Dear Cristal,

Thank you so much for giving my husband and I the opportunity to visit our son while he was in treatment at Muse. I had been so anxious about our son living so far away, where he was living, the type of facility he was involved with, who his therapists were, and of course, how he was really doing. We were delighted to see his progress. We were glad to be there and our son was equally glad we came. We saw an enormous growth in him since being at Muse. We realized how much work he has been doing both with his individual therapist and his groups. Our son was much more confident, assertive, and totally present in what was going on the entire visit. He was very engaging in our group sessions, totally focused and very interested in what others had to say. He truly cared about the people in the room, and in some instances, even wanted to take care of them. We had very positive sessions with his therapist and feel that they were matched perfectly. I believe that our son is getting very valuable feedback during these sessions.

My husband and I left the facility feeling very good, more at peace and assured that our son was in the right place and taking good care of himself. More importantly, he wants to stay in California and continue working on himself. I believe that our son is committed to recovery which is very comforting to us as parents.

Hoping things continue on the upswing for everyone.


A. S.

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