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What makes a rehab program effective? To better understand what can make a rehab program the best at what they do, we must first understand that addiction, while not curable, is completely manageable as a mental health disorder. Through accredited treatment programs in either an outpatient or inpatient setting, you or a loved one can free themselves from the difficulties that they face with addiction.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) described what it takes for a rehab program to be able to provide effective treatment. First, each person who seeks help from a rehab should be treated through a personalized treatment plan because no two people are the same with regards to their addiction recovery needs. The rehab should also treat not only the addiction but also other areas of the person’s life and wellbeing that may indirectly or directly influence their addiction. For example, legal problems, vocational issues, medical needs, and psychological conditions should be looked at by the rehab.

Providing programs of adequate length is also important. Rehab program lengths should provide a way to receive 90 days of treatment – whether that is done through a combination of residential and outpatient programs or in one program. Medications are also important to help some people in recovery both during their detoxification and as a long-term recovery solution alongside behavioral therapy. Therapy should be offered, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, and treatment for co-occurring mental disorders since dual diagnosis is common among addiction cases.

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, we offer all of the above, adhering to the best-known treatment models that are based on evidence and research. Muse is a place where you can be helped through all of the steps of recovery and find the support you need even after your rehab program is finished. Muse is here for you in the long run since addiction recovery is not about a quick fix, but rather time and management of a mental health disorder until it becomes second nature.

Heroin Rehab

The abuse of heroin is a widespread problem across the United States. In 2018, it was estimated by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health that over 800,000 people in the U.S. had used heroin within that year. Quitting heroin addiction is a choice that will help to improve your life in leaps and bounds but we understand that it’s difficult to do alone.

At Muse Treatment, we have specialized treatment programs for heroin addiction that will take you step-by-step through everything that you will need to be able to break the habit of drug abuse. We can help to make the withdrawal process far less painful by providing you with medications that will drastically reduce your cravings and symptoms making detox more comfortable. We also provide medically-assisted treatment programs for long-term recovery if you are struggling to maintain your sobriety.

Our behavioral therapy programs unitize the best-known treatment models so that you can learn new coping skills, relapse prevention techniques, heal from past trauma, and generally assist you to be in a better state of mind that is conducive to a happy, drug-free life.


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Cocaine Rehab

In 2018, as many as 5.5 million people abused cocaine according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Cocaine abuse, if allowed to continue, may result in many hardships financially, physically, mentally, and socially. It may even result in overdose and death. At Muse Treatment, we can help you to overcome an addiction to the drug through our cocaine rehab for West Hollywood Residents.

One of the reasons why cocaine use is difficult to stop is because of how addictive the drug. As repeated use continues, a dependence forms, and when you try to stop, you are met with intense cravings and overwhelming withdrawal symptoms that can cause you to feel suicidal, exhausted, muscle and nerve pain, an inability to feel any pleasure, and other symptoms. Muse Treatment and Recovery Center can assist you through withdrawal thanks to the FDA-approved medication that we can provide. Your symptoms and cravings will be drastically reduced and the experience will be far more manageable and comfortable.

After our medical detox program for cocaine addiction, you will then move onto the next part of your recovery: holistic treatment methods such as our neuro-rehabilitation program and behavioral therapies that are proven to work. Through our dedicated staff and the warm support that they provide, you can have the tools you need to no longer need cocaine to cope with life.

Meth Rehab

Methamphetamine is a dangerous substance that over 1.9 million people abused in 2018. It can result in long-term effects that affect your mental health such as memory loss, psychosis, and mood disturbances as well as cause issues with motor skills, dental problems, and severe weight loss. The sooner you make the decision to get professional help, the sooner you can stop the negative effects of meth from disrupting your life and the life of those around you.

Muse can assist you with treatment for meth addiction. The severe symptoms and cravings that often bar the road to recovery can be negated through our medical detox program so that you can be in a position to enter into the core of recovery: therapy, counseling, and whole-patient treatment methods that aim to improve your overall life and happiness.

Our meth rehab for Residents of West Hollywood is ready to help you take back control of your life from the grips of meth addiction. Our caring support, accredited treatment programs, and the sober community that you will be a part of will pave the road to our long-term recovery from meth addiction.


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Why Choose Muse for Drug Rehab?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a top-rated facility with accreditation from The Joint Commission – a non-profit organization that accredits healthcare facilities in the United States. Muse treat all of their clients like family because we understand the hardships that drug addiction can cause and how support during this time can make a significant difference.

We will guide you through every step on your recovery journey – from getting through withdrawal much more comfortably to the therapies that will help you to change your life for the better. Contact Muse Treatment today so that we can be your motivation to build a new, happy life.

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