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Best Detox & Rehab Center for Addiction for Residents of Rancho Penasquitos

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs in the Rancho Penasquitos area, you can rely on Muse Treatment for help. Muse Treatment offers a complete range of addiction treatment plans, including clinically supervised detox, residential rehab, outpatient treatment programs, and sober living. We also treat dual diagnosis and can provide medication-assisted treatment. We are a licensed and fully accredited addiction treatment center with a reputation for providing individualized treatment plans and empathetic care. No matter where you are on your recovery journey, we can support you, helping you achieve the alcohol and drug-free lifestyle you crave. 

Many around the country and here in Rancho Penasquitos live with a drug or alcohol use disorder. Enrolling in an addiction treatment program can give you the support you need to manage this disorder. Treatment programs at Muse target each aspect of the client’s condition. Our therapies include evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies. Cognitive behavioral therapy allows clients to recognize and explore the connections between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As clients learn how to identify negative emotions and unhealthful behaviors, they can more effectively manage their behaviors.

Muse features a team of experienced clinicians who deliver our full continuum of care. We also feature an ultra-comfortable setting where clients can focus on their recovery journey amidst professional and peer support. Clients should expect to take part in individual and group sessions that span a wide range of treatment approaches, including 12-step integration, anger management, and more.

It’s never a good idea to put off treatment since the threat of overdose is ever-present. If you are living with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, contact Muse to learn more about our treatment programs. Let our addiction specialists help you select an ideal treatment plan for your needs.

Why Choose Muse?

Muse is a widely respected addiction treatment center that is accredited and staffed by caring clinicians. Clients from Rancho Penasquitos choose our rehab for its dynamic treatment approaches based on evidence-based and holistic therapies. By maintaining a positive environment, we can provide clients with a welcoming center where they can thrive. 

Muse takes a 3-philosophy approach to addiction treatment. These approaches include therapy, 12-step integration, and case management. Addiction is a complex disease; in order to treat it effectively, it’s important to address all aspects of the condition. Our therapy includes evidence-based, alternative, and holistic treatments. Each enhances the recovery process. Treatment plans include a powerful relapse component and are affordable.

Choose from inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment services. When you visit us to enroll in a plan, we’ll provide you with an evaluation of your condition. That way, we can recommend the ideal treatments for you. Since we customize a plan for each client, we can ensure that you get the specific support you need.

Alcohol Detox Program

Alcohol detox is generally the first step in the treatment of alcohol use disorder. If you’re addicted to alcohol and haven’t been through detox, it’s an important first recovery step to take. During alcohol detox, your body will slowly release alcohol toxins from its body. The process does typically cause withdrawal symptoms, however, include headache, nausea, vomiting, shaking, tremors, and muscle aches. 

Sometimes, a series of withdrawal symptoms known as DTs occur. These symptoms may involve shaking, hallucinations, fever, and dehydration. Because these symptoms can trigger serious health issues, they are medical emergencies. At Muse, our clinicians treat withdrawal symptoms early in order to ward off severe symptoms like DTs. If a problem does arise, we have clinicians available to help since they provide 24-hour supervision and care for medical detox clients. 

Some clients have been through the detox process already before enrolling at Muse. They may have detoxed at another medical facility and now need alcohol addiction treatment. These clients can then begin their rehab program. Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to quit alcohol cold turkey and detox at home. As mentioned, withdrawal symptoms could escalate quickly and become a dangerous situation. 

Our alcohol detox program allows clients to get the support they need as they go through this process. Symptoms of withdrawal usually begin between eight and 12 hours after the last use of alcohol. These symptoms tend to peak between 24-72 hours after the last alcohol use. Our clinicians can prescribe medications to reduce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, allowing clients to rest and focus on their continued recovery.

