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Vivitrol Side Effects

A Useful Tool to Fight Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction is a serious disease of the body, the mind, and the spirit. Having an opioid use disorder can cause serious issues within your family, work, emotional and spiritual health, mental health, and social life. The good news is that medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs exist, offering prescription medications like Vivitrol that are FDA-approved to help detox and rehabilitate. You may have heard of MAT programs before and have wondered about Vivitrol’s side effects and what it is like to detox safely in a professional rehab center in Los Angeles, especially if you have never been to rehab before.

Muse Treatment Center provides transparent and respectful treatment at all care levels. Addiction specialists are available now and will be happy to speak with you about your options, even if you are not sure you are ready to begin addiction treatment immediately.

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What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is a prescription medication that may also go by the brand name Naltrexone. It is primarily prescribed to treat opioid use disorders but is also effective in treating extreme cases of alcohol use disorders. It is an opioid agonist medication blocking the opioid receptors in the brain and nervous system without any euphoric properties, which lessens the desire to use narcotics or alcohol. Some people may feel “off” temporarily when these treatments begin, but over time, Vivitrol treatments do not produce a noticeable feeling.

When a person receives Vivitrol treatment for opioid addiction, they will come to a medical treatment center every four weeks to receive a gluteal intramuscular injection, which is given by healthcare professionals in a medical setting. One dose will make it impossible to get high from opioid drugs for over a month.

When Vivitrol is used for alcohol use disorder, it comes in tablet form with brand names like Depade and ReVia and is taken every day, sometimes several times per day. This schedule must be followed closely to be effective. Taken orally, Vivitrol blocks alcohol cravings while also removing the “buzz” that usually comes with drinking. It does not stop a person from becoming intoxicated from drinking but makes the feeling unpleasant.

When Is Vivitrol Used?

The purpose of this FDA-approved medication is not only to block drugs from attaching to opioid receptors but also to stop the body from producing withdrawal symptoms and reduce drug cravings. This removes the distractions and high relapse potential that usually affects those seeking opioid treatment and allows them to move forward in the rehabilitation and recovery process. Doses of Vivitrol are slowly lowered over time, gradually weaning the patient off. Each person will have their own unique treatment plan, which may last for three months to up to a year on average.

There are few Vivitrol side effects when it is administered correctly by medical professionals in a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program, as long as the patient has already finished their initial acute detox phase of treatment. The body must be cleared completely of drugs, as Vivitrol can trigger sudden, severe opioid withdrawal symptoms. This can cause serious health concerns that may require hospitalization. The safest course of action is to complete a medical detox program and wait for another seven to 10 days before starting your MAT program.

Vivitrol Side Effects

Vivitrol side effects are fairly uncommon, but they can occur, especially when you are first beginning treatment. The most common sensations are dizziness or drowsiness, with approximately 10% of people experiencing nausea. Some other Vivitrol side effects that have been reported include mild abdominal pain, difficulty sleeping, headaches, and mild joint or muscle pain. Once the body adjusts to the medication, side effects tend to disappear.

This medication causes different effects for different people, with some reporting an increase in anxiety and others reporting an anxiety decrease. Very few people have also reported more serious issues like depression with suicidal thoughts, an allergic reaction with swelling at the injection site, and increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Another risk in using Vivitrol is that in the case of an opioid drug relapse because the medication affects how the drugs are processed. There is a high risk of overdosing, which may lead to death if not immediately treated.

Overall, Vivitrol is a safe medication that does not cause physical dependence. There are no long-term effects directly associated with Vivitrol use, but there is a small risk of developing liver damage over time, so patients are advised to undergo regular blood tests and watch for signs of liver problems like jaundice and severe stomach pain.

Vivitrol Addiction

6 Benefits of Vivitrol Treatment to Overcome Opioid or Alcohol Addiction

The main benefits of using Vivitrol in an opioid use disorder treatment program include:

  1. There is a low risk of experiencing any Vivitrol side effects
  2. It is not addictive or habit-forming, as it does not produce a high or euphoric feeling
  3. You will be able to begin working on your recovery program without distraction from withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  4. It is often covered by health insurance plans
  5. Due to its low potential for abuse, it is in a drug class that can be prescribed by any medical professional who can write prescriptions, unlike other medications like methadone that require special training
  6. Vivitrol has been proven to be highly effective in addiction treatment when used in combination with therapy and other rehab programming

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Muse Treatment Center is a network of addiction treatment services and care that includes inpatient care, medical drug and alcohol detox programs, sober living homes, intensive outpatient programs, and aftercare treatment. We aim to provide a safe and healing environment, free from judgment, as you work to overcome the causes of addiction, take control back over your mental and physical health, regain your sense of self, and start looking forward to the future.

You will have 24-hour monitoring and care during inpatient detox and rehab to ensure your safety and comfort. You will have group, individual, and family therapy, educational programs, life-skills programs, relapse prevention, 12-step programs, mindfulness, and other types of treatment that will help you regain control over your life and regain your health. In outpatient treatment the support, therapy, and case management will continue, ensuring you never feel alone in your sobriety.

When it comes to Vivitrol treatments and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs, we offer a combination of medical care, holistic healing, and therapy in a tailored program that is designed to help you achieve emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. MAT is a service that can be offered throughout every level of care offered at Muse Treatment, according to your needs as an individual.
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