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When you find yourself trapped under the weight of a drug addiction or alcoholism problem, your life can seem pretty hopeless. You may struggle with your finances, you may lose your job, your family may abandon you and your loved ones may struggle in vain to get you to accept the help they are offering. 

At Muse Treatment Center, we understand the difficulties drug addicts and alcoholics can face, but we also know that those individuals can turn their lives around. Throughout the years we have seen it happen again and again – men and women who had been trapped in alcoholism and drug addiction for years were able to turn their lives around and continue to stay drug and alcohol free for the rest of their lives. 

If you are ready to join those successful and newly sober men and women, we are here to help make it happen. Through a combination of professional counseling, medical monitoring, nutritional support and an extensive suite of follow on services, we can offer our clients from the Pasadena area a better life, one free of alcohol and drug dependency. 

The better life you deserve is waiting on the other side of your addiction or alcoholism, and if you are ready to get going we are ready to help you every step along the way. We may not be able to walk the path to sobriety for you, but we can walk it with you. All it takes to get started is a single telephone call, so pick up the phone today, give us a call and take the first step on the road to a lifetime of successful recovery.

Why Choose Muse?

At Muse Treatment Center, we know that ours is not the only drug and alcohol treatment center around, but we also know that the high level of competition in the Pasadena area has only encouraged us to work that much harder. Every competitor in our industry has spurred us into action, encouraging us to build a better program for the clients we serve. 

Throughout the years we have worked hard to set our drug and alcohol rehab program apart, offering medically assisted treatment (MAT) options to mitigate the pain of withdrawal, providing ongoing support for our clients so they can continue in their sobriety when they go back home and offering a number of different treatment plans that are as affordable as they are effective. 

If you are tired of the loneliness, isolation and despair that your drug addiction and alcoholism has brought, we can help you turn your life around. We know that the road can seem dark today, but we can assure you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Helping you reach that light is our job, and at Muse Treatment Center we take that job very, very seriously.

Alcohol Detox Program

In the world of addictive substances there are many drugs to worry about, and not all dangerous drugs are banned under the law. In fact, some of the most dangerous drugs in the world are also perfectly legal, and alcohol is a perfect case in point. 

Despite the fact that alcohol is totally legal with some basic age restrictions, its use has created enormous problems for the men and women of Pasadena and for society at large. From drunken driving crashes to family breakups, from marital difficulties and abuse to job loss and financial stress, the excessive use of alcohol can have wide ranging and very damaging effects. 

If you are ready to stop drinking and willing to accept the help your loved ones have been offering, we are here to help you. Just pick up the phone, give Muse Treatment Center a call and take the first step on your journey from alcoholism to a lifetime of successful sobriety. 

Drug Detox Program

Drug addicts face a number of significant challenges as they struggle to get clean and stay sober, but one of the biggest problems they face is their concern about the severity of the withdrawal symptoms they may encounter when they finally decide to stop using. 

The severity of withdrawal symptoms has derailed more than one attempt at recovery, including possibly your own. If you have ever tried to stop drinking or using drugs on your own, you already know how difficult the process can be, but there are ways to reduce the discomfort and mitigate the pain that getting clean can bring. 

At Muse Treatment Center, we take a scientifically proven approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction, using medically assisted treatment (MAT) to mitigate and sharply reduce the pain and discomfort of withdrawal. Through the use of specialized pharmaceutical medications, we can give your body the time it needs to heal, allowing you to emerge stronger, healthier and better on the other side. Your journey to sobriety begins with successful detox, and we encourage you to reach out to us today to see how we can help you reach your goals. 

Alcohol Rehab for Resident of Pasadena

The journey from alcoholism to sobriety can be a long one, and there are many obstacles standing in your way. If you have ever tried to stop drinking on your own, you know better than most how difficult it can be to leave the bottle behind. And even once you have finished alcohol detox and put your withdrawal symptoms in the rear view mirror, you may still experience strong psychological cravings. 

Without the right support system, those cravings could trigger a dangerous relapse, undoing all the hard work you have done and putting your sobriety journey on hold. But you do not have to go without that support, not when you work with Muse Treatment Center to develop a rehab program designed just for you. 

There are a number of aspects to our alcohol rehab program, starting with our strong coordination with local 12-step programs throughout the Pasadena, California area and beyond. Alcoholics Anonymous has a strong track record of success throughout the region, and there are other groups as well, all ready to help you maintain your newfound sobriety and live a more successful life. 

