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Thriving in Recovery: West Hollywood Farmers Markets for Healthy Local Food

Why Healthy Eating Is Important in Addiction Treatment

When you were in active addiction, you probably fell into harmful behaviors other than just abusing your drug or drink of choice. It’s important to remember that addiction is an example of a disease that can change everything about you. Your body has a physical and psychological response to drugs or drinking, impacting other aspects of your life. For example, many people who have an alcohol addiction will likely come to find that their entire diet is thrown off. They may not eat because they don’t want any of the food that is in their system to sober them up, or they may find at a certain point that they are incredibly hungry and not only overeat but choose to eat foods that simply aren’t healthy for them. When you’re ready to take steps toward being in recovery, and you’re prepared to commit to working with an experienced addiction treatment center, you will undoubtedly learn many things about yourself during your treatment journey. You will also have a better understanding of healthier choices that you can make for yourself regarding what you eat and your thinking overall.

One of the most important decisions you will need to make when you settle on a treatment facility is committing to an inpatient or an outpatient program. If you opt to work through an inpatient program, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your treatment team will be available to you around the clock whenever you need them. Something else that you will also be provided with is a home away from home type of environment. This includes access to an abundance of healthy and nutritious meals while in recovery. Including healthy eating habits into your overall treatment plan can help you set and maintain a better structure for your everyday life.

Many people cannot commit to an inpatient program at a drug rehab facility for one reason or another. In many cases, a person is unable to commit to an inpatient program because they have full-time or even part-time work or school responsibilities. If you fall into this category, you would be more well-suited for an outpatient program. An outpatient program is more suited for a person that needs a more flexible schedule during drug or alcohol rehab. During this period, you will work closely with your treatment team to develop a plan where you don’t feel you need to choose between your sobriety or seeing to the other responsibilities you have in your life.

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Farmers Markets Make a Great Sober Activity for People in Recovery

There are several reasons to frequent a farmers’ market over and above just the fantastic food they have at these locations. During your time in treatment, you will learn more about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right type of people. This is primarily done through you taking part in different forms of therapy. Regardless of your level of care, during the time that you’re in addiction treatment in West Hollywood, you can expect to participate in the following forms of therapy:

Individual therapy

Individual therapy will help you to truly focus on yourself while in recovery with your treatment team. There may be traumatic events in your life that you simply don’t feel comfortable talking about when you’re in group therapy. Individual therapy will help you conquer these traumatic events that may be holding you back from truly recovering. Also, it’s an excellent opportunity to assess your treatment program to ensure you’re still on the right track when it comes to treatment.

Group therapy

Group therapy will help you learn how to interact and communicate with other people working through their own treatment programs. This will get you into the habit of feeling comfortable sharing your life and experiences, which could open the door to developing meaningful and lasting relationships with other people who can provide you with a unique level of support.

Behavioral therapy

During the time that you were in active addiction, it’s probable that you fell into the habit of several destructive behaviors. Behavioral therapy will allow you to identify those behaviors and learn what you can do to change them while in recovery. This process will help you remain focused on the goals you have for yourself during your recovery journey.

Family therapy

If you have lost relationships with certain family members due to your addiction, family therapy can help you rebuild and redevelop those relationships. Family therapy takes place only when you are ready to tackle this aspect of your life and recovery. Each session will take place in a neutral type of environment, so everyone feels comfortable during it. You may find that the support and encouragement from your family is an invaluable resource that helps keep you focused on the ultimate goals you have for your sobriety. Also, it may be fun to visit some of the local farmers’ markets with your loved ones.

With the new tools that you learn during your time in therapy, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed when it comes to communicating with other people at the farmers’ market and in life in general. When you’re at a farmers’ market, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and share common interests. You can ask them for help when it comes to identifying particular food that you want to incorporate into your daily routine or simply connect in a friendly manner. Not only are farmers’ markets filled with exciting people, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to get outside in the fresh air. Taking this step is a wonderful way to clear your mind and reset your overall thinking. You may find that you feel more relaxed and less stressed at the end of your time at a farmers’ market because you gave yourself a chance to focus on something different than whatever problem you had at hand.

Check Out These West Hollywood Farmers Markets

Are you ready to see what the Farmers Markets in West Hollywood have to offer? If the answer is yes, then why not check out some of these great venues:

Melrose Place Farmers Market

Melrose Place Farmers Market is open every Sunday from 10 AM to 2 PM. Not only does this farmers’ market have an abundance of fantastic fresh produce, but several local vendors set up shop here and offer other products such as homemade jewelry. Although this farmers’ market is only open for a short amount of time, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a person to spend the entire four hours exploring the different aspects of this location.

8400 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069


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West Hollywood Helen Albert Certified Farmers Market

The West Hollywood Helen Albert Certified Farmers Market is known for having all of the fresh food staples you need to make a delicious meal. This farmers market is open every week on Monday between 9 AM and 2 PM with vendors that offer fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, and other food assortments. This farmers’ market is relatively small, so a good rule of thumb is to get to it as soon as it opens to ensure you can get everything you need before the vendors sell out of anything.

1200 N Vista St, West Hollywood, CA 90046


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Hollywood Farmers Market

If you’re interested in spending your morning at a local farmers’ market, the Hollywood Farmers Market is a wonderful option. This market is open every Sunday between 8 AM and 1 PM and supplies nearly any type of fresh food. From sweet fruit that you can incorporate into your daily routine as a snack to vital proteins that will help you feel fit and strong, you will undoubtedly find every type of food at this location. Not only that, but some vendors will sell meals that you can take home and eat on the spot, which takes the guesswork out of your meal preparation for that day.

1600 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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