Josh Chandler | October 4, 2017

Things to Look for in a California Drug Rehab Program

When you are in need of a California drug rehab program there are a few key components you should look for. Learn more about the most important factors in this article.

Addiction is one of the hardest battles a person can face, and it never looks the same. It is also one of the most common struggles in America, with one in ten adults having a history of substance abuse.

Unfortunately, there is not a perfect solution to addiction due to its complex effects on an addict and loved ones.

There is one step every addict must take, though – recognizing the problem. From there, many will search for the perfect California drug rehab program.

The program has to connect with an individual and establish a safe, trusting space to battle addiction.

This can be a confusing or scary process, but there are some signals to look for to know you are headed in the right direction.

Here are the six things to look for when choosing a California drug rehab program for yourself or a loved one.

1. Length of Treatment

Every credible rehabilitation center knows there is no way of determining how long a patient will need treatment.

Yes, there are 12-step programs and 48-hour detoxes. But, these are just pieces of a bigger picture.

Look for a California drug rehab center willing to take in a patient for as short or as long as it takes. This can be in the form of a program, community home, follow-up services, and more.

The right staff will be willing to try various methods and new ways of approaching addiction for each unique individual. They will take their time assessing the state of the addiction in mental, physical, and spiritual capacities.

From there, a customized plan of action will be made to cater to the specific needs of each case.

2. Personal Care

One of the most telling signs of a trustworthy facility is the personal attention a staff makes in creating a plan of action.

Determining the length of treatment is more than establishing needs. It is about meeting an addict where they are and giving them a genuine hand to hold on their journey.

This requires a low staff-to-client ratio. A caretaker’s job makes a better impact when they have a small patient list, rather than spreading themselves thin throughout the day with too many different people.

Also be sure to check that the California rehab center you’re considering is Joint Commission Approved. The standards of the Joint Commission hold facilities to high standards in patient care and organization functions.

Being a part of this community reminds rehab centers to always work their hardest with the individuals at hand. It makes them strive to improve future care processes as well.

3. Dual Diagnosis

Speaking of care processes, look for a California drug rehab facility willing to approach addiction from multiple angles.

Dual diagnosis allows centers to understand the way addiction affects the mind and body. It can signal and treat underlying causes of addiction like mental health problems or unstable living conditions.

This is one of the most valuable ways of treating addiction, because it fights many battles at once. It gives addicts a team willing to look at them as people who struggle interconnected mental health issues, not just people who abuse drugs.

The importance of this goes beyond labels and emotions. Out of 9 million people battling co-occurring disorders in the United States, only 8% are getting dual diagnosis treatment.

Such a gap in addressing the real issues needs to change.

Don’t let the addict in your life get lost in the masses. Make sure they get the attention they deserve and need by treating all issues possible at once.

4. Outpatient Services

As effective as a good rehab facility can be, the work is never really finished.

The best California drug rehab centers will offer outpatient services as an ongoing resource to battle addiction.

Outpatient services give people a community of fellow addicts making progress with their recovery. It becomes a place to explore the struggles of the world in a safe, understanding environment, without the use of drugs.

Many rehab alumni experience the comfort of having shared experiences with other people in the room far beyond their stint in treatment.

They also have the option to focus their attention on bettering a specific part of their life, like anger management or stress reduction. Addressing these key elements provides positive alternatives to choose rather than relapsing into drug use.

5. Satisfied, Successful Testimonials

Whether you or a loved one are a rehab newbie or relapsing addict, you need to check the testimonials.

A center can tell you all about the way they approach treatment and how much they care, but the testimonials for actual past clients will give you the additional insight you need to make the best decision.

These are first-hand accounts from real addicts who have found a better way. Testimonials will often be a short yet powerful glimpse of the new doors a center can open for you.

They offer details you wouldn’t be able to find on a website or through an inquiry phone call. Plus, they relate on a deeper level than any professional profile, because the person who wrote a testimonial truly understands the people who will read it.

6. Something Different

Once you’ve come to the end of the road and think you have the perfect California drug rehab center in mind, double check.

Look for something that truly makes the team stand out. Maybe a testimonial will stir something in your soul, or maybe you’ve heard of the work of someone on on the staff.  Perhaps they offer a Medication Assisted Treatment Program for opioid addiction that will ease your detox process.

Remember, you’re looking for a facility willing to go the extra mile and address what happens in life after addiction.

Ask if they will provide life skills training for you or the addict in your life. Such resources can include understanding the requirements of an ideal career, or starting small with tutoring opportunities.

Either way, there needs to be an added incentive to improve the life of an addict. It gives them something to look forward to after a program is complete, and a foundation to stand on moving forward.

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