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The term drug rehab is often used to encompass many phases of a person’s overall journey into recovery.  Drug detox is one of the phases of that process.  Many of our patients require detoxification before they can begin their rehab therapy.  No one ever hopes to need to enter a drug detox program and that’s why at Muse Treatment we make sure that we offer thoughtful and supportive care for our patients every step of the way.  At Muse, we help our patients set goals and meet them, not just check off a to-do list of rehab tasks.  We support our patients from their initial consultation to their involvement with aftercare organizations and every step in between.

To be the best detox program for residents of Malibu, California we have to work with the best.  That’s why we’ve put together a team of outstanding medical professionals, therapists, and support staff.  Our patients know that we are just as committed as they are to their success in drug detox and rehab.  Every patient at Muse Treatment has a care plan developed and tailored specifically for them and their needs throughout all phases of their recovery. 

There is no single solution to becoming and staying drug-free and we want every one of our clients to have the skills they need to be successful in their recovery over the long-term.  If you or a loved one is struggling with any type of substance abuse, please do not hesitate to call us any time.  We know that you have questions.  We’re ready and able to give you answers.  Asking for help is the first step in starting a new, more positive chapter in your life. 

What is Detox Like?

Detox, or detoxification, is the process of removing all of the substance or substances from a person’s body that they have been abusing.  Simply put, it begins with no longer drinking or using any drugs.  When an individual is addicted to a drug or alcohol, which can occur over different periods of time depending on the substance, withdrawal will occur when the person stops or significantly reduces the amount they typically take or drink. This can also happen with everyday substances like the nicotine in cigarettes or the caffeine in coffee.  In fact, cigarette smokers often take part in the same types of behavioral modification therapies that someone addicted to drugs or alcohol would during rehab. 

Inpatient drug detox provides a safe, secure, and supervised environment for patients to go through the withdrawal stage of their recovery.  It’s understandable that it is easier to stop using or drinking when you are separated from the places where you would typically abuse drugs or alcohol.  Our drug detox program also provides the medical and emotional support a person needs to avoid giving up and using drugs again.

Withdrawal symptoms, although usually not life-threatening, can affect a person in many ways.  People who abuse drugs often return to using when they attempt to detox on their own at home with a renewed commitment to keeping their drug use in check.  This may seem like a step in the right direction, but it is often a short-term solution to a long-term problem.  It is safe to say that drug abuse and addiction will always have some type of negative effect on a person’s life.  

That’s where we at Muse treatment can make the difference.  Let our detox specialists at Muse help you through your withdrawal process in a safe, comfortable, and professional setting using the most advanced treatment methods available.  No one ever needs to go through drug detox or drug rehab on their own. Our team can help you or your loved one through this initial stage of rehabilitation by ensuring proper diet and hydration, sleep, exercise, and emotional support.  There will be times when you want to quit and we will be there to hold your hand and keep you moving forward. 

Our medical staff fully assesses every patient upon their arrival and makes adjustments to their care based on their specific physical and psychological health.  Depending on the severity of withdrawal symptoms, our guests are treated with over the counter drugs to relieve common symptoms such as nausea, sleeplessness, body aches, and restlessness. 

There are also specific programs offered at Muse for individuals addicted to opioids.  No matter what substance or how long a person has been struggling with abuse or addiction, we have a drug detox program that can work for them. 

How Long Does Detox Take?

Drug detox typically takes from 7-10 days, depending on many factors.  First, every substance has different effects and withdrawal symptoms and in some cases, these can linger for some time after a person has stopped using or drinking.  Second, how long a person has been abusing a particular substance also plays a part in how long it will take them to fully detox.  Third, the person’s physical and mental health can often dictate what processes our team can use during drug detox, which can either slow or speed up the process. 

In general, during drug detox and drug rehab, every person must walk their own path at their own pace.  Drug detox can be one of the toughest hurdles during the beginning of a person’s recovery and not allowing it to occur along a natural timeline based on the individual can be detrimental to their overall long-term success.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Detox?

Problems with drugs or alcohol can enter almost anyone’s life.  The important thing is what you do next.  By allowing our outstanding staff at Muse Treatment to help you transition to a more positive place in life, you are making a sound and important decision.  When you choose Muse for drug detox, you are opting to work with an organization that is constantly increasing and improving the processes and protocols we offer our clients. 

Our patients benefit from the decades of combined experience our staff has in assisting people just like you start a new, more positive, healthy chapter in your life.  Asking for help with drugs or alcohol is not a failure.  In fact, it is one of the bravest things a person can do.  If you would like more information on any of the programs we offer, including drug detox in the Malibu area, call us today.  We’re ready to help.

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