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Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline: Alcohol Detox Los Angeles

When Does Alcohol Withdrawal Start?

When you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, you may need to go through a Los Angeles detox program first. Addiction is a cunning disease; therefore, you must partner with an alcohol rehab offering a detox program. Although substance use disorders impact every person differently, depending on the extent of your drug and alcohol addiction, there is a strong possibility you may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms within just a few hours from the time you take your last drink. Therefore, you must get in touch with an addiction treatment facility that offers medication-assisted treatment detox, providing you with the immediate help and care you need.

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Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

You will begin to experience drug and alcohol detox symptoms reasonably quickly, depending on your substance. However, the worst of your detox symptoms will start to develop within the first three days from the time that you last consume your addictive substance. You must provide your substance abuse treatment team with a complete breakdown of the extent of your addiction so that we can help you prepare for your time in detox.

Overall, you will need to spend approximately a week in detox. Toward the end of your week in detox, you will begin to feel better both physically and psychologically, which will help you focus on the steps needed to tackle your addiction once and for all.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms With Alcohol Detox Treatment

The most effective way to manage your symptoms of withdrawal is to work with one of the rehab centers that offer medication-assisted treatment. This type of detox addiction treatment program will provide you with the additional support you need when navigating through the worst of your detox symptoms. This type of program offers medications that can offset the severity of your physical withdrawal while also taking into account any kind of mental health treatment you may need while at one of the alcohol detox centers in Los Angeles, California.

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Muse Treatment – Alcohol Detox and Rehab in Los Angeles

As one of the best rehab options for drug and alcohol addiction in Los Angeles, you can rest assured that the team at our rehab centers will provide access to the addiction treatments you need to work through your struggles with substance abuse. Once you complete your time at one of our detox centers, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of one of our treatment programs. At the end of the detox, you will be better positioned to decide which addiction treatments suit you best. Many people want the continued level of care that detox provides them, so they opt to commit to an inpatient addiction treatment program. During inpatient treatment, you will live on the campus of our treatment facility, have unlimited access to your treatment team and enjoy all of the luxurious amenities our facility offers.

If you have full-time or part-time work or school responsibilities, you may find it easier to commit to an outpatient treatment plan. This program will give you the flexibility that you need not to feel as though you need to choose between your recovery and these essential aspects of your life.

If you’re ready to work through your addiction and come to a healthier and more fulfilling place in your life, the team at the Muse Treatment Center is here for you. Get in touch with us today at (800) 426-1818.

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