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Oxycontin Addiction, Side Effects, and Treatment

Oxycontin addiction can be powerful–and deadly. Opioid prescription drugs such as Oxycontin are among the most widely abused drugs. Opioids, which include prescription narcotics and heroin, are responsible for more overdose deaths than other drugs. If you have developed an addiction to Oxycontin, you can benefit from immediate substance abuse treatment. The sooner you enroll in drug addiction treatment, the sooner you can get your life and health back on track. 

Muse Treatment specializes in all forms of substance abuse rehab treatment, including addiction to Oxycontin and other opioid drugs. We offer comprehensive treatment, including drug detox, inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare. Our drug addiction treatment specialists are licensed clinicians who can provide dual diagnosis treatment as well as medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Some clients who have opioid use disorder may benefit from MAT. Muse Treatment carefully assesses each client’s health to recommend the ideal treatment plan for their particular needs. Customized treatment is a hallmark of Muse Treatment’s rehab plans. 

During rehab treatment for Oxycontin addiction, clients can expect to participate in various therapeutic approaches that include evidence-based medical treatment, alternative treatment, and holistic therapy. Together, our treatment services target all aspects of substance addiction. Clients will attend both individual and group counseling sessions as they work to achieve their recovery milestones. 

Muse Treatment is known for empathetic care in a safe and welcoming treatment center, and we’re recognized as a top place to detox from opioids in Los Angeles. We strive to support clients with the best-quality treatment and access to helpful amenities and resources. Let Muse Treatment help you manage your opioid addiction and achieve lasting recovery. The sooner you begin therapy, the sooner you can get your life back on track. 


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Understanding Oxycontin: Uses and Risks

Oxycontin is a prescription drug that is prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. Even though this medication is effective for treating pain, it does involve risks such as unwanted side effects. There is also a heightened risk for the development of drug tolerance, drug dependence, and drug addiction with Oxycontin, as with other opioid medications. The longer a person uses Oxycontin or abuses the drug, the more likely they will develop a drug dependence or addiction. 

Unfortunately, many people abuse prescription drugs recreationally to achieve desired effects, such as getting high. Oxycontin is a powerful opioid that contains the active opioid ingredient Oxycodone, which is also added to some other opioid medications. If you are prescribed Oxycontin, it’s important to use it as directed and to understand the risks that are associated with this narcotic. 

The Path to Oxycontin Addiction

A person can become addicted to Oxycontin quickly, especially if they begin to abuse the drug. How does addiction to this opioid occur? Generally, a person develops a tolerance to the medication dose they’ve been prescribed. Over time, the same dose of Oxycontin that worked previously may begin to work less effectively because the body can become tolerant to it. Sometimes, doctors will increase the patient dose or prescribe a different medication. Patients who increase their dose on their own are engaging in substance abuse, which can result in the development of dependence and addiction more quickly. 

Developing a tolerance to Oxycontin by increasing the dose and then again developing a tolerance to that dose can pave a path to physical dependence on the drug. When psychological and behavioral dependence occurs, that person can be said to have an addiction to the medication. Once addicted, a person can’t become “un-addicted.” They can only manage their substance addiction with abstinence. 

Side Effects of Oxycontin Use

People who use Oxycontin can, of course, experience relief from pain, but that’s not all. Oxycontin side effects are quite common. Users can expect to experience some drug side effects such as dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea. Many people also report increased feelings of relaxation. When users abuse the drug and take more than prescribed, they may experience feelings of euphoria or increased confidence. 

Psychological and Social Impact of Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin addiction constitutes an opioid use disorder. As opioids are extremely powerful and addictive, this condition is serious. Opioids are among the leading causes of overdose death in the U.S. A person who has an Oxycontin addiction is likely to feel preoccupied with obtaining and using the drug. Their addiction can lead to profoundly serious social problems, such as family or career issues. 

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Identifying Oxycontin Addiction

A person who is addicted to an opioid drug like Oxycontin will typically exhibit some signs and symptoms of abuse. These signs and symptoms may include:

  • Feeling preoccupied with thoughts of obtaining or using the drug
  • Doctor shopping to stockpile the drug
  • Taking more of the medication than directed by a clinician
  • Obtaining the drug illegally or using someone else’s prescription
  • Feeling unable to stop using the drug
  • Experiencing relationship problems as a result of using the drug
  • Failing to meet work obligations because of drug use
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug for a period of time

If you experience these or other symptoms of drug abuse, you should get an evaluation of your condition performed at Muse Treatment. We can design a substance abuse treatment plan that’s ideal for you.

Treatment Options for Oxycontin Addiction

If you are addicted to Oxycontin, you can likely benefit from a drug detox program as well as an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab treatment plan. Inpatient treatment involves the most robust level of support. If you are unstable and have a high risk of relapse, inpatient therapy is likely best for you. People who have achieved some stability and are highly motivated to prevent relapse and attend holistic addiction therapy in Los Angeles may benefit from outpatient addiction treatment. Since Muse Treatment offers both inpatient and outpatient rehab plans, you can enroll in a program that’s best for you. 

Therapeutic Approaches to Oxycontin Addiction Recovery

Muse Treatment offers various therapeutic approaches for the treatment of addiction. These approaches include medically traditional treatments that have the support of the medical community. These are evidence-based therapies that have been clinically studied and proven to be safe and effective for treating opioid use disorder. In addition, our rehab also offers some alternative treatments like art therapy and holistic therapies like mindfulness that support long-term recovery and optimum condition management. 


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Relapse Prevention and Sustaining Recovery

Muse Treatment’s substance abuse programs feature a strong relapse prevention component. We give clients the tools to cope with their unique triggers and protect their recovery progress. During treatment, clients learn to identify their triggers (like work stress or negative emotions) to use drugs so that they can develop strategies for managing them effectively. Long-term recovery is possible when you can manage your triggers consistently. 

Muse Treatment’s Approach to Oxycontin Addiction

Get help with your Oxycontin addiction by contacting Muse Treatment Center today. Our rehab center offers a safe and welcoming setting where clients can get individualized support. Since we offer comprehensive care, we can meet you anywhere in your recovery process. Call Muse Treatment today at 800-426-1818 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and enrollment process. Don’t put off the treatment you need to manage your addiction and achieve lasting recovery. 

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