When you work with Muse Treatment Center to continue with your alcohol rehab, we will give you the tools you need to develop strong and powerful coping skills. We will help you to uncover the root causes of your drinking problem, from a history of past abuse to recent traumas like the death of a family member or the loss of a job. And once that is done, we will help you build the coping skills you need to maintain your recovery, building on the successes you have already had and helping you create a more successful life on the other side of your alcoholism. 

The journey from alcoholism to sobriety can be a long and difficult one, but making it to the other side will feel amazing. And once you have reached the other side of your journey to sobriety, Muse Treatment Center will be here to support you through all the remaining steps. Our alcohol rehab program is second to none, with professional counselors, effective counseling sessions and experts who can provide you with real insight into your history with alcohol and powerful guidance in how to overcome it for the rest of your life. Your journey to sobriety begins with a single phone call, and we encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call today.

Drug Rehab for Residents of Pasadena

When you are stuck in the morass of drug addiction and substance use disorder, it can seem like there is nothing you can do. These feelings of helplessness are all too common among the addicts in the region, and as a result many of those with drug dependency never reach out for the help they need, even when that assistance is being offered. 

If you have ever tried to help someone you care about overcome a drug addiction, you understand these problems all too well. You reach out for help, but at the same time you wonder if it will really make a difference. At Muse Treatment Centers, we understand those concerns, but we also know that there is a better and more successful life waiting on the other side of your drug rehab journey.

At Muse Treatment Center, we offer a full range of support services for our friends and clients in the Pasadena, California region, starting with our tight integration with local 12-step programs in the area. We know that peer support can be an integral part of success in recovery, and that local 12-step programs have the expertise and the experience needed to support recovering drug addicts as they struggle to stay clean. 

This coordination is essential, but it is only one part of what we do. At Muse Treatment Centers, we also have a strong alumni population, testament to our success as a drug rehab provider. By connecting you with our alumni association, we can enhance the value of the treatment you have already received, furthering your recovery and helping you build on the successes you have already enjoyed. Your life in recovery begins with a single phone call, and we encourage you to pick up the phone and give Muse Treatment Center a call.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

It is a sad fact of modern life that many addicts and alcoholics, even those who are ready to get the help they need, end up holding back because they are worried about the cost. Concerns about the cost of rehab and detox are all too common, and they have prevented many men and women from seeking the assistance they need. 

It is understandable that you would worry about the cost of getting better, especially if your drug addiction or alcoholism has already strained your family finances to the breaking point. Financial problems are a common consequence of drug and alcohol dependency, and you may be wondering if you have the resources needed to begin your road to recovery. 

The good news is that Muse Treatment Center is ready to help you get the rehab and detox services you need, and in many cases the care you require will not cost you a single penny. We work with a wide range of insurance companies, from the providers of employer-sponsored plans to popular government programs to insurance you may have purchased on your own. 

Just tell us what kind of insurance you have and let us do the checking. We will determine how much of the cost of drug and alcohol rehab will be covered, as well as what you might be expected to pay on your own. Based on our findings and our conversation with you and  your loved ones, we will develop a treatment plan that is affordable and customized just for you. 

Instead of worrying about the financial aspect of getting better, think of drug and alcohol rehab as an investment in your future. When you are done with your recovery journey, you will be looking at a better and more successful life, one that will allow you to use your god-given talents to the best of your abilities, so you can build a better and more financially stable life.

How Long is Detox?

The perceived pain and discomfort of detox has caused many drug addicts and alcoholics to give up on their recovery journeys before they even begin. When you try to quit drinking or using drugs on your own, you will likely experience a range of withdrawal symptoms, and the severity of those symptoms could cause you to give up on your recovery, but we do not want that to happen. 

At Muse Treatment Center, we would like to assure you that we understand the hesitancy you might feel, and we are here to support you on your journey to a better life. That is why we use medically assisted treatment (MAT) methods to mitigate the discomfort that withdrawal can often bring, and why we work hard to shorten the time you will spend in detox. 

Detox is your body’s way of healing from the substance abuse it has been suffering, and withdrawal symptoms will typically be at their peak a few days into the process. After a week or so the physical pain of withdrawal and detox will begin to diminish, although you may still experience psychological cravings as a result of your lingering dependency. That is why it is so important to follow up your stay in detox with additional rehab services, including professional counseling and attendance at local 12-step meetings.

