Josh Chandler | May 23, 2023

Patient Praises Muse Treatment for Being Pet-Friendly

Los Angeles, California—Having a friend by your side during addiction rehab can make the difficult experience a little easier – and when the friend is a beloved pet, the journey to recovery can be even smoother. That’s what a patient learned at Muse Treatment Center, a pet-friendly drug and alcohol rehab that understands how powerful the emotional connection between humans and animals can be.

I was totally lost in drugs before I came here,” wrote the patient, Rachel, in a 5-star review on Google. “Brittany, Jose, and Jesus helped me through the first agonizing week of withdrawals. If you’re wanting to get your life and self back come here! Also, they are PET FRIENDLY!! I couldn’t have made it without my baby dog Roam!!”

Muse Treatment, which operates rehab centers throughout the Los Angeles area and Southern California, allows pets at all locations except its Balboa facility in Newport Beach. Most patients with pets bring a cat or dog, but Muse is flexible if the patient brings proof of vaccination. There is no size restriction for companion animals. 

muse treatment pet friendly

Under Muse Treatment policy, it’s preferred that the pet be registered as either an emotional support animal or as a service animal. Muse’s staff can help with registration if needed.

Allowing pets in treatment is not just for patients’ comfort but serves a very practical purpose. If someone has no one to care for their pet while they’re in residential treatment, they’re less likely to seek care. They may have no one to help them, and the cost of boarding the pet may be too high.

At Muse Treatment, we recognize and value the profound bond individuals share with their pets. We understand that this connection can play a crucial role in the well-being and progress of our clients throughout their addiction treatment and recovery journey. Making the decision to seek rehab for addiction treatment is a significant step, and it becomes even more reassuring when we can help alleviate the stress of leaving behind a beloved pet at our drug rehab centers Los Angeles.

We offer a unique and compassionate solution by allowing clients to bring their pets with them during their rehabilitation process. This approach not only enhances the comfort and emotional support experienced by the client but also minimizes the anxiety and separation stress that their pets might endure when left behind for an extended period.

Our Costa Mesa sober living program is designed to provide comprehensive support and a comfortable environment for individuals working towards sobriety. We understand that the presence of a beloved pet can offer solace and motivation during this transformative journey. We are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where both clients and their pets can find healing and recovery.

Pets can bring a sense of calm and peace to anyone going through a difficult time. Undergoing addiction treatment involves immense change. These changes, at first, can involve physical discomfort, and withdrawal from a powerful drug is not easy. 

If a person has a drug abuse problem or are addicted to any drug, illicit or prescription, they need help. Fortunately, they don’t have to find a pet sitter or kennel to care for their dog or cat as they get the help they need. They can bring their furry friend to rehab when they enroll in a Muse Treatment drug treatment program. Their addiction will not improve without treatment. Addiction is a chronic illness and is frequently progressive.

Substance addiction can rob someone of their mental and physical health. As time progresses, they may actually find it increasingly difficult to care for themselves and their pet. At Muse Treatment, no one is forced to leave their pet behind, and they can bring it with them and get the treatment they need to manage their addiction successfully. 

While pet-friendly rehab is becoming more common, it’s not available everywhere. Muse welcomes animal companions to pet-friendly rehab because they know a relationship with a pet is a powerful one. The bond between human and animal provides important support for continued recovery.

Keeping the pet with the patient in treatment can give them a reason to work through treatment and live a full life again. As the motivational saying goes, “Be the person your dog thinks you are.” With treatment, they can see themselves through their dog’s eyes again.

Muse Treatment offers comprehensive treatment of alcohol dependence or other substance use disorders. For help or more information, call 866-634-6111.

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