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Alcohol Rehab Centers Santa Ana

The Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Santa Ana

An addiction to alcohol can feel as though it’s an endless cycle of darkness. You may wake up in the morning hungover and feeling constant regret regarding your decisions the night before. However, later that day, your mind may begin to race, and suddenly you find yourself with a bottle of open alcohol in front of you. When you’re ready to break the dangerous cycle of addiction, it’s time for you to turn to one of the best alcohol rehab centers in Santa Ana for help. At the Muse Treatment Center, we provide you with various treatment plans that will help you accomplish the goals you have for your sobriety.

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What Makes a Great Alcohol Rehab Center

When considering alcohol rehab centers in Santa Ana, you must think about the various features of the facility. Here are a few things that we believe make our facility second to none:

  • We offer both inpatient and outpatient recovery options that make receiving treatment easy and more flexible for every patient.

Alcohol Detox Santa Ana

Alcohol detox is one of the features that should always be a part of any of the great alcohol rehab centers in Santa Ana, which is why we make it an essential part of any treatment plan. Within just a few hours of the time that you took your last drink, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms which is why we require any client that has consumed alcohol within the past 48 hours to first go through our detox program.

Detox will provide you with the around-the-clock care that you need during this transitional time in your life. We will monitor your withdrawal symptoms to reduce the possibility of experiencing symptoms that could be potentially life-threatening.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Santa Ana

Once you’re done with detox, we will usually recommend you plan on transitioning into an inpatient program. An inpatient program provides you with the benefit of the around-the-clock care you received during detox. You will begin to take steps toward overcoming your addiction, determining the root cause of your addiction, and formulating a relapse prevention plan.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Santa Ana

On the other hand, outpatient rehab is ideal for a client that completed their inpatient program and is looking to continue in a structured form of recovery or clients that simply cannot commit to an inpatient program for one reason or another. You will still participate in the same forms of treatment as our inpatient client. However, you have the flexibility to return home after your recovery sessions.

Aftercare Programs for Long-Term Sobriety in Santa Ana

Your recovery journey doesn’t end when you’re done with your program at Muse Treatment Center. We understand that our clients will still require care and assistance for the foreseeable future since recovery is a lifelong journey. Whether you would like to learn more about our sober living options or would like more help or support from our team in the future, you can count on the Muse Treatment Center team to always provide you with the guidance you need.

Getting Help at Muse Alcohol Rehab Centers in Santa Ana

As one of the best alcohol rehab centers in Santa Ana, a member of the Muse Treatment team is available today to help you take your first steps toward a new life. You don’t have to live another day lost in addiction. We encourage you to reach out to us today at (800) 426-1818 for more information about our treatment programs.

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Josh Chandler
After growing up in Chicago and North Carolina, Josh chose to get help with substance use disorder and mental health in California because of the state's reputation for top-tier treatment. There, he found the treatment he needed to achieve more than five years of recovery. He's been in the drug and alcohol addiction rehab industry for four years and now serves as the Director of Admissions for Resurgence Behavioral Health. Josh remains passionate about the field because he understands that one phone call can alter the course of a person's life.

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