How Long is Rehab?

Even if you recognize that you need help with your drug or alcohol addiction, you may be reluctant to seek out the assistance you require. Part of that hesitancy may be worries about how long the rehab process will last, and how long you will have to spend away from the support of your spouse, children and other loved ones. 

At Muse Treatment Center, we understand those concerns, but we also know that the sooner you accept the offers of treatment you have been getting the sooner you will be able to take your life back and start living life on your own terms. Accepting the need for treatment is always the hardest step, but it is a vital first step on the road to a lasting recovery. 

When you do accept offers of treatment, you can choose the rehab that works best for you, one based on your own situation and one that is tailored to your individual needs. At Muse Treatment Center, we offer 30, 60 and 90 day drug and alcohol rehab options, making it easy for you to get just the help you need.

30-Day Rehab

Sometimes a lengthy stay in rehab will be required to put your drug or alcohol problem behind you, but that is not always the case. If you are dedicated to your recovery and ready to take the first step, a short term stay in rehab may be just what you need to put your alcoholism or drug addiction in the rear view mirror. 

There are a number of advantages to a rehab stay as short as 30 days, starting with the fact that you may be able to request time off from your employer and maintain your employment after your rehab journey is over. The ability to maintain stable employment can be a big plus when trying to recover from drug and alcohol abuse, and that is a big benefit of 30 day rehab. So give us a call today, discuss your rehab options and let us help you on the next step of your journey to recovery.

Long-Term Rehab

The decision to go into rehab can feel like a monumental one, but knowing what to expect can make the process a lot easier. Knowing what to expect begins with knowing how long the alcohol or drug rehab process is likely to last, and at Muse Treatment Center we offer a wide variety of options, allowing us to customize your journey to recovery just for you. 

While we offer drug and alcohol rehab options of as little as 30 days, most of our Pasadena clients will be with us from 60 to 90 days. This longer term stay allows recovering addicts and alcoholics to focus on essential next steps – like the building of solid coping skills, the development of a personalized relapse prevention strategy and building up their employment, educational and life supporting opportunities. 

We know that no two addicts and alcoholics are alike, and we know that customizing a treatment plan is always the best approach. That is why we offer both 90 and 60 day options, as well as shorter stays for clients for whom it is appropriate. It can be hard to know which length of rehab is the right choice, but we are here to guide you through the decision making process. All it takes is a single phone call, so pick up the phone today. Give Muse Treatment Center a call and get started on your personal road to a better and more stable life.

Couples Rehab

It has often been said that drug addiction and alcoholism are family illnesses, diseases with impacts that go far beyond the individual drinker or drug user. If you are married to a drug addict or alcoholic, you certainly know the pain of their drug abuse or alcoholism, even if you are not personally impacted. 

You may also find yourself in a situation where you and your romantic partner are both abusing alcohol and drugs, a form  of co-dependency that is all too common in the world of addiction. But no matter which situation you are facing, you have a friend at Muse Treatment Center. 

At Muse Treatment Center, we recognize that drug addiction and alcoholism often affect couples, even if the individuals involved are impacted in vastly different ways. Whether you and your spouse are both addicted or only one partner is directly impacted, we can treat you as a couple, giving you the time and space you both need to heal your bodies, your minds and your relationship. 

Our couples rehab program is designed to emphasize healing, so you and your partner can both take your lives back. We know that addiction and alcoholism can shatter lives and ruin relationships, and we do not want your marriage or domestic partnership to become just another sad statistic. 

The caring counselors who work at Muse Treatment Center have the compassion, the training and the strong desire to help your relationship heal. They give you the tools you need to understand the roots of your addiction or alcoholism, the impact it has had on your marriage or relationship and how you can go forward in peace, without placing blame or sacrificing your hard won recovery. 

Pet-Friendly Rehab

When households are impacted by drug addiction and alcoholism, it is not just the two legged members of the family who suffer. Pets are affected too, and the repercussions of drug and alcohol dependency for cats, dogs and other pets can be long lasting and severe. 