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Drug Detox Program

During drug detox, clients’ bodies are weaned from chemical toxins. As the toxins are weaned, clients gradually lose their physical dependence on the drug they’re addicted to. But drug detox only targets the physical side of addiction. It doesn’t have an impact on the psychological or behavioral elements of addiction. However, until an individual has overcome the physical dependence, they will be unable to focus on other rehab treatments. 

Our medical detox program supports clients who are detoxing from prescription and illicit drugs. If you are addicted to drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, or prescription opioids, you can get help detoxing. During this process, our clinicians will administer medications to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. 

Withdrawal symptoms generally vary in association with the drug in question. People detoxing from opioids often feel flu-like symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. These symptoms can be quite uncomfortable, but clinicians can reduce their severity with treatment. Other common withdrawal symptoms include headache, muscle aches, itching, sweating, cramps, runny nose, anxiety, and depression. In severe instances, some people might experience suicidal thoughts. Clinicians need to ensure that these symptoms are treated to reduce the severity or even eliminate them if at all possible. Untreated, withdrawal symptoms can prove so severe that they trigger medical emergencies like heart irregularities or seizures.

Alcohol Rehab for Residents of Rancho Penasquitos

Muse Treatment offers inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab plans for clients who are living with alcohol use disorder. Alcohol addiction is a chronic illness that is usually progressive unless treatment is provided. Alcohol use disorder can, like other forms of substance addiction, lead to the deterioration of mental and physical health. Our inpatient treatment programs for alcohol addiction are individualized for each client. We offer evidence-based treatments along with holistic therapies to support the recovery process. Our treatment plans help clients heal physically and psychologically from the effects of alcohol. In addition, Muse’s addiction specialists work with clients to find strategies for maintaining their new alcohol-free lifestyle and preventing alcohol relapse.

When enrolling for treatment at Muse, clients can choose from inpatient or outpatient programming. As we offer a full continuum of care, we can meet clients where they are in need. Many clients opt for residential treatment during the initial phase of their recovery. Others may choose outpatient plans as they’re more flexible for clients who want to continue to work or attend school. With inpatient treatment, clients can focus on their recovery plan without any unwelcome or unhealthy distractions. 

Muse features a 3-pronged approach for our outpatient programs: therapy, 12-step integration, and case management. Our therapy consists of evidence-based treatment, holistic therapy, and alternative treatments. Evidence-based therapies are those that have the support of the medical community and are essential to our accreditation. Alternative therapies like art therapy are known to support aspects of addiction and mental health recovery. We include a 12-step integration focus because these ‘step’ programs provide clients with a great recovery framework that they can continue to build on after departing from rehab. 

We also offer case management because that’s the ideal way for our clinicians to partner with each client to support their recovery, help them to identify and achieve recovery goals, and pair them with the ideal treatments and therapies. With case management, clients can rely on our individualized support journey toward lasting recovery. 

Clients who wish to enroll in our sober living program can also find ongoing recovery support. Muse’s clinicians can help each client develop an aftercare plan to ensure that they have support as they continue their recovery journey.


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Drug Rehab for Residents of Rancho Penasquitos

Muse Treatment features inpatient and outpatient drug rehab programs for residents of Rancho Penasquitos. Once clients complete detox or choose to begin therapy for their drug addiction, they can enroll in a treatment course. We customize our treatment plans to ensure they meet each client’s needs.

If you are addicted to a prescription drug or illicit drug, our treatment center can help. We offer medically sanctioned treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy that are evidence-based and integral to our accreditation. We also feature holistic and alternative treatments such as: seeking safety, real talk, anger management, life skills, activity group, expressive therapy, interpersonal relationships, and more.

Our therapies are featured one on one with therapists and in group sessions. During individual sessions, clients can work with their therapists on issues that are unique to their situation. During group sessions, clients can participate in the group, learning with others or providing support.

When entering drug rehab, addiction specialists will first assess each patient’s health to provide an evaluation. Then, they can recommend the ideal therapy for each. We feature many drug addiction plan options. Clients can enter inpatient treatment, which offers robust support, or outpatient programs which are ideal for clients who want to continue to work or care for their families. 

Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of your rehab experience will depend on the treatment you receive. Inpatient rehab plans tend to cost more than outpatient programs since they involve room and board and greater treatment support. Also, some clients may spend longer in rehab, so their costs will be higher than someone who completes treatment in a shorter amount of time. Clients who need dual diagnosis treatment or medication-assisted treatment can also expect to pay more for their treatment. 

How much clients pay out of pocket depends on their insurance provider and a specific plan. If you’re unsure about your cost obligations, contact Muse to learn more. Our insurance specialists can help you determine how much insurance will cover your rehab treatments. 

As for the cost of treatment or our treatment plans, get in touch with us to find current information. We make it a priority to maintain the affordability of our pricing. Our clients come from many different walks of life, and we strive to be as accessible as possible to help as many individuals as possible. Overcoming addiction is a team sport; we know how challenging it is to manage a substance addiction, so we’re committed to helping as many people as possible break out of the grip of drug and alcohol addiction’s stubborn grasp.

How Long Is Detox?

The medical detox process generally lasts for about a week. Some people may complete it more quickly than others. Some may take longer to achieve recovery milestones. Each person is different, so detox completion times typically vary. A person’s unique chemistry will impact the detox process. The drug in question and the length of time the person has been in detox will also impact the process. No matter how long each client requires to complete detox, our clinicians will support them, providing medications to reduce the severity of their symptoms. 

Most of the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox should dissipate by the end of the detox process, but some may linger. Clients may continue to feel headaches, for example. They may also continue to experience powerful cravings. Clinicians can continue to provide treatment for clients if they require medications after completing medical detox. 

Once clients have completed detox, they can begin their rehab treatment, transitioning to inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab. Detox only targets the physical aspect of addiction so further treatment is crucial for promoting recovery. In fact, clients who leave rehab right after detox are at high risk of relapse–and overdose. If a person has completed detox and then, soon after, returns to using their former dose, they could easily overdose. 

How Long Is Rehab?

The length of time someone spends in rehab varies. Treatment programs can run anywhere from 30-90 days. Some people benefit from a longer rehab stay whereas others may only require a short time in addiction treatment. Many of our clients need high support in their early recovery days. In these cases, residential treatment is a good fit for them. As their support needs gradually diminish, they can move on to an outpatient treatment program. 

Many clients begin their treatment journey with inpatient programs. Inpatient programs offer a full range of support and supervision. These programs often last 30 days, but sometimes clients transition sooner to an outpatient program, which might depend on their insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs.

The longer a person can access quality treatment, the better for them. Research shows that longer rehab stays are associated with improved recovery outcomes. People who stay in rehab longer tend to relapse less. Relapse rates are very high, especially associated with alcohol, opioids, cocaine, meth, and other drugs. Meth relapse rates are more than 93%. 

Learning to manage and overcome a powerful alcohol or drug addiction is no easy feat, which is why getting professional help is so important. Even a shorter rehab stay that lasts for 30 days can help clients effectively manage their addiction, setting them on course for healing and drug-free living. However, getting the support you need is always best, even if that means a longer rehab stay or a more pronounced course of outpatient rehab programming. 

Fortunately, Muse offers flexible addiction treatment programs that cover the full continuum of care support. We treat the mind, body, and spirit. By enrolling in a Muse Treatment program today, you could begin your recovery journey by tomorrow.

30 Day (short term rehab)

If you enroll in a 30-day rehab program for alcohol or drug addiction, you can get support for managing your addiction successfully; however, a 30-day program is typically considered the least needed to promote lasting recovery. However, a 30-day program can be a springboard to recovery for many people. Clients can benefit from 30 days’ worth of treatment that helps them develop a strong recovery foundation. 

Ideally, after completing 30 days of treatment, clients should begin aftercare to ensure they have some support for their continued recovery. While rehab helps clients build a strong recovery foundation, the recovery period will extend well into the future as clients practice the strategies they learned in rehab to measure their progress. 

