Josh Chandler | September 6, 2022

Ways to Get Involved in National Recovery Month

What Is National Recovery Month?

Throughout your addiction recovery journey, you must recognize and take pride in your accomplishments. September has been designated as National Recovery Month. Celebrating National Recovery Month is something countless people in the United States participate in. If you have successfully completed an addiction treatment program and your life has been positively changed due to it, you’re more than welcome to join in this unique celebration. 

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The Purpose of Recovery Month

So many people decide to participate in National Recovery month because this celebration of recovery can shed light on drug addiction or alcohol addiction and help them get the help they need. If you have been through your own recovery journey, then you know the importance of taking steps to raise awareness of addiction, and this increased awareness can help to get others the help that they need to get help for their drug or alcohol abuse. 

How to Get Involved

When it comes to celebrating National Recovery Month, there are several ways that you can get involved in this particular type of recognition. Here are a few examples: 

  • Take stock of the accomplishments that you have had when it comes to your addiction recovery. Be proud of yourself for those accomplishments and acknowledge them. 
  • Step goals for yourself so you can continue to grow and develop your understanding of addiction. 
  • Please make time to share your story with others that may be struggling with their addiction. This process is something that you can do either through social media or by attending different recovery month events. 
  • Learn about how you can do more to help others. Perhaps you can take advantage of volunteering at a local treatment center or become more active in your local addiction support recovery groups. 

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Learn More About Recovery at Muse Treatment Center

If you need addiction treatment to address your substance use disorders, our addiction treatment team is here to help you. We offer individualized treatment programs to help you manage your drug or alcohol addiction and get you on the road to recovery. At Muse Addiction Treatment Center, we understand that treatment and recovery must be developed based on the needs of each client. 

Before you can take full advantage of one of our levels of care, you may need to begin your alcohol or heroin treatment in an alcohol or drug detox program. This will provide you with the medical care you need as you experience some withdrawal symptoms associated with the alcohol or drug detox process. 

Following detox, we offer different options for treatment programs that will help you to work through the contributing factors of your substance abuse. For example, if you feel you need structure and a safe environment throughout the time you’re in treatment, you would be a great candidate for our inpatient treatment program. You can live on our beautiful campus during inpatient rehab and enjoy around-the-clock care from our experienced treatment team. 

You may be better suited for an outpatient treatment program if you have personal or professional responsibilities. This treatment option will allow you to maintain your work, school, or other personal obligations while still receiving the addiction treatment you need. This flexibility can also help you to feel more comfortable with the premise of addiction treatment. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the levels of care that we offer at Muse, we encourage you to get in touch with us at (800) 426-1818 today. 

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