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Residents of Beverly Hills can access one of the country’s best detox and rehab centers for addiction in Los Angeles. Muse Treatment offers its clients customized detox and rehab treatment plans for addiction and recovery, because everyone is different, with their own unique needs. 

The addiction specialists at Muse Treatment understand that each patient suffering from a substance use disorder comes to them with their own history of addictive behaviors and health issues. This is why we take a whole-patient approach to addiction treatment, implementing holistic services along with traditional behavioral therapies.


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Our team of professionals also adheres to what the scientific research has shown: that addiction treatment should be as long as necessary for each individual’s needs, in order for their recovery to be long-lasting. Rather than needing a revolving door to escort our clients in and out of treatment for substance abuse due to relapses, our goal is to see that your recovery becomes a deep-rooted and enduring one. 

If you suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to substance addiction, your aims for achieving a long-term recovery can be a bit more difficult. This is why our experts will diagnose and treat cognitive issues, such as anxiety disorder, in conjunction with your treatment for substance use disorder. We want you to succeed on all fronts, and a co-existing mental health condition should be addressed at the same time as addiction, as one issue can easily feed into the other, making recovery a lengthier process.

For patients who need to undergo a period of detoxification before addiction treatment can begin, Muse Treatment offers a medically assisted detox program. We utilize only FDA-approved medications to help you get safely and comfortably through detox and as a solution for achieving long-term sobriety through tapers.

The Muse Treatment team consists of certified professionals, including medical doctors and registered nurses, who will provide you with individualized care and support as you navigate treatment for addiction that will transform your life for the better.

Why Choose Muse

 Muse Treatment is an addiction treatment service provider that’s been fully accredited by The Joint Commission and has been awarded their Gold Seal of Approval. A Joint Commission accreditation and Gold Seal indicate that Muse Treatment is committed to achieving continuous improvements in client care and is fully compliant with all federal laws and standards. The Gold Seal of Approval is a mark of quality that’s recognized across the globe.

The staff at Muse Treatment endeavors to be a strong motivator for positive change in our clients. Our approach to drug rehab Los Angeles is based on our recognition of individual needs and differences. Our process for devising treatment plans is tailor-made to fit each client’s personalized care requirements.

When you first reach out to us for help with a substance use disorder, our intake coordinators will want to know about your history of Rx drug or alcohol abuse in addition to any health-related issues you have, including mental health disorders. 

At Muse Treatment, we believe in personalized and dynamic treatment plans that adapt to your evolving needs. Your journey to recovery is not static, and we recognize that your circumstances and requirements may change as you progress. Our experienced and compassionate staff is dedicated to providing ongoing support and guidance throughout your recovery journey.

Moreover, we understand that addiction can impact not only individuals but also their relationships. That’s why we offer specialized programs, including Los Angeles couples rehab, to address the unique challenges that couples face when dealing with addiction. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and tailored care to help individuals and couples achieve lasting sobriety and healthier, more fulfilling lives.


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Beverly Hills Alcohol Detox Program

Unfortunately, alcohol addiction is an issue that millions of people suffer from in the United States. Excessive and frequent drinking of alcoholic beverages often leads to a disease known as alcohol use disorder (AUD). 

Your body can go through many changes as it builds up a tolerance for alcohol if you start to drink heavily. Requiring more and more of this substance in order to achieve the same results means that you’re physically dependent on alcohol just to feel normal. If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcoholism, professional assistance is available at Muse Treatment.

If you have alcohol abuse disorder, you have become physically dependent on drinking alcohol. In order to begin the alcohol addiction recovery process, a period of detoxification is first necessary. Alcohol detox involves cleansing your system of all alcohol toxins by withdrawing slowly from this substance.