From unwitting neglect to outright abuse, pets often suffer when family members are addicted to alcohol and drugs, but their owners suffer in other ways as well. When their owners are ready to get help with their drug addiction or alcoholism, those pet parents may wonder what will happen to their cats, dogs and other animals. They may be concerned that their furry family members will be neglected, or that they will not be safe in the care of someone else. 

They may even worry that the pets they have worked so hard to care for will end up in the local pound or animal shelter, and that they will return home to an empty house. Those worries are all too common, and in some cases they may be enough to stop the individual from getting the help they need. 

At Muse Treatment Center, we understand those concerns, but we do not want worries about your four legged family members to stop you from getting the help you need. That is why we offer pet friendly rehab, designed to help you heal while your fur babies are well taken care of. 

Our staff are real animal lovers, and we will take care of your pets like you would. And better yet, we will give you the tools you need to take even better care of your pets when you return home wiser, cleaner and ready to live a more successful and sober life. Your path to healing for both you and your pets begins with a single phone call, so pick up that phone today and give us a call today.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

Even if you are ready to get help with your drug addiction or alcoholism, you may have a lot of worries, including concerns about your finances and how you will pay for the rehab and detox services you need. It is sad but true that so many people worry about paying for detox and rehab, and that those concerns over money may deter them from getting the help they need. 

One of the first things you need to know is that your stay in detox and rehab may already be covered. The insurance you are already paying for may cover the entire cost of your stay, giving you one less thing to worry about as you take the first step on your journey from addiction and alcoholism to recovery and sobriety. If you are ready to get the help you need, we are here to help you pay for it. Just pick up the phone today, tell us about your insurance and let us design a treatment plan that works for you and your finances. 

Sober Friendly Attractions Near Pasadena, California

For those who have never been through rehab for drug addiction or alcoholism before, making it through rehab and detox may seem like the end of the journey, but those who have made it through the process know that getting clean is only the beginning of a much longer journey. 

Now that you have made it to the other side of your drug addiction and alcoholism, it is time to take the next step on the road to recovery, and that starts with finding new, and better, things to do. 

The good news is that you already live in a place with plenty of world class attractions, so finding sober friendly activities may not be as difficult as you may think. As a resident of Pasadena, California, you have access to amazing things to see and do every day of the week, including these standout choices:

The Huntingdon Library, Art Museum and Botanical Garden

If you love art, literature and nature, you have come to the right place. THE Huntingdon Library, Art Museum and Botanical Garden is the perfect spot to spend a lazy weekend or sleepy weekday afternoon, so come early and plan to stay awhile. You can browse the spectacular art collection, revel in the beauty of nature at the botanical garden or pick a comfy chair and curl up with a good book, all in one conveniently located building near downtown Pasadena. 

Norton Simon Museum

You do not have to travel to the big city to enjoy the best in European and contemporary artworks. All you need to do is head for the Norton Simon Museum, a wonderful place for any art lover. You will want to block out a good amount of time for your visit, so you can explore the works of art at your leisure. 

Old Pasadena

The city of Pasadena is rich in history, and you will find that history in abundance as you explore Old Pasadena. Rich in lore and folklore, history really comes alive in Old Pasadena, so grab some friends and plan to spend some time wandering the streets, meeting the friendly people and enjoying your new sober life. 

Rose Bowl Stadium

No location in Pasadena is quite as well known, or quite as loved, as the Rose Bowl Stadium. For football plans around the world, the Rose Bowl comes alive with the best of the best, all competing for bragging rights and the right to be crowned the champions in their field. Whether you come for the parade, take in a game or tailgate with your friends, you can enjoy good times and lots of fun at this Pasadena institution. 

As you continue your journey in and through sobriety, you will find lots of wonderful things to see and do right here in your own back yard. You do not have to go far or spend a lot of money to enjoy all that Pasadena has to offer, so grab your friends and get ready to have some fully sober fun. 

Pasadena Neighborhoods We Serve Include:

  • Linda Vista
  • Old Pasadena
  • Downtown Pasadena
  • Bungalow Heaven
  • Playhouse District
  • South Arroyo
  • Lamanda Park
  • North Arroyo
  • Catalina Villas
  • Normandie Heights
  • Washington Square
  • Brigden Square
  • Chapman
  • Madison Heights
  • Garfield Heights
  • Muir Heights
  • North Central
  • Casa Grande
  • Oak Knoll
  • Mid Central
  • Orange Heights
  • Jefferson Heights

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