Josh Chandler | February 16, 2021

Young Couple Expresses Their Gratitude for Lifesaving Therapy and Staff Found at Muse Treatment Center

Muse Treatment Provides Compassionate Personalized Care

If it hadn’t been for the compassionate, caring staff at Muse Treatment who talked them into staying in rehab, a young woman and her boyfriend might not have made it past their next overdose.

“Knowing we needed to change because we may not survive the next overdose, we reached out and got the opportunity to go to Muse detox in California,” Sable wrote in a 5-star Google review.

“Muse has staff with that extra bit of special. Somehow they convinced us to stay, which led us to wholeheartedly surrender,” Sable said.

The experience Sable shared is what we pride ourselves on at Muse Treatment. At our Los Angeles addiction treatment center, the empathetic staff is one of the aspects setting our recovery programs apart. Our team immediately connected with Sable and her boyfriend and helped them to believe recovery was possible.

Empathy in Recovery

The compassion and empathy Sable and her boyfriend found are not unusual at Muse Treatment, where we believe we must first earn a prospective client’s trust. Our admissions counselors show they understand addiction and how people fall under its control. They demonstrate that our rehab staff has solid expertise and the commitment to help them learn to live sober. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by those in relationships, we also offer couple rehab programs. We ask the right questions to determine the correct course of action for each client, knowing each addict’s or alcoholic’s recovery is as diverse as the reasons they became addicted in the first place.

We believe it’s important to show empathy to a recovering addict because it helps them to feel understood rather than judged. It’s different from sympathy, which suggests the person expressing it is superior to the addict. We don’t feel sorry for the addict; we think they’re undergoing the experience, and we identify with it. Many of our clinical and support staff are on their own recovery journeys, and we understand where clients are because we have been there ourselves. And we know positive change is possible because we’ve experienced the joy of that as well.

The next step involves helping the addict feel empathy with other people. Empathy is an essential emotion for an addict to feel because it takes them outside of themselves and can make them consider how their actions affect others. Many addicts resist letting go of their addiction because addiction drives them to think only of immediate relief. Once they develop empathy, they often find it a little easier to succeed in recovery.

A Supportive Community

Sable and her boyfriend were homeless when they came to Muse Treatment, a circumstance many addicts experience. At Muse Treatment, they found a comfortable, supportive, community-oriented environment where each individual contributes to the community’s success.

“Every day we are grateful we stayed and have the chance to explore sober and move to sober living,” Sable wrote. “Shoutout to the best adventures with Brett and to the most beautiful soul and best house manager, Mary-Anne; we get to wake up thankful to be alive and not dope sick every day. We are finally at home.”

How can we help you start your journey to recovery? To speak with a drug rehab admission counselor at our Los Angeles facility, don’t hesitate to call 800-426-1818 today.

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