It’s very difficult and can be extremely harmful to your health to detox from alcohol on your own. If you suddenly decide to stop drinking without any medical oversight or supervision, you will likely suffer some uncomfortable and even painful withdrawal symptoms. Sudden alcohol detox on your own can also result in dangerous delirium tremens (DTs) or alcohol withdrawal delirium (AWD), either of which can cause hallucinations, tremors, confusion, and possibly very high fevers. 

It’s much more comfortable and safer for your health to undergo alcohol detox under the care of the professionals at Muse Treatment. During our alcohol detox program, our medical team provides you with 24-hour support as you withdraw from substance use. 

It may take between 5 and 7 days for your body to complete detox and return to normal functioning again. Your withdrawal symptoms will usually be at their peak during the second and third days of detox. The most severe symptoms you might or might not experience are the DTs. 

Our team provides you with FDA-approved medications to help you overcome the discomfort associated with alcohol detox. We’re here to help you get through this period safely and calmly, so you can break the physical hold that alcohol has created and be able to continue with treatment towards recovery treatment that consists of behavioral and holistic treatment. 

Going through detox on your own very often results in a return to alcohol use. With the help of Muse Treatment’s alcohol detox program and treatment, your chances for a successful recovery are greatly increased.

Beverly Hills Drug Detox Program

Going through drug detox may seem scary and cause a certain amount of anxiety for someone who has acquired an addiction to prescription drugs, such as opioids or benzodiazepines. Just as a person with a drug addiction will experience some form of withdrawal symptoms when cravings for a substance occur before the next dose is taken, the thought of fully experiencing detox in a rehab program can be a frightening idea.


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Although the thought of going through drug detox can fill you with anxious thoughts about intense withdrawal symptoms, the medical detox program at Muse Treatment takes you through withdrawal safely and comfortably. Our medical team and addiction experts monitor your vitals throughout the day and night to ensure you’re not experiencing any complications. We also administer FDA-approved medications to help relieve and manage your withdrawal symptoms. The medicines we use to help you will depend on your personal condition, the symptoms you report to us, and your medical history as it pertains to other medications or your co-occurring diagnoses.

It’s to your benefit to undergo drug detox through our medically assisted detox program rather than trying to withdraw from substances on your own. Not only is self-withdrawal potentially very dangerous and uncomfortable, but it also holds a greater likelihood that you’ll relapse. 

 Our staff will provide the medications you’ll need to keep your detox period manageable, and can also take a slow tapering approach if you require a slower and more gentle way to wean away from drug use. 

The drug detox program at Muse Treatment takes about 5-7 days to complete, depending upon the severity of your condition. When you’ve completed drug detox, it’s important to understand that this is just the first step in your journey toward recovery. Through our drug rehab treatment, you’ll get to the underlying causes that led to your addictive behaviors as you take part in behavioral therapies and holistic treatment. 

Our team is available to help you get through drug detox in a way that will minimize your discomfort and keep you from harm so you can go on to begin rehab treatment that will last for the long term.

Alcohol Rehab in Beverly Hills: What Is It and What Is It Like

Muse Treatment Center for Beverly Hills residents takes a holistic approach to alcohol rehab. This means that we think about all of the troublesome aspects of your life instead of simply focusing on your addiction to alcohol alone.

As mentioned earlier, some patients come to us for help with alcohol use disorder who are also suffering from a co-existing mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression. This is important because these cognitive issues can be directly linked to AUD, whether it caused you to begin drinking to self-medicate or whether you developed a mental health condition because of your addiction. 

Some of our clients may suffer from other issues that need to be explored, such as trouble with a job or being unemployed, having marital or family-related problems, or even experiencing homelessness. All of these and many other life issues can impact a person’s reasons for drinking or may have been caused by alcohol addiction.

When the staff at Muse Treatment looks at you holistically, they better understand how best to treat you and your unique issues. We want to help you regain your life and set you on a course that will be achievable so you can live happily without the need for alcoholic substances. 

The Muse alcohol rehab program in Los Angeles begins with a thorough intake process so we can learn as much as possible about your condition and individual needs. We can then prepare a comprehensive treatment plan that will best suit you.  

