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9 Early Signs of Adderall Addiction

What Is Adderall?

Adderall is a Schedule II prescription medication often prescribed to children, students, teens, young professionals, and adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is a strong central nervous system stimulant that, although prescribed by a doctor to help people focus, these drugs affect the central nervous system and dopamine levels in the brain, leading to addiction and abuse. Adult, teen, and young adult sufferers of attention deficit hyperactive disorder need to be aware that if they misuse Adderall, especially when combined with other drugs or alcohol, they are at risk of a deadly overdose. Other issues that come with Adderall abuse include:

  • Having a loss of appetite or excessive weight loss
  • Physical issues like irregular heartbeat, constipation, convulsions, dizziness, headache, back or side pain, twitching, and dry mouth
  • Mental health issues like depression or anxiety
  • Exhaustion or sleeping for an extended period
  • A decline in personal hygiene
  • Having memory loss, incomplete thoughts, or disorientation

If you or a loved one is taking Adderall to help with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and are worried your use may be turning into abuse, there are treatment programs available that can help you.

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Warning Signs of Adderall Addiction

Adderall is a strong stimulant drug that, although prescribed by a doctor, is not always safe, mainly if you are abusing the drug by taking more than your prescribed dose, snorting Adderall, or taking Adderall that is not prescribed to you. Injecting the drug is an even more dangerous way to abuse Adderall. Simply taking Adderall and playing sports or raising your heart rate can be difficult due to increased blood pressure. Some common symptoms and warning signs of Adderall addiction and abuse are:

  • Being overly talkative or displaying unusual excitability or aggression, showing signs of mania, or acting impulsively
  • Having financial trouble
  • Starting to withdraw socially
  • Having relationship problems
  • Displaying secretive behavior
  • Frequently taking pills
  • Running out of prescriptions early
  • Being unable to function throughout the day without taking Adderall
  • Feeling obsessed with getting more of the drug and using it
  • Feeling withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut back or quit Adderall

You can see these signs of drug addiction in yourself or signs your loved one may be addicted to Adderall. If you, a friend, or a family member have one or more of these signs of Adderall addiction and need help stopping Adderall Use, addiction treatment centers can help you.

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Who Is Most at Risk of Adderall Addiction?

Due to an abundance of prescriptions being written for this age group, teen and young adult Adderall users are often the people who show warning signs of Adderall addiction or substance abuse related to this medication. A 2015 study in Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review estimated that approximately 17% of college students were misusing Adderall or showing signs of Adderall addiction.

Treatment for Adderall Addiction

Quitting Adderall “cold turkey” is not recommended without proper medical care. Going to a rehab center with levels of care that include medical detox, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient program, day treatment in a partial hospitalization plan, and other outpatient treatment is the best way to help with the long-term effects of drug abuse.

A drug rehab center will not only provide medical advice and help you quit using Adderall but also treat the reasons and underlying issues that allow substance use disorders to flourish. This process involves using types of treatment like cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention programs, and physical and mental health treatment together in one integrated program.

Drug Rehab at Muse Treatment in Los Angeles

Muse Treatment’s drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs are customized to best suit each patient. Whether you are recovering from an Adderall addiction, an opioid addiction, a marijuana addiction, or an alcohol addiction, your addiction treatment will help you detox safely and comfortably. Patients will gain the recovery tools and support they need for long-term sober living and preventing relapse.

Contact the Muse Treatment Center at (800) 426-1818 today if you or any of your loved ones are showing signs of addiction to Adderall or have symptoms of other substance use disorders. We can provide the care and support needed to make a profound life change in a customized program tailored to your needs.

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