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Best Addiction Treatment Center in San Bernardino County

Best Detox & Rehab Center For Addiction in San Bernardino County, CA

The fight against addiction is difficult, requiring courage, determination, and the right kind of support. Muse Treatment Center, located in the heart of San Bernardino County, CA, is a sanctuary for those committed to turning the tide against substance abuse. A leading detox and rehab center, Muse provides personalized, compassionate care designed to help individuals reclaim their lives from addiction.

Muse Treatment Center is renowned for its holistic and patient-centric approach to treating addiction near San Bernardino County. We stand out as the best detox and rehab center near San Bernardino County because of our robust programs, compassionate care, and the supportive community we foster. We understand that addiction recovery is a multi-faceted journey that demands more than physical detoxification. Therefore, our rehab programs near San Bernardino County incorporate psychological therapies, physical wellness activities, and emotional healing techniques.

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Why Choose Muse?

Muse Treatment Center stands out in a crowded landscape of addiction treatment options and for a good reason. Our team comprises highly trained professionals, including therapists, medical doctors, and peer support specialists dedicated to helping patients overcome addiction. We believe in a holistic, evidence-based approach to recovery, incorporating medical, psychological, and social interventions.

The uniqueness of Muse lies in its wide array of treatment modalities, personalized care plans, and a continuum of care that extends beyond residential treatment. With a focus on nurturing the individual’s mental health, Muse offers unique programs such as trauma-informed care, dual diagnosis treatment, and various alternative therapies including yoga, meditation, and art therapy.

Our San Bernardino County addiction treatment facility is a serene, comfortable environment that aids healing. It’s a place where individuals can confront their challenges, learn new coping skills, and build a supportive network to help them navigate life post-treatment.

Alcohol Detox Program

At our San Bernardino County addiction treatment center, alcohol rehab program is medically supervised, ensuring the safety and comfort of patients during the withdrawal process. We recognize that detox can be both physically and psychologically taxing. Our team is available 24/7 to provide necessary medical interventions, manage withdrawal symptoms, and offer emotional support. Once the detoxification process is complete, the road to recovery can truly begin.

Our alcohol detox program combines medication-assisted treatment with therapy sessions, thus helping individuals manage withdrawal symptoms while addressing the psychological aspect of addiction. The therapy sessions include individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy, all aimed at aiding the individual to understand their addiction and build healthier coping mechanisms.

Drug Detox Program

Our drug detox program is similarly tailored to provide the best possible care during this critical phase. The type of drug, the extent of dependency, and the individual’s health and emotional state are all considered in designing the detox process. Our multidisciplinary team ensures the detox process is safe, effective, and comfortable, setting the stage for successful long-term recovery.

The drug detox program at Muse caters to individuals grappling with addiction to various drugs, including opioids, stimulants, and sedatives. In addition to medically-assisted detoxification, we provide emotional support and psychological counseling during the detox phase to help the individual navigate through this challenging period.

Alcohol Rehab in San Bernardino County, CA 

Alcohol rehab at Muse is a comprehensive program that goes beyond detox. It includes therapy, education, skills training, and peer support. We focus on identifying and addressing the root causes of addiction, equipping patients with the tools they need to manage their addiction and avoid relapse.

The experience at Muse is one of healing and growth. There are individual and group therapy sessions, recreational activities, and time for reflection and relaxation. We also involve family members when appropriate, recognizing the role of supportive loved ones in the recovery process.

At Muse, our alcohol rehab program is more than a treatment—a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and growth. We delve deep into the psychological factors behind alcohol addiction, offering treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. Additionally, we promote personal development through life skills training and holistic therapies.

Drug Rehab in San Bernardino County, CA 

Drug rehab at Muse is a similar multifaceted process, addressing not just the physical addiction but the psychological and social factors that often accompany it. We customize treatment plans for each individual, considering their specific circumstances, drug of choice, and overall health.

Patients in our drug rehab program can expect a safe, supportive environment where they can work on overcoming addiction. Therapies may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing. We also provide life skills training and support for reintegration into society post-treatment.

Our drug rehab program is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges associated with different types of drug addiction. We offer a combination of individual and group therapy, relapse prevention training, alternative therapies, and aftercare planning. This multi-pronged approach ensures a higher success rate in recovery.

San Bernardino County addiction treatment

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The rehab cost varies depending on several factors, including the length of stay, type of program, and insurance coverage. Muse accepts most insurance plans, and our admissions team works closely with families to navigate the financial aspect of treatment. We firmly believe that financial constraints should not hinder getting help.

The cost of rehab at Muse is based on the individual’s unique treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and recovery goals. Although insurance often covers a significant portion of the treatment costs, we understand that not everyone has insurance or sufficient coverage. We offer flexible payment options for such individuals to ensure they get their needed help.

How Long is Detox?

The length of detox can vary from individual to individual. It typically ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the substance in question and the individual’s history of use. Our medical team continuously assesses each patient during detox to ensure their safety and comfort.

Detox duration varies between individuals. The timeline depends on several factors, including the type of substance, the duration and severity of use, and the individual’s overall health. At Muse, we provide personalized detox plans based on these factors, ensuring that each patient receives the right level of care for an appropriate duration.

How Long is Rehab?