An alcohol rehab program at Muse Treatment takes between 30 and 60 days to complete for most people. It will most likely begin with a period of medically assisted alcohol detox.

When you’ve been weaned off all toxins, you can begin rehab treatment, which is focused on behavioral therapies. Our addiction professionals may utilize various forms of behavioral therapy, including trauma-focused, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and dialectical therapies, to name a few. One of our goals is to expose the underlying causes of your alcohol addiction and provide you with the tools you’ll need to remain sober for the long term.

Drug Rehab in Beverly Hills: How Does It Work and What Is It Like?

Reaching out for help with a drug addiction issue isn’t an easy thing to do. It can feel intimidating and a little scary. But taking that first step can make a dramatic change in your quality of life and your overall health. Our drug rehab for Beverly Hills residents is a place where you’ll find the support, care, and assistance you’ve been seeking with people who know what you’re going through and are here to help you.

At Muse Treatment, our community of professionals understands the challenges you’re facing. If you’re suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs or illegal substances, like heroin or cocaine, we’re here to see you safely through to recovery. Our goal is to help you rebuild your life with the support of a caring, compassionate community, which is what makes Muse Treatment the best choice for your drug rehab treatment.

Our addiction professionals use scientifically proven methods in a peaceful, healing atmosphere to treat substance use disorders, taking a holistic approach that’s unique and individualized. We focus on your well being, your physical, emotional, and cognitive needs as they affect all aspects of your life. 

The beginning of your relationship with Muse Treatment involves speaking with a caseworker who will speak with you about your history of drug use, your overall health, and your overall situation so we can devise an individualized treatment plan that fits your needs. You may require a period of medically assisted detox to ease you through the withdrawal stage of recovery in safety and comfort. 

We assess your mental health, also, in the event that you require treatment for a coexisting condition along with drug addiction. Having a dual diagnosis is a common condition for people suffering from substance use disorder. It’s important to treat both the addiction and mental health condition at the same time in order to get to the possible roots of your disorders and to help prevent the risk of relapse after recovery.

Clients of Muse Treatment undergoing drug rehab may find that outpatient treatment programs are optimal after first taking part in our residential programs. Drug addiction is a brain disease that can be effectively managed through various types of therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and support groups, all of which are available at Muse Treatment.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Knowing how much rehab will cost can be an important part of your decision involving where to get the care you’ll need. Rehab is often a type of professional treatment that can take a long time, weeks and months, to complete. Many factors will determine how much rehab costs for your unique situation. There are a variety of treatment programs, ranging from inpatient to outpatient treatment and alternative programs that fall somewhere in-between the two.

At Muse Treatment, our individualized care means that each person will need a somewhat different therapeutic approach because using a one-size-fits-all plan for rehab is not the best way to find recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Your treatment and best program to fit your needs will depend on the state of your health, how long you’ve been abusing substances, and other variables that will affect the type of treatment you’ll need.

The short answer to the question, ‘how much does rehab cost?’, is difficult to answer with an exact number. It’s important to know, however, that our intake coordinator will work with you to confirm whether your health insurance will contribute towards your rehab and how much they will pay. Keep in mind that addiction is classified as a mental health condition in the DSM-V diagnostic manual that insurance companies use to determine payment. 

When discussing rehab costs with our intake team, we’ll verify your benefit plan and help you figure any out-of-pocket costs that might be billed to you. We’ll also work with you to help you find the most effective rehab treatment plan that will fit best within your budget.

How Long Is Detox?

Detox is a process that is a bit different for everyone.  You’ll begin a medically assisted detox program at Muse Treatment as the first stage of rehab. This program will ease you through the withdrawal stage, which can cause symptoms to begin either just a few hours or even days after you’ve last used your substance of choice, whether a prescription opioid drug or an alcoholic drink.

