in recovery and provide options for additional support when needed. Los Angeles residents can transition into a sober living home where they will reside within an environment that fosters continued personal growth in recovery while being surrounded by staff and peers who share the same goal of supporting one another in sobriety

Outpatient Drug Treatment at Muse in Los Angeles

For the best outpatient drug treatment programs in Los Angeles, Muse Treatment is the leading addiction treatment center for the high level of care placed upon each patient that has their healing journey with us. We value that each individual has their own unique circumstances and needs and provide support in many varying levels of intensity of care to ensure you get the proper help you need to make this transition into sobriety smoothly and comfortably. Our team is well versed in the latest addiction treatment methods that take into account various evidence-based therapy models that will be sure to help you heal from addiction within your body, mind, and soul. 

Contact one of our expert team members at (800) 426-1818 today to hear more about our outpatient programs. Our team is waiting for your call to answer any questions you may have so that you can get started today on the healing journey of a lifetime. 

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