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Muse Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center is a safe haven for recovery from substance abuse and other mental health disorders.



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Muse utilizes an integrated approach to healing the brain. While most facilities focus on one general area, we emphasize a holistic, whole-brain approach in our drug rehab, alcohol treatment and dual diagnosis programs…

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Drug & Alcohol Detox

Each client at Muse Los Angeles receives a medical and psychiatric assessment upon admission…Learn More

Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Muse Inpatient Treatment Center is a safe haven for recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders…Learn More

Outpatient Rehab

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is dedicated to healing, recovery and helping clients maintain long-term sobriety…Learn More

Sober Living

A safe, supportive transitional living environment where residents can build a solid foundation toward a successful life in recovery…Learn More

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Finding the best drug rehab center to help you overcome substance use disorder can be challenging. It’s difficult enough to first admit to yourself that you need professional assistance with an addiction disease, and just picking up the phone to make that first call for help might fill you with trepidation and anxiety. 

Residents of Beverly Hills are fortunate to have an excellent resource nearby. Muse Treatment is a superb detox and rehab center for addiction located in Los Angeles County and easily accessible to Beverly Hills residents.

As one of the top-rated drug rehab centers in the Los Angeles area, Muse Treatment’s team of experts is made up of accredited and experienced medical professionals, behavioral health providers, addiction specialists, and fully licensed therapists. Our professionals approach drug rehab treatment from a whole-person perspective, focusing on all aspects of a patient’s condition. Rather than simply treating the physical symptoms of addiction, we treat a person’s mind, body and spirit to get at the core of their drug dependency issues and implement solutions that will last.

The Joint Commission has awarded Muse Treatment full accreditation as an addiction treatment provider. They’ve also given us their Gold Seal of Approval, a sign that we’re committed to providing ongoing improvements in our patient care needs and are in full compliance with all federal laws and ethical standards.

Our personalized treatment is highly valued by our clients and their families. We recognize the need for drug rehab to be targeted toward an individual’s unique condition, past history, and current needs. This is why our rehab treatment is one of the most sought-after by residents of Beverly Hills. 

We also provide dual diagnosis care in conjunction with drug addiction treatment to help someone who has a co-existing mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. Treating a person’s mental issues along with drug rehab treatment is important to our whole-person approach to addiction recovery. A mental health issue is often interwoven with substance use disorder behaviors, whether drug abuse is a part of a person’s attempt to self-medicate or whether addiction has led to a diagnosis of anxiety, for example.

Heroin Rehab

When you come to Muse Treatment for heroin rehab, you may or may not have already developed a physical dependency on this substance. If you’ve been abusing heroin for some time, your system will require higher and higher doses of the drug in order for you to continue experiencing the same euphoric effects you’d been seeking. You’ve likely developed a tolerance or physical dependency, which calls for stronger doses of heroin to not only induce a ‘high’ but just to make you feel ‘normal’ again.

Before rehab treatment for heroin addiction can begin, you must go through a period of detox. It can take between 5 and 7 days to remove all of these toxins from your body during our medically assisted detox program. You’ll be given FDA-approved medications and 24-hour support to keep you calm, comfortable, and safe during withdrawal.

Heroin detox and rehab at Muse Treatment may also involve medically assisted therapy (MAT) if you continue to have cravings and withdrawal symptoms after detox. MAT uses medications that are substitutes for heroin, are not as addictive, and work to reduce cravings as you undergo intensive behavioral therapy. The medication that is approved by the FDA and used at Muse Treatment for opioid MAT is Suboxone. This medication also helps with relapse avoidance so you can maintain long-term sobriety.

We offer inpatient and outpatient programs of different time lengths for heroin rehab. Residential rehab is usually the most highly effective drug rehab treatment program for heroin addiction, offering many benefits, such as a new environment, increased structure, peer support, and ever-present medical care.

Cocaine Rehab

Whether you’ve been abusing cocaine for weeks or many months, you’ll require a period of drug detox to remove all traces of the substance from your system before treatment can start. Depending on how long you’ve been abusing cocaine and how much you’ve been ingesting, detox can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to complete. That may seem intense, but the benefits of cleansing your system are well worth the effort. Plus at Muse Treatment, our medication-assisted detox program helps you get through the process with 24-hour medical support and FDA-approved medications to soothe, relax and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

During rehab treatment for cocaine, we’ll formulate a personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs for recovery. Our addiction specialists utilize several treatment modalities that include cognitive-behavioral therapies, holistic therapy, educational interventions, and community support, to name a few. Your rehab should entail treatment of you, as a whole person. We look at how you’re reacting physically, mentally, and spiritually to your therapy interventions and aim for reaching your goals of sustaining sobriety so you won’t relapse once your program is completed. Our aftercare and sober living programs are a testament to our dedication to seeing you respond positively to recovery for the long term.

Meth Rehab

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that impacts your brain and your body. It’s a stimulant that can cause brain damage, psychotic behavior, and create severe, negative changes in your physical health and appearance.

If you’ve become addicted to meth, you’ll need a comprehensive, personalized rehab treatment plan that Muse Treatment can offer for this difficult substance use disorder. After undergoing detox, you will begin meth rehab, with inpatient treatment as your best bet for a long-lasting, successful recovery. Relapse prevention is an important aspect of meth rehab, as this drug is very powerful and hard to resist, especially without specialized care and treatment.

For someone with a meth addiction that is not severe or hasn’t been going on for very long, our outpatient meth rehab program is also an option. This is especially true if you have work, school, or home obligations that you must continue to meet and couldn’t do so if living on-site at our center.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Rehab

Muse Treatment is the best choice for your drug rehab treatment, especially if you suffer from an addiction to heroin, cocaine, or meth. We stand out from other addiction treatment centers because we offer you a higher level of care that’s based on your individual needs as a person. We take into careful consideration your unique needs for rehab, including your personal history of drug use, your medical background, and how you might best respond to each of our many types of therapy and holistic solutions. 

Our staff is compassionate, supportive, and experienced in the addiction realm. They’re ready to help throughout every portion of your journey. With our choice of treatment programs that range from 30, 60, and 90 days, our aftercare support, 12-step programs, and medication-assisted therapy and detox, we have you covered. Our goal is to support you through every step of recovery for your long-term return to sobriety and a happier lifestyle.

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