How long detox is for you will depend on certain factors that apply only to you. For instance, your health, how long you’ve been using drugs or alcohol, how much you’ve been using, and which substance was being abused are all pertinent in determining the length of detox. 

In general, though, most people undergoing detox for alcohol or drugs need 5-7 days in our medically assisted detox program.

It’s possible that you’ll experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS), which can cause you to become very irritable, lethargic, unable to sleep, or be in pain and discomfort for weeks or months following detox. 

You may, depending upon your addiction and condition, experience cravings and continued withdrawal symptoms after detox and while in rehab that can possibly lead to a relapse if not addressed. At Muse Treatment, we offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT is a long-term treatment that provides you with substitute medications that help control cravings as they also block euphoric effects and prevent overdosing from taking place. MAT is used in combination with behavioral therapy in rehab.


How Long Is Rehab?

As an individual with your own history of substance use, health conditions, and possible dual diagnosis needs, the length of your rehab will depend on your unique requirements. Maybe the amount of time you’ll need to complete a rehab program at Muse Treatment will be short-term, perhaps 30 days, but on the other hand, you may require several months of rehab to be able to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Scientific experts at the National Institute on Drug Abuse propose that the minimum amount of time needed for rehab is three months in order to reach full impact. The suggestion is for treatment to take place in inpatient and outpatient programs, with support groups included. 

Muse Treatment has a variety of rehab programs that consist of 30-, 60-, and 90-day lengths of time. Depending on your condition and lifestyle needs, we’ll help you decide the best program that will be most beneficial for your recovery.  We also stress the need for aftercare programs so you can transition back to your life after rehab without drugs or alcohol interference.

Our 90-day inpatient program at Muse provides you with the greatest treatment benefits, but perhaps you’ll only need a 30-day outpatient program to assist you with relapse prevention. The addiction team at Muse is here to help you reach your goal for lasting sobriety, but remaining sober is an ongoing skill that requires continued management to prevent relapse. Aftercare and support groups are important ingredients in managing this chronic disease of addiction.

30-Day Rehab

Muse Treatment offers a 30-day short-term rehab program in Los Angeles for Beverly Hills residents. If you suffer from a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol, our 30-day inpatient rehab program is an optimal way to begin treatment, after which you can transition to an outpatient program if needed. During a month-long residential program at Muse, you’ll be able to focus more acutely on your recovery, without any outside influences getting in the way to distract you.

We also have a 30-day outpatient program that’s targeting more for someone who needs addiction treatment but also needs to continue going to work or studying at school. This outpatient rehab program provides you many similar treatments as our inpatient rehab does, but it’s a bit less intensive, as you’re not living on-site.

Outpatients participating in our 30-day program often are continuing their rehab after completing the 30- or 60-day inpatient program. This allows for a continuum of care and helps you follow the 90-treatment regiment suggested by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


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Long-Term Rehab

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects the functioning of the brain. Although there is no definitive cure for addiction, there are effective ways to manage and control this mental health disease, just as there are tools for managing diabetes or high blood pressure. At Muse Treatment, we can best help you successfully keep your substance use disorder managed through our long-term rehab program.

Our 60- and 90-day programs for alcohol and drug abuse rehab are the most effective avenues for learning how to successfully manage substance use disorder. At Muse Treatment, our long-term rehab programs are led by addiction professionals who will help you better understand the underlying causes of your addiction. You’ll learn more about the triggers that are troublesome for you, personally, and how you can avoid or cope with these prompts without resorting to drugs or alcohol.

If you suffer from a co-occurring condition that includes a mental disorder, a long-term rehab program may be of great help. Whether your mental health issues involve anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or another cognitive condition, our specialized treatment for dual diagnosis can be life-changing.

Couples Rehab

If you and a significant other have been abusing drugs or alcohol together, overcoming addiction can be twice as hard without the help of couples rehab treatment. Consider how tough it would be if just one-half of a couple were to attempt completing a rehab program, only to return to the relationship while the other person is still abusing substances. The risk for relapse becomes increasingly high in this case, as it becomes too simple to return to old habits.

