Josh Chandler | September 23, 2022

3 Forms of Fentanyl You Should Be Aware Of

Three Forms of Fentanyl

The three forms of synthetic Fentanyl that can be purchased on the streets are:

  1. Spiked blotter paper
  2. Manufactured tablets
  3. Powder

The street name China White and less familiar names like Dance Fever, Apache, Great Bear, Jackpot, China Town, China Girl, and He-Man, use these illegal and potentially deadly forms of Fentanyl, putting users at serious risk of overdose.

Fentanyl comes in five forms when used for medical applications. These are:

  1. Fentanyl lollipops or fentanyl lozenge
  2. Oral tablets
  3. Oral sprays
  4. IV
  5. Transdermal patch

Prescription opioids like these are often prescribed to help manage cancer pain or other severe pain due to surgeries or illnesses. These pain medications are also obtained and used illegally. They are sold on the illicit drug market, primarily used fentanyl patches known to contain a very high dose of pharmaceutical Fentanyl.

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How Fentanyl Is Misused

Most people who abuse any form of fentanyl or pain medications are getting drugs made in illegal labs. Doses of Fentanyl may be found in liquid form, fentanyl pills, or powder, and it can be put onto blotter paper, a nasal spray, or eye drops. Some people may even scrape the gel from prescription slow-release patches to smoke, eat, or inject.

Many people addicted to heroin may use Fentanyl as a less expensive way to alleviate painful and distressing opioid withdrawal symptoms. In contrast, others may purchase what they think is cocaine, heroin, or other drugs, receiving Fentanyl that is in powder form or pressed into pill shapes and disguised as less-harmful drugs.

forms of Fentanyl

Why Fentanyl Is So Dangerous

Fentanyl is a potent drug (80 to 100 times stronger than morphine) that can cause an overdose easily, as it can be lethal in minimal doses. Along with effects like mellowness and feelings of euphoria, it can also cause severe respiratory depression, sedation, and confusion, leading to a person requiring emergency medical attention as the body stops getting the oxygen it needs (hypoxia). You can never be sure that your dose of Fentanyl is “safe” because illicitly manufactured Fentanyl is made by people who do not take quality control measures, nor can they guarantee each amount has the same potency.

Many drug dealers also combine Fentanyl with other drugs to increase profits, as the effects of Fentanyl are strong, and it is less expensive to manufacture or obtain than prescription painkillers, Xanax, ecstasy, or the other drugs it is then sold as. When a person does not know they are using street Fentanyl, taking a fatal dose of the drug is much easier.

Fentanyl test strips can reduce opioid overdose and overdose deaths by helping to detect whether drugs are laced with Fentanyl. Test strips detect Fentanyl easily. You simply need to dissolve a small sample of your substance into warm water, carefully spacing the strip into the water. Like a pregnancy test or a COVID test, the strip will take a few minutes, then lines may or may not appear, depending on if the drug is present.

People using opioid drugs like Fentanyl or purchasing prescription opioids or other drugs on the illegal drug market should also carry Naloxone. This medication temporarily reverses the effects of opioids by removing the drugs from your opioid receptors and blocking them for 20 to 90 minutes. A single dose of Naloxone may not be enough to save a person’s life, and you should always call 911 or bring the person for immediate medical attention if you suspect an opioid overdose has occurred.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles at Muse

Because of its potency and unpredictable dosages, the only real way to avoid overdosing on Fentanyl is to quit using it once and for all. At Muse, we have customized substance abuse treatment programs that can help you stop drug abuse once and for all.

Our detox and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs are customized to your individual needs, with medications, medical care, therapy, and counseling provided to help you manage withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, pain, distress, and cravings. Overcoming fentanyl addiction also takes an integrated rehab plan that addresses not only the physical aspects of your addiction but also your mental health, spiritual self, and social and psychological needs. 

We offer inpatient and outpatient holistic programs and long-term aftercare at Muse Treatment. This includes several types of treatment like behavioral health, group therapy, counseling, education, EMDR, mindfulness, family therapy, life skills, 12-step programs, spirituality, dual diagnosis programs, addiction resources, and art therapy, with nutrition and physical fitness counseling.

Our comprehensive treatment programs can help you overcome physical dependence, mental illness, and addiction while giving you the drug abuse relapse prevention skills you need to live your life as a sober person after rehab. Please call Muse Treatment at (800) 426-1818 for more information on how we can help you avoid the dangers of fentanyl addiction and fentanyl overdoses. 

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Josh Chandler
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