November 29, 2022

Sober Living Los Angeles: Best Sober Living for Men in LA

What Is Sober Living?

Many people mistakenly believe that it’s enough to do the bare minimum in their recovery and that they will go on to live a healthy and successful life without any further influence of drugs or alcohol. Instead, addiction treatment is something that will last you in some way, shape, or form for the rest of your life. Therefore, you must take steps to set yourself up for success and remain committed to working through your addiction. Following your initial treatment program, a sober living program will give you the environment you need in the early days of your recovery. It’s always possible that you could feel overwhelmed due to transitioning back into “normal” life, which makes sober living in Los Angeles essential.

There are several benefits of engaging in a sober living program such as:


A wonderful advantage of participating in a sober living program is that you will be surrounded by other individuals working through their own treatment program. Interacting with these other people can help you continue putting one step before the other regarding your sobriety. In addition to other clients working through a sober living program, you also have the opportunity to interact with your treatment team, which can serve as a form of comfort.


As part of your time in sober living, there will be certain responsibilities that you will need to see to. These may be household responsibilities and specific household rules you will need to follow to maintain your spot in our sober living program. There will also be important house meetings that you will need to attend throughout your tenure at the sober living home.

Putting what you have learned into action

It’s not enough simply to go through the motions of addiction treatment. It’s just as important to put those lessons into play and utilize them in your everyday life. Sober living will help reinforce what you have learned throughout your time in treatment and address any concerns you may have.

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Why Structured Sober Living Can Prevent Relapse

One of the leading reasons why so many men opt to commit to a sober living program is that it can help give them the care and support they need while they are still in the early stages of their recovery. A terrible mistake that you can make is to think that you can manage everything on your own without the help of any outside assistance. When you enter a sober living program, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you will be surrounded by other individuals who have had similar experiences. Therefore, you can lean on them for support if you experience certain challenges or difficulties in your recovery. Further, you will still have access to your addiction treatment team, which can help you when you feel you may struggle with a certain aspect of your recovery.

A great benefit of sober living is that it gives you a certain sense of structure and order. Any person who has struggled with addiction will attest to the fact that substance abuse plunged their life into chaos. However, once you begin to get your life back in order, the peace and structure that comes with that are indescribable. Therefore, a structured sober living program is something that can help to keep your life in order and remain focused on the goals that you have.

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Top 5 Questions You May Have About Sober Living

If you or your loved one have never been through sober living in Los Angeles before, then it’s understandable that you may have specific questions regarding what you can expect while you’re in this program. Here are just a few examples of questions that you may have:

What are the qualifications of the sober living facility?

The Muse Treatment Center has a wide range of experience in helping individuals with various addictions. Regardless of whether you worked through one of our treatment programs or you’re coming into a sober living program from a different facility or background.

When can I begin a sober living program?

To make the most out of your time in sober living, it’s critical that you first work through an addiction treatment program. A formal addiction treatment program such as an inpatient or outpatient treatment program helps you to develop an initial understanding of the genesis of your substance abuse. From there, you can begin to recover from it.

What happens if I relapse?

You can always relapse at any given point during your recovery, including during your time in sober living. If you relapse during sober living, our treatment team can help you transition back to a comprehensive treatment program that will help get you the immediate care you need. Remember that when a person relapses, they typically fall back into their addiction more severely than they did previously. Therefore, you must get urgent help and care.

Will I participate in therapy during my time in sober living?

Therapy is something that is strongly encouraged not only during the time that you’re in your initial treatment but also throughout the rest of your life in the same way, shape, or form. Considering that during the time that you’re in sober living you are still in the early stages of your sobriety, it’s just as important for you to continue to engage in therapy throughout the course of your time in sober living.

I need medication management. Is that something that I will receive while I’m in sober living?

Absolutely. We understand that you may be taking medication for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you’ve suffered from not only addiction but also anxiety or depression, you may need medication to be able to manage these conditions. Our team can provide you with the medication management you need to work through these conditions to continue to grow and thrive in your sobriety.

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Muse Offers a Sober Living Program for Men

At Muse Treatment Center, we always go the extra mile to ensure you have the tools and resources needed to work through your addiction. Our specialized sober living program for men can provide you with the support you need to focus on the steps you must take to maintain your sobriety. Keep in mind that if you’re still trapped in your addiction, our recovery team is available around the clock to help you to begin your treatment journey when you’re ready. Don’t waste another moment of your life stuck in addiction’s chaos. Call our intake team at (800) 426-1818 today and learn more about our sober living in Los Angeles for men and our general addiction treatment programs. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you through this stage of your life.

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