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If you have never been through rehab before, you might think that ending your use of drugs or stopping drinking is the end of your journey to recovery, but in reality, it is only the beginning. Getting clean and staying sober is a big accomplishment, and you should take the time to celebrate how far you have come, but now that you are seeing the world through clearer eyes you will also see that your path to a better life will continue for the rest of your life.

Now that you have made it through detox and identified the root causes of your addiction, it is time to take the next step on your lifelong road to recovery. Instead of returning home without all the resources you need, why not stay with us a little longer and learn even more about how to stay drug and alcohol-free not only now but when temptation inevitably strikes?

Staying clean and sober for a lifetime is what our sober living program is all about. You can think of sober living as a kind of bridge, one that connects the detox and rehab you have just experienced to your eventual life back home in Pasadena.

When you sign up for our sober living program, you will have the chance to earn additional privileges, increasing your level of freedom as you continue with your journey to recovery. If you are ready to take the next step, we encourage you to contact Muse Treatment Center today to explore this powerful part of your journey to a better and more stable life.

Benefits of Sober Living With Muse

The decision to enter rehab for a drug or alcohol problem can seem like a monumental one, but the decision to leave the rehab facility behind can be even more frightening. The thought of going back home to Pasadena may fill you with fear, and you may worry that being confronted with our old triggers will spark a dangerous relapse.

If you are happy with your recovery so far but not quite ready to go home, a stay in our sober living facility can help you make the transition. During your stay in our sober living facility, the expert staff at Muse Treatment Center will continue to counsel you, giving you a new and deeper insight into where your drug addiction or alcoholism came from, what your personal triggers are and how you can develop a relapse prevention strategy that can last the rest of your life.

Sober living has other benefits as well, including enhancing the effectiveness of other rehab and treatment efforts. You no doubt learned some basic coping skills during your stay in rehab, but the additional skills you learn during your stay in our sober living facility will give you even more of the strength and resilience you will need to fight off temptation and avoid your triggers once you return home. We encourage you to stick around and explore our sober living offerings, so you can build a better and more stable life once you return back home.

Why Choose Muse For Sober Living for Residents of Pasadena

At Muse Treatment Center, we view a stay in sober living as a vital bridge between intensive inpatient drug and alcohol treatment and a return to the outside world. Inpatient rehab offers a tightly controlled environment, one that is structured to ensure the best chance of recovery and one that is carefully monitored by various members of our staff.

The sudden absence of that structure can create a dangerous situation for recovering addicts and alcoholics, leaving them open to temptation and prone to common relapse triggers. By bridging the time between residential rehab and a return to the outside world, sober living can provide valuable benefits for our Pasadena area patients, giving them the skills they need when they return back home.

Sober living with Muse Treatment Center has a number of built-in benefits, including full-time access to our medical team and one on one attention from our caring and highly trained counselors. If you are feeling good but ready to become even stronger, we encourage to you reach out to us and learn what sober living is all about.

Women's Sober Living Pasadena

Living with drug addiction and alcoholism is never easy, and every drug addict and alcoholic suffers in their own unique way.  Women in particular often face unique challenges as they struggle to break free of their alcohol and drug dependencies. Women may be single parents, for instance, juggling the needs and safety of their children with their own need to get better. They may also be struggling with the aftermath of abuse, including the lingering effects of abuse in childhood or more recent issues with domestic violence.

For all these reasons and more, women may benefit from a gender-specific stay in our sober living facility, and that is something we are proud to offer at Muse Treatment Center. If you are done with your formal but still struggling with other issues, we invite you to explore the power of sober living and think about how it could have a positive impact on your life.

Men's Sober Living Pasadena

The challenges associated with alcoholism and drug abuse are all too well known, but the difficulties men and women face when trying to get clean are not the same. While both men and women face the danger of arrest, for instance, men who have a history of drug abuse may find themselves with a long rap sheet early in life, making it difficult to get a job, maintain employment and take care of themselves and their needs.

Men may also face marital difficulties, unfounded charges of spousal abuse, and issues with seeing their children. All of these challenges can make getting clean more difficult, but matrimonial problems, custody disputes, and workplace challenges may also make a dangerous relapse more likely.

At Muse Treatment Center, we understand the challenges men face as they seek to regain their lost sobriety, and that is why we have developed a drug and alcohol rehab program just for them. If you are dedicated to getting better, just give us a call. We have the resources, the training, and the expertise needed to help you overcome all your challenges, from the risks associated with continued drug use to developing the solid coping skills you will need when you go back home.

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