Someone who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol for a long period of time may want to continue treatment beyond the 30-day mark to ensure they get the level of help they need. Clients can expect to participate in individual and group therapy sessions during short-term rehab. These sessions cover many different treatment approaches that support the recovery process and target each aspect of the substance use disorder.

Keep in mind that leaving rehab too early, before you’ve had enough treatment to achieve essential recovery milestones is not conducive to recovery success. Navigating a treatment path to recovery can be challenging, which is why we provide case management services. This allows us to partner with each client, helping them determine how much and what type of treatment is best for their needs. 

Long Term Rehab (60-90 Days)

Long-term rehab is a good plan for people who have been addicted for a long time or are addicted to numerous drugs. If a client has a dual diagnosis, long-term rehab is ideal because it allows clients plenty of time to learn how to manage both of their conditions. Muse offers long-term rehab. Clients can spend 60 or 90 days getting the help they need.

During long-term treatment, clients will attend individual and group therapy sessions. Individual treatment sessions let clients work with therapists on issues that are exclusive to them. Group therapy sessions foster peer support for clients. Group session therapists focus on treatment topics that are relevant to the entire group. Both individual and group therapy sessions form the core of addiction treatment programs at Muse.

Also during long-term rehab programs, clients will participate in many types of treatments and therapies. Clients should expect to participate in cognitive behavioral therapy, an evidence-based therapy, which is an important part of our treatment programs. During cognitive behavioral therapy, clients will learn how to identify the connections existing between their thoughts and feelings and how those connections can impact–even govern–behaviors. For clients to manage their triggers to drink or use drugs, they have to manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in healthy ways, or there’s an increased risk for relapse. 

During a long-term program, clients have lots of time to work on making those identifications and developing strategies for managing their triggers. Triggers can be any number of things that drive a person to use drugs or drink. They’re often negative emotions like anger or loneliness. They might be an unhealthy friend group or even a mental health issue. Whatever these triggers are, they must be managed successfully or can lead to relapse. 

Long-term treatment programs are also beneficial for clients who have a dual diagnosis. About one-third of clients with a substance use disorder also have a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The best way to treat dual diagnosis is with simultaneous treatment. When both conditions are managed, they’re less likely to be ‘triggers’ for each other. 

Muse Treatment’s long-term addiction treatment programs can give clients the time and support they need to manage their condition successfully. Clients can also adjust their programs to move from one level of therapy to another depending on their treatment needs. The best initial course is to begin your journey to wellness with an evaluation of your condition. Our clinicians can assess your condition and recommend the ideal rehab plan and treatments for your needs. 

Couples Rehab

Couples are welcome to attend Muse Treatment for our couples’ rehab programs. Couples who are struggling with substance use disorders can support one another while enrolled in couple’s therapy. When both partners have a substance abuse issue, many difficulties can arise. When both parties need treatment, it can often be helpful for them to work together with therapists to achieve the support they need. 

Couples will attend sessions just like other clients, but they’ll be able to work together with therapists to address issues in their relationship that could impact their recovery progress. Couples can expect to participate in programs like cognitive behavioral therapy to help them navigate their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and learn to manage them healthily. Other therapies include alternative treatments like art therapy and holistic treatments like nutrition. Each therapy can support an important aspect of recovery.

You can enroll in our program if you and your partner are interested in couples rehab. Just as therapists individual treatments for each individual client, they will also individualize couples to ensure that everyone gets the support they need.

Pet Friendly Rehab

Many people put off treatment because they don’t want to leave behind a pet. Finding trusted pet care cannot only be difficult but expensive. Fortunately, Muse offers pet-friendly rehab programs for clients and their four-legged besties. Clients can bring their pets to rehab so they don’t have to worry about their care. That’s a level of comfort that many rehabs in and near Rancho Penasquitos don’t offer.

