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San Bernardino Addiction Centers: Learn What to Pack for Drug or Alcohol Rehab

After deciding to take the first step in your recovery process and enter into a drug or alcohol rehab program near San Bernardino, it’s common to have questions about your upcoming stay in a San Bernardino rehab center. To best prepare yourself, you must know what to expect for your time in rehab and what you’ll need to pack to make your time in addiction treatment smooth and comfortable.

In an inpatient rehab program, you’ll have access to support staff and counselors that will ensure your basic needs are met. There will be scheduled meal times where private kitchen staff will prepare healthy, balanced meals that supplement you with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to revitalize your body from any damages caused by substance use. If you require medications, the medical staff on site will provide you with your medication and monitor your health and well-being throughout your stay.

When you’re packing for your stay in a drug rehab center near San Bernardino, you’ll want to focus on keeping your bag light and taking what you need. While bringing every comfort item from home can be tempting, you want to limit your packing to essential items and avoid distractions from home. Inpatient treatment offers amenities and luxury services designed with your comfort in mind. The trustworthy team at Muse Treatment Center will ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and at ease while you’re with us. Our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you are on your way to long-lasting recovery.

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10 Things to Bring to a San Bernardino Addiction Center

Before you begin your addiction treatment journey, we want to provide you with a list of items to bring with you to set you up for success in your recovery process. Our team will take care of many aspects of your health and well-being when you’re residing in our facility. Below is a list of items you should pack for your stay at our addiction treatment center near San Berardino.

  1. Medication: If you take regular prescribed medication, you must bring your medication with you in the prescription bottle with the label from the pharmacy. Our medical team will take your medication and administer it to you at the required times to ensure you keep with consistent consumption of your medication
  2. Clothing: Depending on the time of year you’re attending rehab, you’ll want to pack the appropriate forms of clothing for the seasonal weather. There may be times that you are outside and if it is the cooler months of the year, you’ll want to pack jackets, sweaters, and pants that can keep you warm. There are laundry machines on site, so pack enough clothes for a week to clean your clothes throughout your stay.
  3. Toiletry items: If you have toiletry items that you want to bring, it is suggested to bring new items that are unopened as most rehab centers don’t approve of opened items for safety reasons. You can bring with your soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and nail care products. You can purchase more from our treatment center if you run out of toiletry items during your stay.
  4. Money: It is a good idea to bring a small amount of money with you to purchase snacks or toiletry items. However, you won’t need as much as you think as most of your needs will be provided to you. Money is nice for getting those extra luxury items once in a while.
  5. Cigarettes: If you’re a smoker, you’ll want to bring cigarettes with you. Depending on the severity of your smoking habit, you may want to consider bringing a carton with you to last you throughout your stay. If you’re an e-smoker, check in with the admission staff prior to coming about regulations with vaping or e-cigarettes to ensure that you pack accordingly.
  6. Books or hobbies: In inpatient rehab, there is a time when you will have downtime to rest and relax. If you enjoy reading, coloring, crafts, or hobbies, bring the necessary supplies to engage in a restful activity during downtime.
  7. Journals: Patients often find it helpful to process their emotions and progress in rehab through journaling. Pack a journal with you so that you can write down your feelings, thoughts, and hopes for sobriety.
  8. Stamps and envelopes: Patients find staying connected to loved ones while in rehab helpful. Writing letters can be a therapeutic, effective form of communication.
  9. Pictures from home: Patients often find it helpful to have pictures of home while going through the transformational addiction treatment process. It serves as a reminder of home and solidifies your reasons for entering into recovery.
  10. A list of all the important phone numbers: When patients first enter rehab, they are asked to turn in their cell phones to assist in becoming comfortable and acquainted with their new surroundings. Having access to phone numbers ensures you can call your loved ones from the phones in inpatient rehab and stay connected to those important to you.

San Bernardino Addiction Treatment Centers

10 Things to Not Bring to a Chemical Dependency Rehab

Every treatment center has items that are prohibited from entering the treatment facility. These restricted items can run the risk of triggering others or yourself during your treatment process. These rules are put in place to support you in achieving success in your long-term recovery process. Below are things you should avoid bringing with you to inpatient rehab:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Drugs
  3. Sample medications or unlabeled medications
  4. Pornography
  5. Toiletry items that contain alcohol
  6. Weapons or items resembling weapons
  7. Food or drinks (These will be provided to you by the treatment facility)
  8. Any items that glorify substance use
  9. Playing cards
  10. Aerosol cans (hairspray, deodorant)

How Else Can I Get Ready Before Starting Addiction Treatment?

Packing your belongings to come to a treatment facility is one way to get ready for your upcoming rehab stay, however, there are other areas of your life you’ll want to take care of before you begin. If you have children or pets, you’ll want to find appropriate care for your loved ones while you’re away. Contact your friends and family to inquire about child or pet care while you’re gone. If you know your loved ones are being cared for. you can remain focused on your recovery journey.

If you’re working, you can speak with your employer to inform them that you’ll need a leave of absence from work for medical reasons. You’re protected under human rights legislation that enables you to maintain employment while you seek care for your substance use disorder.

Lastly, tie up any loose ends you have financially and legally. Find a trusted person to maintain your finances and pay bills while you’re away. If you have upcoming court proceedings or legal responsibilities, speak with the courts before you leave to be given a pardon and granted permission to attend a rehab program.

Muse Is a Top Choice for San Bernardino Addiction Centers

San Bernardino residents trust Muse treatment centers for their recovery journey and the personalized healing approach provided to our patients. Our team cares about your recovery process and takes the time to get to know your unique circumstances with substance use and your personal goals for addiction recovery to develop a treatment plan that is meaningful and effective for obtaining long-term recovery. Through our whole-person integrated approach to healing, patients are provided with leading evidence-based therapy methods and holistic therapies designed to heal them from the impacts of addiction within their body, mind, and spirit. If you’re ready to begin your road to recovery, call our team at (800) 426-1818 to learn more about San Bernardino County addiction treatment center and the cost of rehab, and have any questions answered about your upcoming rehab program.

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