Muse Treatment offers couples rehab programs to assist both people in a relationship simultaneously. This makes it easier to begin a new life of sobriety together and stick to it for the long term. Therapy, love, and support for one another go a long way toward sustaining a successful recovery from addiction.

Pet-Friendly Rehab

Research has proven that our pets provide us with actual physical, cognitive, and emotional health benefits. At Muse Treatment, we understand that your pets are part of the family. Their therapeutic value is not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to drug or alcohol addiction recovery.

Pets not only provide you with companionship and support; they also help reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and can elevate your mood. In fact, your interactions with your pet can decrease both your cortisol and blood pressure levels, lowering stress-related hormones in your body. Bonding with your pet also helps improve your mental health.

These are the reasons why Muse Treatment is a pet-friendly rehab center. We let your dog accompany you while you participate in our residential rehab programs to provide you with the support and love you may need on this journey toward addiction recovery. 

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

Your health insurance may provide you with coverage for rehab. The insurance policy might pay a part of, or even all of the costs for your addiction rehab program at Muse Treatment, an accredited treatment center. 

If you’re covered under the Affordable Care Act, know that every marketplace plan provides some addiction treatment coverage. This is because drug and alcohol addiction are behavioral health disorders that have effective treatment solutions. You’ll find that some plans offer coverage only for medical detox and an outpatient program. It’s important that you check with your insurance company or plan to find out what you would be entitled to. Our intake counselors can also help you with this.

Muse Treatment accepts most insurance plans. You can go to our website and fill out the online form that will verify your coverage. You can also just give us a call and we’ll discuss your insurance plan with you in greater detail.

Don’t let worries about insurance stop you from getting the professional help you need. Speak with us, as we have a variety of treatment options available to suit your budget and your insurance coverage requirements.

Sober Friendly Attractions Near Orange County

Recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol can help you see many things in Beverly Hills from a totally new perspective. You’ll find that there are plenty of fun things to do, new places to explore, and sights to see that don’t require substance use. 

It’s time to discover the many sober-friendly attractions near Beverly Hills during your rehab stay at Muse Treatment. Get out in the sunshine and be amazed at the beautiful historic sites, parks, and lush gardens in the area.

Greystone Mansion & Gardens – 905 Loma Vista Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

The historic Doheny Greystone Estate and surrounding gardens are filled with magnificent beauty and California history.  The estate is owned by the City of Beverly Hills and is considered among California’s most beautiful residences south of Hearst Castle.  Greystone Estate provides educational programs and tours to students, residents of Beverly Hills, and the general public

Beverly Gardens Park – 9439 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

 Take in the sights of celebrity homes, window-shopping at high-end boutiques, the views of the Santa Monica Mountains, and other exciting spots you’ve only heard about until now.

Mulholland Scenic Overlook – Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210, USA

Take in iconic views of the Los Angeles skyline from this scenic viewpoint on the famous Mulholland Drive.

Rodeo Drive – Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210, USA

Rodeo Drive is one of the world’s most iconic luxury destinations. This stretch of high-end boutique shopping, art, and culture is synonymous with Beverly Hills.

The Beverly Hills Hotel – 9641 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

The legendary Beverly Hills Hotel is the epitome of old Hollywood glamour.  Locals refer to it as “The Pink Palace”. The historic five-star hotel sits on 12 acres of lush tropical gardens and provides guests the ultimate in service and luxury.

The Paley Center for Media – 465 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

The Paley Center for Media was formerly known as the Museum of Television and Radio.  It is an American institution dedicated to understanding the cultural, social, and creative significance of TV, radio, and emerging media platforms such as the internet, podcasting, and mobile video.  

 At Muse Treatment, we’re prepared to help you take back your life as we provide you with the therapy, support, and care you need. 

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