Clients can benefit from having their pets along with them. Pets can reduce their stress and help clients to feel more comfortable in the rehab environment. In fact, stress reduction is an important part of the recovery and addiction management process. If you want to bring your pet to Muse, you can. We welcome pets and know the benefit they bring to their owners. 

Does My Insurance Have Coverage For Rehab?

Most insurance companies today offer coverage for rehab treatment. The Affordable Care Act made covering mental health treatment and behavioral health conditions like drug or alcohol addiction mandatory for insurers. That means that your plan is likely to provide full or partial coverage. For insurance companies to participate in the national insurance marketplace, they must meet the mandates outlined by the ACA for behavioral health and mental health services.

Many insurance plans also involve a deductible that patients are responsible for paying for. You will necessarily be obligated to pay what your insurer does not cover for your treatment. In order to find out how much that is based on your treatment program, be sure to contact Muse. We can advise you about your plan, answer all of your questions, and address your concerns about the financial aspects of rehab treatment.

Remember that if you do not have insurance or your plan does not provide adequate coverage for your addiction treatment, consult with our team. There may be grants or plans that can help you pay for rehab costs. Let us discuss our affordable treatment options with you so that you can choose a plan that meets your needs and budget. We have many options, so please don’t assume treatment is out of reach. Contact us and let us help you find an affordable solution that can work for you.

Sober-Friendly Attractions Near Rancho Penasquitos

If you live near Rancho Penasquitos, you can find a wide array of nearby things to see and do to help you maintain your recovery progress. Returning to old haunts or revisiting the homes of friends who may still be using drugs or alcohol is not a good idea. Filling your time with healthy activities and supporting a healthy lifestyle is important. If you are visiting the Rancho Penasquitos seek out these attractions:

La Penasquitos Canyon Preserve

12020 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92129

La Penasquitos Canyon Preserve is among the largest urban parks in the U.S. The preserve encompasses roughly 4,000 acres and features a 6.8 trail, a freshwater marsh, and a waterfall. Visit to check out the flora and fauna or to tour the historic adobe on the preserve grounds. The preserve is a great place to fuel up on the sunshine as you stroll its picturesque grounds.  

PowPac Community Theater

13250 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064

Enjoy a production at the Powpac Community Theater, an intimate venue with room for 70. Live comedy, musicals, and theater performances routinely make the venue’s calendar. Check the theater’s calendar to find out about current and coming shows. 

San Diego Safari Park

San Diego, CA 92027

Meet with rhinos and giraffes at the San Diego Safari Park. The park has more than 2,000 animals, including many at-risk species. The park also features a wide range of plant species that enhance its setting. Exploring the park is a great way to get sunshine and exercise. 

Poway Midland Railway

14154 Midland Rd, Poway, CA 92064

Ride an antique railcar when visiting the Poway Midland Railway. Volunteers operate the narrow-gauge railway which runs in a 5-mile loop. Enjoy the ride as you check out the area scenery. 

San Diego Archaeological Center

16666 San Pasqual Valley Rd, Escondido, CA 92027

Learn about the people and cultures that existed in the San Diego area as far back as 10,000 years ago. The center features both temporary and permanent exhibits depicting ancient San Diego history. Be sure to look for special exhibits and center events.

Rancho Penasquitos Neighborhoods We Serve

Muse Treatment serves Rancho Penasquitos and its nearby San Diego communities and neighborhoods with a full continuum of rehab care. If you live in these neighborhoods near Rancho Penasquitos and are struggling with a substance abuse disorder, you can rely on Muse for help.

  • La Jolla
  • East Village 
  • North Park
  • Hillcrest 
  • Ocean Beach
  • Gaslamp Quarter
  • Pacific Beach 
  • Golden Hill 
  • Carmel Valley
  • Rancho Bernardo
  • Point Loma
  • Mission Beach
  • Cortez Hill
  • Alta Vista
  • Mira Mesa
  • University Heights 

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