The duration of rehab can also vary greatly. Some individuals may benefit from short-term rehab, while others may need longer-term treatment. At Muse, we offer short-term (30 days) and long-term (60-90 days) rehab programs, allowing us to tailor the treatment plan to each individual’s needs.

Rehab duration can range widely, but generally, short-term programs last about 30 days, while long-term programs can last 60 to 90 days or longer. The duration of a rehab program at Muse is tailored according to the patient’s specific needs and recovery progress.

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Short-Term Rehab

Our 30-day short-term rehab program provides intensive, focused treatment for those who may have less severe addictions or cannot take extended time away from their responsibilities. The goal is to kickstart recovery, teaching patients essential skills and strategies to manage their addiction.

Our 30-day rehab program focuses intensely on addiction recovery, providing individuals with the tools and strategies they need to begin sobriety. It combines a rigorous schedule of individual and group therapy, life skills training, and self-care activities to equip patients for a life of sobriety.

Long-Term Rehab

Our long-term rehab program, lasting 60-90 days, provides a more extensive period for healing and recovery. Patients have more time to understand their addiction, develop coping skills, and begin rebuilding their lives. This program is typically recommended for those with severe or long-term addictions.

Our long-term rehab programs give patients more time to delve into the root causes of their addiction, heal past traumas, and build resilience. With a longer stay, patients can practice sobriety skills in a safe, supportive environment, thus boosting their confidence and preparedness for a sober life post-treatment.

Couples Rehab

Muse recognizes that addiction can have profound impacts on relationships. Our couples rehab program is designed to help couples navigate recovery together, improving communication and understanding and strengthening their bond.

Couples rehab at Muse is a specialized program that addresses the individual’s addiction and its impact on their relationship. Through couples therapy, partners learn to communicate better, understand each other’s struggles, and build a supportive and sober relationship.

Pet-Friendly Rehab

We understand the therapeutic power of pets and welcome them at Muse. Our pet-friendly rehab program allows patients to bring their pets, offering comfort, reducing stress, and promoting healing.

Our pet-friendly rehab program recognizes the therapeutic value of pets in the healing process. Pets can provide unconditional love and emotional support, and caring for a pet can foster a sense of responsibility and purpose—vital components of a successful recovery journey.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage For Rehab?

Most insurance plans do cover addiction treatment. Our admissions team at Muse knows various insurance policies and can help determine your coverage.

At Muse, we accept a wide variety of insurance plans. Our experienced admissions team is available to assist with insurance verification and explain the extent of your coverage. We can help you understand your benefits and work with your insurance provider to secure the maximum coverage possible for your treatment.

Click here to call Muse Addiction Treatment Center today. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide answers and begin the admissions process. Call (800) 426-1818.

Recovery-Friendly Activities Near Muse Treatment Center

The area surrounding the Muse Treatment Center offers a variety of engaging, recovery-friendly activities that can be beneficial in promoting holistic healing.

Chino Hills State Park

Experience the tranquility of nature at Chino Hills State Park. This sprawling park provides ample opportunities for physical activities like hiking, biking, and bird-watching.

The Riverside Art Museum

Engage your artistic senses at The Riverside Art Museum, showcasing various contemporary and traditional art pieces. Art appreciation can be a therapeutic and mentally stimulating activity.

Ontario Mills Shopping Mall

For a more urban experience, visit the Ontario Mills Shopping Mall. Enjoy a day of shopping, dining, and movies in a supportive, sober environment.

The San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum

Delve into the rich history of San Bernardino County at this museum. Learning and cultural appreciation can play a part in a person’s holistic recovery journey.

Fiesta Village Family Fun Park

Take a break and have some fun at Fiesta Village Family Fun Park. This recreational facility provides various attractions like mini-golf, go-karts, and batting cages.

It’s crucial to remember that while these activities can offer valuable experiences and balance life during recovery, they should never substitute the professional treatment and guidance necessary for overcoming addiction.

Areas in San Bernardino County, CA We Serve

Muse Treatment Center proudly extends its top-notch addiction treatment services to numerous neighborhoods within San Bernardino County, including but not limited to:

  • Highland: A city known for its community parks and outdoor activities, Highland residents can rely on Muse for high-quality addiction treatment services.
  • Colton: In the historical city of Colton, Muse provides accessible and comprehensive rehab programs to its residents.
  • Yucaipa: Nestled in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, Yucaipa residents have access to Muse’s extensive range of addiction services.
  • Montclair: In the diverse city of Montclair, we offer top-tier rehab facilities and services.
  • Barstow: Barstow residents can rely on Muse’s expert addiction services, carefully tailored to cater to individual recovery needs.
  • Twentynine Palms: In this city, famous for its Joshua Tree National Park, we offer professional and personalized addiction treatment.
  • Loma Linda: In Loma Linda, a city renowned for its health-focused lifestyle, Muse extends its world-class rehab services.
  • Big Bear Lake: For residents in the scenic city of Big Bear Lake, Muse is ready to provide expert support for those battling addiction.
  • Adelanto: Muse offers its comprehensive addiction services to the residents of Adelanto, assisting them in their journey towards recovery.

No matter your location within San Bernardino County, Muse Treatment Center is dedicated to providing the best possible care and support on your recovery journey. We are here to help, from the smallest to the largest communities, because we believe everyone who needs help should be able to access it. Call the Muse team today at (800) 426-1818, or contact us online to get started on attending San Bernardino County addiction treatment.

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Josh Chandler
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